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  1. for the pc gamers out there cdkeys.com currently have this on preorder for £26 (including preorder dlc) - origin download code http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/titanfall-pc-cd-key-origin
  2. watched this last night - and while i was expecting it to be a mess, i was pleasntly surprised to find i enjoyed it. Anoyingly (and this has been voiced already) if the original movie have never been made, this version would actually have been classed as a decent movie, but under the shadow of the original(which is superior) it feels like its fighting an uphill battle. which is a pitty as it was entertaining just not to the level of the original
  3. Dead island and toysoldiers Cold War :-(
  4. when game of thrones exibtion hits belfast this year this will be the first thing ill be trying!! (also a great exibition went last year) http://www.gizmodo.co.uk/2014/01/the-oculus-rift-put-me-in-game-of-thrones-and-it-made-my-stomach-drop/ Game of Thrones might be fantasy, but the characters are so deep and the betrayals so gripping that it feels real. And thanks to Oculus Rift, I just experienced a brief slice of life in the Seven Kingdoms. It was awesome—but I’m glad to be back in our reality. For the second year in a row, HBO will be hosting a travelling Game of Thrones exhibition, and the first preview of the multi-city nerd extravaganza is happening right now in New York. Inside, there’s a prototype of one of the most thrilling Oculus Rift experiences I’ve ever had. Called “Ascend the Wall,” the virtual reality scenario places you in the carriage of a lift that’s scaling the 700-foot wall of ice in Game of Thrones. You know, this massive thing: The overall experience is super immersive, even if there’s not a lot you can really do. I stepped into a cage-shaped booth and strapped on the original Oculus Rift 720p development kit—rather than the new 1080p prototype. An exhibit staffer set a pair of over-ear headphones on my head, and almost immediately I was transported to the icy northern border of the seven kingdoms. The gate to the lift carriage slammed shut and a rickety sounding winch started hauling me to the top of the fortification, as howling winds whizzed by. As you can see in the GIF above, it’s really easy to get lost in this particular VR experience: I was swaying back and forth trying to keep my balance because in virtual reality, I could practically feel the creaky lift swaying back and forth. At several points during the two-minute ride, I couldn’t help but reach out and grab the bars of the cage for security. You can look around in every direction, and as the lift gets further and further off the ground, my fear of heights kicked in, and I had to stop looking down. It felt that real. When you get to the top of the lift you hear the three horns, which signify that White Walkers are coming. The winch starts to go in reverse, and you go down a lot faster than you came up, and I was suddenly afraid that despite the urgency, we were going too fast, and that the winch would lose its hold and send me plummeting to my death. A nightmare come true. It was intense. The experience crafted by HBO is really cool, and there’s a fair bit we can learn about the uses for VR and Oculus. On the one hand, “Ascend the Wall” is sort of a curious use for the kit. Generally, we tend to think of the VR as being as a tool for the future of 3D gaming: You’ll be able to look every which as you run around a Call of Duty map, applications that rely on your agency. In this case, it’s a little more of a guided tour type experience in which you can look around at what’s going on, but not necessarily control a whole lot of it. And even without that level of control, it works. The sound design also helps make the whole thing such a strong experience. Film directors have known this for a long time: If your movie sounds insane, it does a lot to help really sell crazy or outlandish visuals. The same goes for virtual reality; Thanks to the howling winds and groaning winch, I really felt like I was scaling the wall. After stepping foot in that cage, it’s easy to see how the Oculus won’t just be for games, it could be used for entire cinematic experiences. What if you could watch an entire episode of GoT in a 3D experience like this. You could look around, but not interact with what was happening, a bit like the long cut scenes in RPGs. It’d be resource intensive to make, but it would work. Because HBO’s working with just a 720p Oculus kit, the look of the icy scene wasn’t especially sharp or high resolution, but it also wasn’t choppy. The reality was convincing, even if it didn’t quite look like the reality I’m used to. Good visuals don’t necessarily need to be realistic visuals. And it’s worth noting that the visual authenticity of what I was looking at wasn’t as important as the continuity—as long as the image didn’t glitch up, I was immersed. According to reps from HBO, the Game of Thrones Exhibition I saw is a very small part of a larger show that’ll be traveling to Austin (for SXSW), then later to Mexico City, Rio de Janeiro, Oslo, Toronto, Belfast, and Vancouver. (Yes, you can sit in the throne!) Company reps promised that the Oculus exhibit would be expanded with direct input from the show runners and the Oculus developers
  5. played one of the most funniest and unnerving sessions tonight - and came accross a virtual serial killer in the process. was heading to meet a mate in Berezino. he was hold up in the office block at the lumber yard. by the time i got there the building was under siege by z'ds ive never seen so many ( have they increases the z count in the game?) they were outside and on the stair wells and floors. so i managed to get onto the roof were my mate is and he also there with a group of 4 other randomer's who had all ended up there on the roof to avoid the horde that was now surrounding the office block etc.. so as a group we decided to leg it down the ladder (first person fended off any attack while the rest came down.) one particular guy was very pleasant to the degree that we was giving off a creepy vibe. So the 6 of us head off still being chased by remnants of the horde. As we worked our way through the back allies etc... i noticed that one of the guys in the group had disappeared. so i asked had anyone seen him . polite guy "oh he is dead he wont becoming back - i saw him die" so we let it slip assuming that he had been killed by the chasing z'ds. so with peeps in the group need various things like water,, food we decided to scavenge around the local houses. my mate and i took one house and the other guys other houses. we met up and again are numbers were down by another player. so again i asked anyone seen were they went. Polite guy " oh i saw him run off". so we decided to scavenge some more places in the town again me and my mate sticking together, this time we waited and followed polite guy and other randomer. and low and behold when polite guy had the other guy alone out came his axe and he whacked the other player and started scavenging his corpse. We confront him and he started coming at us with his axe, all the time saying "its ok im your friend" 3 magnum shots later and he was a dead nut job on the ground. never trusting another randomer again!!
  6. fattakin sent you a handfull of keys i had from various humble bundles
  7. i have a spare arma 2 key from the new weekly humble bundle if anyone wants - first to drop a pm with the steam name gets it and gone
  8. Sleeping dogs is a great game was one of my top 10 last year and one that very little of gaming mates actually played so they have no excuse now
  9. hi simbo if the tomb raider key is still going can i grab it? been on my to play list but kept getting pushed back with other games being released
  10. Fats since I work beside your house ill take one for the team go home early call at your house check for you if it is I will take it home and test on my box I don't want you being disappointed if the discs don't work
  11. feck me this is rather good the other saints row games have never really gelled with me - thought they were just ok.... but this one has me hooked! about 7 hours in now and just been playing the main quest line (will do the side ones when the main story is done) The balance in humor this time around feels a lot better - ive actually laughed out loud at the screen something that hasn't been done since bulletstorm. loving the music ques as well ,esp that first one at the end of tutorial. Its a pitty they couldnt have released this at a different time and not before the launch of GTA5 as that may put peeps of buying the game which is a dam shame as its one of the best (so far) ive played this year
  12. blunted will pm you it (edit ) actually misread only have an origin one if you want it?)
  13. been enjoying this, years since i played the original and forgot how dam hard and frustrating it can be (but like a moth to the flame - i cant stop playing it) def would like a quackshots remastered was one of my fav games on the mega drive and at the time one of the best looking games (still looks good even now)
  14. Hi guys, still have origin keys for the below available if anybody wants them Dead Space 1 Mirrors Edge MOH Burnout Paradise PM me if you want one
  15. Quick question not sure if its been asked or answered but this 16 player max is that for the individual multiplayer parts such as races or deathmatch etc.. Or is it 16 peeps per " persistent world" at any time
  16. Hi guys I have origin keys as well for Dead Space Burnout Paradise Crysis 2 (also have the steam key as I already have this on origin) Mirrors Edge Pm me to if you want them
  17. For me it was king tut back on the comodore vic 20 I was 4 and my father bought me the Vic. 20 as an Xmas pressie little did he know it would be the cause of my gaming obsession!!
  18. only about an hour in and already loving it - its def a GTA/Dayz/Zombieu hybrid (actually its kinda what the shit fest that warz was promised to be but then fecked it completely up -only single player), nice big enouhg map to explore, and i really dig the zombies in it by themselves easy enough to take out (as long as your quiet) but once a pack is on you just run for it. fav bit so far using a tree to knock of Z'ds that were clinging on to car. yeah its buggy but kinda adds to its charm in a strange way.
  19. even nearly 25 years on this is a better aliens game!
  20. The point in the Games Tm review is unfortunatley to true. The enemy Soldiers are actually more of a threat than the aliens due to there weapons pack a punch. It was during the bits were you facing Weyland forces that I found myself dieing NOT when up against aliens (in fact even the Alien boss fights I was able to do on my first go!!) so there we have it in a nut shell an Aliens game were the humans are more of a threat than the Xenos!! Says a lot about the game
  21. Suspose dave the answer is really is there a known day one patch being released to fix some of the bugs if so it might make the game more bearable to play skipping over the story issues and just enjoying a bug hunt
  22. AVP as a game isn’t to bad – it’s a fun romp (though was never a fan of the predator campaign ) – the multiplayer game isn’t to bad either (would still play it on pc and still enjoyable) As for the blu ray box set of aliens. Amazing transfers (esp. the first 2) aliens has never looked better!, and they include both the normal and theatrical cuts of all 4 movies (though 4 only really has an extended start rather than new cut. You can pick it up for around £15 - £20 depending were you look
  23. Alienz could be amazing alien home world large scale open world battles being able to fly drop ships with apcs into battle etc... Dam it some one make (mod) this now!! Actually more akin to dayz could also work base it on the earth war idea. Earth has been over ran few survivors, scavenging to survive. With when it becomes dark the alien threat increase cause we Ll know they mostly come at night, mostly
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