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  1. http://www.nuuvem.com.br Has the crew for £25 , grabbed it at the weekend and the key worked fine they also have the season pass for £10
  2. Got the pc version as the 360 version was rough as hell (honesty it looks more PS2 gen than late last gen with some really bad screen tear and load in / pop ups) the pc version is def a step up visually but haven't been able to play properly since the game doesn't fecking recognise a wired 360 controller as default!! You have to manually configure but then it won't accespt break or accelerate (kinda important controls for s racer) quick look on the Crew forums and a lot of peeps with the same issue. Funny thing is during the of beta it wired 360 controller worked no issues - so well done ubisoft on another stellar release!
  3. had a quick play on the 360 this morning and straight away a couple of graphic bugs (this is after the day one 500 meg patch) in the cut scences the drivers door keeps moving one minute its in place then its becomes dislodged so stick out a couple of inches from the rest of the car, then goes back into place, only to pop out again. Ill get a proper play tonight but really hoping this isnt another Ubisoft leaking ship like Unity and Far Cry 4 were at launch! Graphically the 360 version is average at best (i played the pc beta which obvioulsly looked far better for this game - though even on pc this game isnt a looker).
  4. Been playing this using an app for the pc / iPad called rocat power grid basically turns my iPad or iPhone into touch screen controls so I can assign buttons such as landing gears, scope, frame drive etc... See attached screen shot to see the layout I have ( you download grids or make your own) plus it's free :-)
  5. If anyone's looking to try another Paris set open world game I would recommend the saboteur it's basically assassins creed meets gta set in ww2 occupied France / Paris a little rough round the edges but a great fun open sandbox game with you playing a member is the resistance with you free running over Paris
  6. bugs aside. Just finished the main story on PC and i actually enjoyed it a lot . decent enough story and Anno is actually a likeable character up there with Enzio. Also like how they have scaled back the "modern day stuff"
  7. papalazarou


    Just fired xwing up and it picked up the Xbox controller as default and had keys assigned to it without any config played quite well
  8. Yeah just tried and Xbox original cheats seem to work
  9. Had a quick play and the controls are fine feel like gta 4 / 5 controls
  10. Up now on Xbox live £2.99
  11. for a laugh i tried this last night with Google Card board (streaming my desktop to my iphone - using tri def to run it in 3d on my desktop) obviously quality wise it was like watching a VHS - but the 3d was quite good and playing the crew expendable mission with my 7.1 headset on was actually quite intense (esp when you cant just look away lol) - would love to play this properly on a rift - has anyone tried?
  12. yeah the living quarters are kinda small but once you go down that ladder the rest of ship is there (engine rooms, escape pod etc...) so the actual nostromo is quite big - just crap to live on.
  13. from what ive played of the DLC the habbitat section can be walked arround at the start without fear of the alien (hypersleep chamber, bridge, lounge, medi bay etc..) its only when you head into the bowels of the nostromo that the alien appears and starts hunting you this is a quick vid i caputured last night to give you a taste of the nostromo - http://youtu.be/QZ_ChO_aWfw
  14. ok how do you make this game more tense - play in the dark and in 3d!! its been a long time since anything game or movie releated has came close to giving me a sense of real tenseness or dread - well played sega, well played!
  15. tried the nostromo missions and feck me im a grown man but i havent been that scared by anything in such a long time the complete tenseness of watching your tracker, hear the alien somwere near by come for you and then relasing you have no fuel in your flame thrower - seriously for the nostromo dlc alone this game is worth it!
  16. i love how they have captured every litte detail from the original movie from the old fashioned 1970 style computers - to the spiral opening airlocks from the nostromo - like Sabreman said above its like walking arround the sets of the original alien. Ive the game playing through my 7.1 head set and teh sound effects alone are enough to induce terror (the creaking of air vents above you etc...) and the music score is great straight from the original movie - playing this on the pc and setting set to ultra it just looks stunning - though playing this in my man cave in total darkness im realising isnt such a great idea lol
  17. Had a play on the 360 version last night ( a friend has a less than legit copy of it). played about 30 - 40 mins and my inital thoughts are that they have captured the essence of the original alien movie quite well, from the interiors of the transport ship you start aboard to the space station you end up on. The Music and sound effects all take there que from the original alien movie as well (the old fashioned clickly noise that the the computers on board the nostromo made etc.....) game play wise the first 30 -40 mins has been a slow build (and thats not a bad thing) with "ripley" exploring and trying to understand what is happening aboard the station (the "pre" story is told via recording and security files on computers you come accross) - I only just got to part where the xenomorph is finally revealed in all its glory before i had to stop (though its presence is felt early on and there is quite a build up of dread before you finally come face to face with it - loved how it moves slow and with menace the first time you see it fully just llike in the movie) while im looking forward to getting my pc version next week - the 360 version wasnt to shabby (obvioulsy not on par with a high end pc or next gen console) but didnt look to bad and played decently with a pad
  18. looking forward to later to finally getting to play the beta, since i have to wait to a few months to order a rift (dam the wife wanting a hol etc..) ive had to set up a cheap version of the rift at home, head tracking using an old webcam and a free prog i found, voice commands via Voice Attack, cyborgh fly flight stick and my 3d monitor - while not a rift experience will be enough to keep me going for now my cmdr name in game is cmd Deej Kaphoa (old star wars gal charcter i used to play )
  19. quick question in relation to head tracking - can a kinect be used as a form of track ir - if so any ideas on how to set one up (may finally have use for mine if it can be done)
  20. decided to get this now the beta starts next week (and i can more or less justify £50 to the wife rather than £100 for a game) - so been playing the combat missions. though have a questsion on the 3rd or 4th one were ive to take a out a squadron on ships but keep getting my arse handed to me - anytips? not sure im using the hard points correctly or even sure of what they do (using a cyborg fly flight stick and keyboard combo if that helps with answers)
  21. thanks for the spec ops key KriessG appreciated
  22. looking through my humble collection it seems ive bought the codemasters one twice - so have a spare link for Overlord, overloard raiseing hell, Rise of Argonaughts, operation flash point Dragon rising and op flash red river - its one ket for the whole lot if anyone wants it (pm me) edit: Gone now
  23. looking through my humble collection it seems ive bought the codemasters one twice - so have a spare link for Overlord, overloard raiseing hell, Rise of Argonaughts, operation flash point Dragon rising and op flash red river - its one ket for the whole lot if anyone wants it (pm me)
  24. any chance anyone has a spare spec ops the line key?
  25. while not on the sale - i picked up the stomping lands last week - and even though its early access im enjoying it. Basically its Dayz - remove zombies and put dinosaurs in there place with a touch of minecraft (having to gather wood, stone to make things). While a lot of things still need to be implimented, the basics are there - such as camps, making weapons. + plus you can tame and ride dinos. fav thing so far is being able to bola other players, tie them up and drag em with you, then sacrifice to the fire god "bob" aka thrown then into local volcano or smash there head in with an axe
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