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  1. Played some more tonight performance seems to be a little better - they have released several patches today so the debs seem to be on the ball trying to sort things out. One thing I like is how each tool you craft depending on what you use it for gives differnt rewards. For instance the basic pick axe when used on trees etc will get you lots of thatch and some wood. While next axe up if used on a tree will provide lots more wood and less thatch - so you have to think what tool your using when harvesting stuff.
  2. Its £19 at the min. played last night and there is def the potential for a really good game here. I also bought Stomping Lands and even on the bare bone version of what was there I had a lot of fun (esp with mates playing, we had are own "Cult of Lord God Bob" tribe - which resulted in a lot of sacarifes of non Bob Believers when unlucky peeps stumbled on our camps - to be fair it always ended up with a sacrifice to Bob). at the min performance on the game is very bad - i have a fairly hefty rig (play all games 1080p ultra settings without breaking sweat) but i can only manage high on this game to get a avg 30fps - something the devs are working on. But thats the joys of Early access (which a lot of peeps forget and expect a fully finished game).
  3. bought ARK last night - seems like it could be a lot of fun from the quick 10 minutes i played - looks good to BUT at the min even on a fairly decent rig like mine ( i can play witcher 3 on ultra 1080 without breaking sweat) the games runs very slowly (sub 30fps in a lot of bits) - but from reading earlier they may have already addressed performance issues with a patch so will test when i get home from work later. As some one (or fool) who bought Stomping Lands (which actually even on the bare bones that were there had a great potential) - this is the game ive been waiting for DayZ meets Mine Craft meets Jurassic Park - whats not to like!!!
  4. yeah they all appear to Northern Irish accents though mostly derry / strabane accents (no holywood/ crawfordsburn accents sadly from what ive heard so far - a missed trick in my book im sure there has to be some really posh peeps in Skellige)
  5. Lego worlds has surprising popped up on steam early acess for £11.99. It seems like a more easier to use version of mine craft from the quick 5 minutes play I've had. http://store.steampowered.com/app/332310/ Announcement trailer:
  6. Played 30 mins this morning on the pc before work, feck me it's stunning looking and so far plays like if red dead and skyrim had a dirty one night stand and this was there offspring (in a really good way). One point I got the standard version from nuuvem when I went to install I noticed all the extra digital content the developers had provided art book, free game, cut out paper dolls etc.. Now that's how you treat your customer base :-)
  7. isnt there a cure for greystone - wasnt Stanos's daughter cured (well the in the infection stopped from spreading to far)
  8. played this last night using my home made "i-rift" (with head tracking using the iphone) - quality wise i would say it would be rift dev 1 comparable you get a good sense size of insidethe cockpit and the outside veiws etc... if anyone is interested....
  9. Nuuvem have this for £20 at the min (picked it up yesterday) just buy it using Hola - set to Argentina
  10. Not sure if this has been mentioned but the premium edition (game plus season pass) for pc is going for £25 at the min on cdkeys.com
  11. Didn't know we're to put this but wwe 2k15 is coming to pc apparently in a few weeks time with all the dlc from xbone and ps4 for free http://www.wwe.com/inside/2k/wwe-2k15/wwe-2k15-windows-pc-announcement-this-spring-27315901
  12. Yeah you can see it here http://www.comicbookmovie.com/fansites/JoshWildingNewsAndReviews/news/?a=118811
  13. If anyone with an amd card is getting bad artifacts or flashing turning off msa and fxa fixed the issue for me not deal but can live with until a patch hopefully is rolled out
  14. after the 50 meg patch there is another 300 meg update !
  15. Pre load has started for pc - if you used Nuuvem check under your games in your account and you will see an activation key under the san andreas key - use this on rockstars website to redeem
  16. ducktales remastered now out on ios £7.99
  17. Pc trailer is up http://www.rockstargames.com. Looks amazing :-)
  18. loving this on the pc, and touch wood ive had no issues connecting, rubber banding etc.. its all been pretty smooth (which is a shocker esp after bf4 launch on pc) Most of the maps are pretty decent (with dust bowl on conquest being on of my favs at the min). Tried the single player and ist not to bad either, its nothing ground breaking but its been an enjoyable romp so far (about 3/4 the way through now).
  19. Cole phelps from la noir the only time I've been routing for the bad guys to actually kill me
  20. is anyone playing this on PC? if so up for some games origin id: papalasarou
  21. any word yet on whether this will be opened world hub ala The hobbit / LOTR/ Batman 2
  22. titanfall season pass if now free for pc on origin https://www.origin.com/en-gb/store/buy/titanfall/pc-download/addon/titanfall-season-pass
  23. Actually looks like biehn is in :-) http://geektyrant.com/news/michael-biehn-says-yes-to-new-alien-film-and-it-wont-undo-last-two-alien-films
  24. yeah there was it was pretty much beat for beat for the graphic novel - but if i remeber right at the time it was due to the cost it would have been to make it. The funny thing is that they canabliesd parts of the story for the first AVP movie (the predator coming of age ritual, the female lead working with the predators etc...) there was also a fan movie that was started that was basically A CGI version of the graphic novel but it was shut down by fox pretty early into its development
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