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  1. there will be a flight based squadron mode in the finished game
  2. I quite liked the episode, plenty of nod backs to classic who – one that it wasn’t till I watched it the second time was how the initial “war” on skaro at the start was very WW1 in design, but this harks back to the design of war torn Skaro from “Genesis” with the way the soldiers were dressed in WW1 style outfits, in trenches etc.….. a nice little touch and nod keeping it all within the continuity
  3. Cd keys have this today for 9.99 on pc that's a steal for such a fun game
  4. Bigfoot and the hendersons (or harry and the hendersons for our american friends) explorers (though cant remember if there is slight cursing in it) hook short circuit Young Sherlock Holmes - a great underapreciated movei!! (but the bits in the temple and hallucatination sequences may be to scary for young ones) cartoon wise don bluth double bill of An American tale / The land before time - showed these to my 2 1/2 year old and she loved them.
  5. Played 30 mins of the pc version and graphically it's hideous in ways it looks worse than the wiiu version plus no graphic customisation just resolution selection - another half assed port really disappointed as was looking forward to this :-(
  6. bought this for iphone 6 plus and it works really well - though when i went to install it on my ipad 4 i was told the game wasn't compatible. Anyway managed to get it installed on the ipad 4 via other means and it works perfectly no slow down etc... (been playing for a couple of hours on it) so im scratching my head as to why officially they are saying that its not compatable??
  7. the best way forward would be for Fox to try and work a deal similar to the sony spider man / marvel deal. allow marvel to bring the F4 back into the fold by now we dont need an other origin story but instead bring in an existing F4 team into the mix. its a real pitty they couldnt have been brought into the cival war storyline (but even thats going to be a cut down version from the epic ness that was the comic storyline). if something could be worked out then bring them into the infity wars. Im hoping that if Phase 4 happens with marvel that we get the secret wars arc
  8. had the misfortune of watching this last night and honestly found nothing in it redeeming. I went in with very low expectations hoping to find something that i could at least say well that part worked, but honestly nothing did. I ended up playing spot the scenes added later in production - which was easy to do as Sue's hair went from normal to very bad and obvious wig. The pacing of the movie was way off - they spent to much time getting to the point were they get powers (nearly an hour into the movie after about 30 mins in hogwarts for science geeks) before speeding along for 30 mins trying to fit the rest of the story and plot (for what very little there was). The biggest issue though i havie is Doom in this movie when they never bothered actually having doom in this movie. Instead they had someone who resembled a bad CGI villian which wouldnt have looked out of place in the lawnmower man movies!! and just stuck the doom name on him, while name checking oh he is from here, tick, and is name is tick. but having no resemblance to the character from the comics.
  9. for anyone who is currently activily using there rift - do not not update to windows 10 yet. The rift is not working on windows 10, and Oculus themselves have released no info when a new updated driver will be available. Kinda disapointing esp as they have been recently pointing out there new paternship with MS - you would have thought they would have had drivers ready day one.
  10. played this on the rift dk2 the other night - yep how to increase chance of real heart attack guarnteed! surprised they removed rift support near then end as it works really well (esp with a 7.1 headset on) - going to replay from the start but ive a feeling this time arround using the rift my sessions may be smaller in time (playing first time arround on a monitor was bad enough lol)
  11. watched this at the weekend, and as someone who can find parts of 3 and 4 that arnt that bad (There still on whole shite compared to 1 and 2) - i found nothing about this movie redeemable - it really is a huge steaming pile. My head hurts even trying to work out the spagetti mess that they have made of the timelines!! movies 1-4 no longer exists from what i can work out - which then means the T800 Arm from the original wasnt left behind to help miles create skynet. which means no future skynet or terminators. But if there is no future terminators, then how could 2 be sent back to kill / protect young sarah connor when she was a child? if they werent sent back then she wouldnt need protected and would live her life normally up until the first movie, then would that not reset the timelines back to the start of the first movie as nothing has been altered???? feck this makes the highlander 2 timeline space alien bullshit origin story make sense
  12. Just tried the battle of Endor feck me I really just flew an xwing !! (Badly) vet impressive little game great sense of the ships and the death star is the size of a small moon
  13. My rift arrived yesterday and after reinstall of 8.1 (it didn't like 10 aparantly) was good to tired elite and feck me it's a completely different game in the rift the sense of the size in the cockpit etc.... Call me impressed
  14. Pc game footage has been release and it looks very impressive - http://www.vg247.com/2015/06/24/dice-is-teasing-us-with-this-pc-footage-of-star-wars-battlefront/
  15. Thanks guys for all the suggestions got my ups tracking update so should be here Thursday though secretly hoping they deliver tomorrow :-) can't complain only ordered on Sunday night :-)
  16. guys finally bit the bullet and ordered a dev kit 2 (should arrive weds) - i have elite, project cars, skyrim - but what are the best other games / apps i should download for the rift when it arrives? i
  17. this apparantly starts filming today in Boston (standing in for New yYork) - as a huge ghostbusters fan i should be happy that were finally getting a new ghostbusters, yet im quite sad because i know that what we will end up getting will only be Ghostbusters in name and not the magic (i honestly hope that i am proven wrong as i want to see a new ghostbusters suceed)
  18. what do you think the chances are of another EA surprise multiplayer beta like they did last year with Hardline - but with Battlefront instead?
  19. The voice acting appears to be both movie and other actors filling in for some of the other actors actors (eg Michael jetter in Jurassic parks 3 voice is def a new person voice and I'm sure the voice of Ludlow and Roland's in the lost world are new voice actors)
  20. oh yeah i agree the only thing that would make the game even more awesome would be being able to fly a chopper arround the island with the "theme" playing. If anyone is interested here is a vid i made just running arround the jurassic world park - its def the biggest of the 4 maps - each main building / enclosure is enterable with stuff to do inside etc... though be warned if you havent seen Jurassic World yet there are location spoliers so be warned!! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3iVlmIph_I0
  21. Each map in the game uses there own movie soundtrack..... But the original theme still brings goosebumps out when I hear it just an epic theme
  22. You will like this then as each of the 4 maps are good size and each one is a differnt map :-). The biggest one is Jurassic world followed by the original Jurassic park - took this quick vid last. Ugh the as I drove around Jurassic park just to give you an idea of the size (all the paddocks can be entered etc..)http://youtu.be/jvpdZPD9W0I
  23. Picked this up on steam today and having a blast. It's your typical Lego game play so if you like previous Lego games then you will like this comes with 2 open world versions of each island so pleanty of free roam fun to have
  24. Played some more tonight performance seems to be a little better - they have released several patches today so the debs seem to be on the ball trying to sort things out. One thing I like is how each tool you craft depending on what you use it for gives differnt rewards. For instance the basic pick axe when used on trees etc will get you lots of thatch and some wood. While next axe up if used on a tree will provide lots more wood and less thatch - so you have to think what tool your using when harvesting stuff.
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