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  1. well that was a major fecking pain - nearly dead as i had ran out of food, just got to star met up with mate was in the process of picking up the vital food that i needed when boom, quantum leap style on an island with all the other players - fecking hacker. then in turn we had the 10 seconds of shit what do we all do when the first shot ran out someone started firing the heli machine gun and mass panic set in as peeps started running and shooting for there lives
  2. Ok I think a mate of mine has come across the first serial killer in this game on the server. He was north of electro in one of the forests when he started to hear noises at first he thought it was maybe a z that had followed another player this far in, but out of the tree's steps another person with an axe who proceeds to make the Kaa Kaa Kaa Friday the 13th noise and starts walking towards my mate. Unfortunately my mate has run out of ammo, so spends the next 15 mins being chased by the axe wielding person all the time while make the Kaa Kaa Kaa noise over voice chat. He manged in the end to hide from him. But he did say it was the best 15 minutes he has played in ages!
  3. been playing with a mate of mine the last couple of nights on a random uk server (135 i think) and this game still is giving plenty of WTF moments. earlier we decided to do a quick hit and run on cherno as we needed some basic supplies (food, water some blood packs etc..) so we split up i hit the fire house to see if i could find some ammo / better weapons and my mate the hospital. so im at the bottom floor just finished picking up things when my mate yells over the headset that he is incoming and bringing a couple of "friends" with him - so i stand at the door ready to shut it as soon as he gets in - what i didnt expect was him to be being chased by 14 z's(from the one i counted there may have been a couple of hoppers behind him) - so i did what any self repecting survivalist would do - i shut the door in his face can someone send me a pm of new server you guys are playing on
  4. thanks paintballer - will head to berizino then and stock up on food later when i log on (and finally get on mumble now that my new headset has arrived)
  5. jumped on for a quick half an hour there ("suposed" to be working from home today) slowly heading up north somewhere outside polana when i logged off - trying to decide now do i head west towards the main airbase to see if i can find any goodies or keep pushing north towards berezino - so far im still to find food anywere from teh various towns ive raided or the discarded camps in the woods im been passing through - so could be papa corpse not to long gracing the woods!!
  6. finally after 3 hours of scavanaging and various run ins with Z and having to traverse from one side of the map to the other i finally get to were camp spagetti was only to die to starvation (found everything apart from fecking food on my travels) within a minute of the co-ords of the camp!! but from reading here seems to have been a pointless excercise as teh camp is more that likely now gone ah well hopefully jump on tonight (and mumble) and get a game with guys
  7. thanks Strategos stupidly i was loading up arma 2 and trying to access the server threw it using the filter option - went through via siz launcher and loaded first time
  8. hey guys could do with some advice incase im doing something wrong - trying to connect to the server you guys are on and it gets to the splash screen with peeps names were you hit ok to connect then it just sits at a black loading screen and nothing happens (its the only server i connect to that does this) i also noticed so this maybe something to do with it that the file that nomallly downloads when you hit ok progress bar is on the screen for a split second were as most other servers in on for a couple of seconds as your saved progress is downloaded - any ideas?
  9. hey guys could someone pm me with which server you guys are playing on
  10. thanks for the offer of help foxotron unfort working today and at 2 wedding party's tonight and tomorrow so looking like no gaming until Sunday (though the copious amounts of alcohol that will prob be consumed the next two days at both parties should make up for that - when im back on ill jump on mumble and see whose about
  11. finally got round to getting Arma 2 so i could play this after reading about peeps experiences on here. only an hour in so far and im really enjoying the atmosphere of if - straight of the bat i came up from the beach and found a warehouse type place staying in the tree line so i could keep out of sight spotted a couple of walkers and a couple of hoppers. decided since i had no weapons prob best to move on. then i noticed another player running from the far side (were there were no Z's) i hit the dirt and let him run past. and run he did straight into the all the Z's that i was trying to avoid what followed was a running battle as he tried to shoot off the Z's that were chasing him. as for me i legged it into the warehouse building while the z's were having a noob feast and managed to scavenge a pistol and some ammo and empty bean cans (the latter were dumped) and headed away from the still continuing gun fire to the other side of the building.
  12. thank the gods i saw this thread - decided to pop down to my nearest (now) game in newtownards with 15 very old games (were talking stuff like gears of war 1, Gun, perfect dark etc.. all games nearly 2 years old at the earliest - knew with 15 i was guaranteed 50 quid quaranteed and reconned prob another 30 on top of that for the games. went to desk let him scan them in and he said that comes to 70 quid yeah sorry thats all - i thought that wasnt to bad for the old games and the deal THEN he says now ontop of that there is also 50 quid for trading in 15 games so thats 120 quid in total RE----FOOKING---SULT!!! kinda feel bad cause a pre jan they would only give me about a pound for something like gun now it was 8.40!!! so picked up a copy for skyrim for 24.99 and have the left on a game gift card (must remeber to keep an eye out ifncase they go belly up again so i can get in quickly ans use the card)
  13. loving this game sooo much - its been years were a game has really grabbed my attention like this (and i do a lot of game reviews in real life )
  14. Its ok Fats at least you dont have to get out of bed tonight me and gringo picking your copy up for you at the midnight opening at our local game and posting it through your door for ya!!
  15. poped down to my local game over lunch and got the game - SOTC was and still my fav ps2 game of all time. Just playing through the first Colossi and wow they really have done an amazing job on the game it just looks so beautiful. Must remember in future though not to stop and admire the colossi while it raised its huge club above my head never played ICO but once done with SOTC its going straight on EDIT.. ok just done killed the first Colossi boy do i feel down looking at the big guys solumn gaze as i raised my sword for the final blow
  16. @ stephenm you can but then you just spend the entire time randomly hitting A beside everything at a scene until the games lets you look at something as peeps have said before so your no better with it on or off
  17. hey guys thought id give a quick review of the game from what ive played so far Been playing my way through LA NOIRE and im really finding it hard to keep playing it Starting off with the + it does look great and really captures post war LA. The much touted Face captureing again really works well something that im looking forward to seeing in the next GTA when its a little more refined. But the game itself is a real mess. If your expecting a GTA / RDR game then your going to be very very disapointed. If your expecting a game that your going to have to use your brain as to how to solve crimes then your going to be very disapointed! basically the game is mash of GTA (the open world aspect rather than story and action) Heavy Rain (Hevaily scripted scenes) and a point and click adventure game from way back in the day. Each Case follows the exact same process. you start off in the police station, you get your orders, you visit the crime scene, look about for clues which tell you were to go next - you go to th enext place find more clues that tell you were to go next etc.. until teh case is complete. The big problem is that EVERY clue is signed posted (the controller vibrates when your beside one) so all you have to do is move about the area stopping at each vibration and thats it - your even told time to move on by who ever your partner is. You also get to ask peeps questions and your suposed to look at there faces to see if they are lying or not - but the truth is it doenst matter if you get it wrong or not because right or worng answrs the game continues on. It almost feels like your playing a tutorial the whole game ( im about 7 cases in out of the 22 there are). The next big no no is that they have created a pretty good loooking veriosn of LA it does look stunning - but there is nothing to do in it - there is no"rest" between cases so you can go off an explore teh area - your not given a chance to stop between case the game moves onto the next one when the one you are doing is finished. so you can only explore the world while in the middle of a story. Which also leads to side missions these seemed to have been tacked on at the last minute ( as up until a couple of months ago Rockstar siad that there wouldnt be any) basically your trying to get to the next crime / clue scene when over your radio you will get a message saying a crime is happening so you can decide to go do that in the middle of a story? - which in turn throws you out of what you were doing. The final and most unforgivable thing that is making it even harder for me to play this is that your Character Phelps is the biggest DICK that has walked the planet. i mean there is nothing likeable about him or his back story (he is real goody too shoes that steps on everyone to get to the top) seriously if the game allowed me use my gun when ever i wanted (which it doesnt by the way) i would have shot msyelf in the head by now. its a real pitty as im a huge rockstar fan - and this is a game i was really hyped for but it really has fell short ( i loved heavy rain and i dont mind slow paced games) but the fact that everything is pointed out to you or highlighted takes away any kind of fun a 5/10 from me on this one
  18. Just back from the northern Ireland Premiere and I had a blast with the movie. In terms of the previous movies it's up there with the first by sticking to a stand alone story. Storywise the trailers pretty much lay it out jack is "recruited" to find the fountain of you which then turns into. A 3 way race between the English Navy , Blackbeard (played greatly bt Ian mcshane) and the Spanish navy. Depp is on fine form as jack and this his his movie as he is in nearly every scene! Stand out bits would be the mermaid attack which people In the cinema screaming ESP as the 3d was great (used similar to avatar were instead of gimmicky it's used to bring you into the world) anything with Geoffrey rush in (again back as barbosa). My only complaint would be a kind of tacked on love story between a mermaid and a missionary (yes you read thar correct) which nearly treads into will and Elizabeth territory again but thankfully is kept to a minimum. All in all a fun movie
  19. ive managed to play a bit more of the game and basically its ET reskinned - hell even some of the maps / objectives are lifted from the Original ET play list (goldrush im looking at you!!). So really it boils down to did you like ET if so then this is the game for you. If you didnt then move along because even though it has Brink in the title - it should have been called ET v2. Also the free running bit is now gelling a lot with me more so than when i first played it - its simplistic but does do the trick when sliding to dodge enmy fire or using it to vault over walls to get behind the other team (yes i was sneakly engineer in ET when i played that) Also which has been mentioned numerous times, this is not a game for John Rambo's. if you the type who wants to jump into a game by yourself to simply rack up your own personal kills then move along this aint the game for you, you and your team aint going to get any were and your not going to enjoy this game. A lot of the objectives are based round team working together protecing operatives while they hack or defending positions etc... no time for line wolves. as i said in my original mini review on the previous page its a good solid 7.5 which im now bumping up to an 8 as ive had a change to get a proper play on it.
  20. Ok got my copy today - so this is just a quick review based on the single player / bots games Ever play a game and think hold on ive played this game before - well thats very true of brink! if you have played ET and Quake Wars then apart from some new updated Graphics (though not as modern as you would expect which i ll get to in a min) this is what Brink is! Missons, class structures pretty much Mirror ET and Quake Wars. 3 or 4 objects to be done in order each one unlocking the next - commands points to take over, mg nests to build. Even the good old steal an enemy uniform while playing as Brinks verions of special ops is here. So for us ET veterans its going to feel like putting on a nice pair of comfy slippers. Graphically its on par with an average looking 360 game - its not as polished as say halo reach crysis 2 etc.. but its servicable - also there are a few textures update issues - zoom in and it takes a second on some areas before it replaces the fuzzy far away model with up close detailted models - again nothing that a patch cant rectify but its not going to win any prizes for the best looking game this year either. The much mooted free running function - is starting to gel a bit more after a couple of games in- its actually very similar to what you can do in bulletstorm - the whole sliding across the floor thing. which playing againts bots is quite handy as if you run then hit the slide and keep shooting as you slide into cover. Mission wise its team based all the way - for example if you hacking a terminal / safe then the more hacking the faster it hacks ala quake war (even the hacking tool looks similar) in the same way as your hacking you need support from your team to cover you. And yes the good plant and defuse explosives is back for all you ET / QW Eng hounds!! I think your going to see a lot of COD heads the first couple of weeks just jumping on and spending the time death matching then when they fuck off proper teams will be left. at the mo its 7.5 / 10 for me but that only offline against bots will prob go up when i get a chance to jump online later
  21. finally got round to playing this at the weekend, and WOW ive always been one of those peeps who wanted a game that felt like the original trilogy and well they have made a game thats the lengh of one of the movies - does that count??? seriously disapointed as mention a few times in this tread the games is only 4 stages long. 2 of those stages are that same place!! (so really only 3 locations) and the middle section (which i found the longest) aboard the rebel cruiser is only long because they make you fight from one side of the ship and then practically the same route back!! i loved the first game even with its flaws and while there are moments of greatness in this game (i loved the whole casino / arena stage) its just one sad mess of nothing (dont get me started on the story if you can call it that) i wont get started on the ending of the games but its as big a mess as the game that comes before
  22. just started that one myself and after the first one just couldnt pull the trigger on any more - dam you ROCKSTAR!! you have took my revenge away! if you complete said mission do they respawn or are they gone for good (trying to stay as spolier free for peeps here) but have to agree amazing game so far and very intense wasnt expecting the zombies to be fast as they are really do keep you on your toes esp in towns
  23. hmm dont thinks its davros peeps on other forums seem to think that it will be revealed to be omega (one of the founding members of the time lords trapped in alternative reality) and he will carry on over as the big bad for next season
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