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  1. saw this earlier and it was a huge let down. im not a bay hater, i like a few of his movies. I'm huge transformers fan (have a decent enough collection gracing one of the display units in my man cave), and i've enjoyed the 3 previous movies (though 2 ill admit really doesn't hold up well to repeat viewings at all) - so going into this movie i was expecting or at least hoping to see and enjoyable popcorn movie. Unfortunately what i got was a movie that i was bored off about half way through and spent the next half clock watching. if you want to see the movie that this film should have been re watch the original animated transformers the movie (still the best one) OK ill go into spoiler territory here on some points why i hated this one
  2. ok im a beliver now - finally got to try one last night at the Game of Thrones exibition in belfast. While only a 2 minute experience (with limited interaction) i am sold. they were using the 1st gen kits but the 3d and imersion was mind blowing - ill spolier tag it just incase any one else in here is going
  3. For anyone who is interested www.cdkeys.com have this up now on preorder for pc for £25
  4. i got the confirmation on the pc but nothing is showing on origin - anyone else having this prob?
  5. at times on the pc this game does look stunning
  6. had a chance to play the 360 version last night - more of a quick 20 minute run about as i didnt want to play any of the story (waiting for my pc version) But wasa little disapointed with the 360 version, not that its a bad game - its more i think that after seeing what GTA 5 brought to 360/ps3 in terms of pushing open world games - this just seems to be lacking. First of the city of gotham - sorry meant chicago (i really hope someone mods a batman tubmler for the pc version) looks the part - and it was easy to spot areas thats you have seen from the various tv shows / movies that have been filmed there. But its the little details such as when in a boat - the boat seems to glide on top of the water rather than through the water - again in comparison GTA 5 boats cut through water realistically with waves and wash coming up over the boats - in watch dogs you get the slighest of wash at the front of the boat. or when driving breaking through a fence - the whole fence breaks like a glass window rather than just the part you have driven through Car Handling also from the quick play i had was average - i found the cars a little heavy in the handling department like driving trucks (though the one bike i drove was grand) The hacking was fun enough - being able to turn traffic lights to green and watching pile ups will never get old - and again since not playing and of the story and just a quick mess about, being able to hack cameras but jumping from camera to camera that in eye line with any camera could be an interesting function. so looking forward to the pc version dropping to see how this handles on next gen graphics
  7. happy days is just an expression we use over here in Northern Ireland just means good
  8. happy days managed to snag tickets to the Game of Thrones exibition here in belfast - as well as props etc from the show, they are having a interactive wall climb using the oculus rift - were you are transported up the wall in a lift and able to view all arround at the top - middle of june cant come fast enough
  9. nope sure an AT-AT brings luke to vader at the landing platform
  10. its def an AT-AT foot - if you looks at the pics there is another part of the prop to the left a smaller clynder shape - which if you put on top of this disc makes the at-at foot
  11. This is my modest gaming "man cave" on the third floor of our house - safe to my 1 year old daughter is not allowed any were near this room
  12. FTL is out now - £6.99 and from the quick 20 minutes play i had its ported accross to the ipad perfectly
  13. maybe im wrong, but normally they release a patch a couple of days before the realse of dlc, i was a bit suspicous that they hadnt yet when i was playing last night
  14. just posted over on eurogamer - bad news for us pc gamers
  15. this weeks humble bundle is good one - sega - https://www.humblebundle.com/weekly for $1 get Alpha Protocol, company of heroes, rome total war and hell yeah for $6 you get all the previous + binary domain, typing of the dead over kill, medieval 2 total warfare, regengage ops, the sega genesis collection - for $15 all of this and shogun 2
  16. Suregon Simulator is up now on the app store (£3.99)
  17. I found this was the easiest way http://www.pcgamer.com/2014/03/11/titanfall-early-unlock-heres-how-to-bypass-the-regional-launch-restrictions/
  18. pc servers are up now and "new" metro looks stunning from the quick blast ive had on it + some new routes up to the 3rd set of mcons elevators and service tunnels
  19. second assault update on pc has just downloaded so now waiting for the servers to come online
  20. fav thing at the min is using a friendly titan to vault up into the air and land on an enemy one
  21. Just a quick repost now that peeps have had a chance to play and like the game pc version is still on preorder for £25 with dlc from cd keys http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/titanfall-pc-cd-key-origin
  22. yeah there going out sort of now - i say sort of as i asked for one but recieved an Xbone key - in that case you just need to email EA help support and they say they will fire a proper key with 2 hours...... as of now they have 1.5 hours to keep me happy!!
  23. apparantly EA have sent out Xbone beta keys by mistake to peeps who asked for pc beta keys they are "working" on the issue http://www.respawn.com/forum/viewtopic.php?f=20&t=4184
  24. Any sign of the pc beta keys being sent out?
  25. for the pc gamers out there cdkeys.com currently have this on preorder for £26 (including preorder dlc) - origin download code http://www.cdkeys.com/pc/games/titanfall-pc-cd-key-origin
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