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  1. not sure of that site - but this is one i get mine from https://gamr13.github.io/ ( you need to open in edge on the xbox)
  2. this has now been fixed as well in the newest version: "For those who don't have NTFS drives, ROMs will now copy to a temporary VFSCACHE folder inside LocalState that's DELETED every time RetroArch opens. This means you no longer have to worry about clearing it yourself."
  3. im the oposite i thought this was dreadful, still trying to decide if the one of the worst movies ive seen a while or if this is one of the greatest so bad its an amazing comedys instead. To me it seemed like they took all of the cut scenes from the first two games remade them in a shot for shot way and then tried to string a story bewteen each one. By cramming the first two games into one movie everything felt rushed without really giving any time in one setting (esp with a 1 hour 40 min run time). (though some of the sets in places looked straight out of the games which was a cool to see but again they were quick flashes on screen so you never really got to appreciate them ie the front desk area of RCPD station with its statue etc... ) There was no real sense of huge zombie outbreak as at the most you saw maybe 2 - 4 zombies together at once on screen, in fact you never really get any scale at all its like racoon city has no one living in it its the most void of places. There is a blurb at the start about how umbrella has been pulling out so only a skeleton staff and those to poor to leave are still there, but still if you are doing RE2 then you need the full on scale that even the game was able to portray in the opening sections (and later explanded in RE3) Acting wise it ranges from passable to they are cleary just reading the lines of a que card infront of them woodeness. (chief of police irons aka Donal Logue is obviously doing this just for the pay check as he is one of the worst offenders). And the cgi is just terrible, for a movie set in the late 90's the CGI in bits looks like its from the late 90's (or maybe they are trying to be smart and be retro as the movie is set in the 90's as they drop 90's references every couple of mins just incase you forgot its set in the 90's) Its a real pitty as i wasnt expecting a masterpiece, but the trailers at least looked like it would be a cheesy fun movie to watch.
  4. Did this earlier and yeah the difference is fantastic ps2/GameCube/wii games load within about 5-10 seconds compared to the 2-3 minutes previously
  5. The “retail” version of retroarch has been updated now on https://gamr13.github.io/ with the usb fix allowing larger sized rips such as ps2 etc to be ran from usb hard drive - did a fresh install earlier with it and able to play my ps2 games Again on it
  6. among us vr coming to quest next year
  7. The more I think about it the more this episode really grates me… Yeah I’ve seen the trailer going to love how they explain…
  8. She learned that from Han Solo and his sideways manoeuvre to evade imperial star destroyers!
  9. im kinda confused after that really terrible ending.... maybe others can confirm but
  10. This is we’re I got mine from and the are great https://www.vr-wave.store
  11. Yeah it’s def looking like today the current “floating” scene, every time I’ve logged on today the camera is getting closer and closer to my character as well as starting to tilt up (I’m guessing for a grand reveal of the island) come launch time
  12. I have the official kiwi cable and when I used it for pc games it was grand - but to be honest prefare to use a combination of virtual desktop (for steam games) and oculus air link for oculus native games - hard to go back to a wired connection after you go wireless (I find the quality on both streaming methods works well for me)
  13. Skybox on the quest is a great virtual cinema app slows you to stream files from your pc
  14. The controls work grand for me being able to use the controllers to flip switches and grab the yoke etc. but I am playing it via air link and oculus software rather than via virtual desktop so it may not pick up the oculus controllers correctly if you got that way (just curious have you tried it via air link?) as for changing view not sure mine puts me in the cockpit - you may have to set up a key in the settings if you can’t change it. if you can’t use air link (I know some peeps find it unstable etc..) then take a look at flyinside on steam it’s very similar to flight sim but run perfectly via virtual desktop (I have both) and you can you the oculus controllers to fully interact with th cockpits and controls as well)
  15. Just one thing to rember if you do change the above then if you use any oculus games that use oculus_openxr you will need to change it back (ie oculus minecraft on pc)
  16. I play this via air link - and it works straight away - but if You want to play via virtual desktop you need change the value of openXR ActiveRuntime HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\Khronos\OpenXR\1 from the default path ( C:\Program Files\Oculus\Support\oculus-runtime\oculus_openxr_64.json ) to: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\SteamVR\steamxr_win64.json As for sound you will need to manually change your default pc sound speakers to oculus in your sound settings
  17. and you thought phasmagoria was pants changing https://vrscout.com/news/vr-app-haunted-mr-turns-your-home-into-a-haunted-house/
  18. Soon… a modder is currently finishing his mod that will allow you to play resi evil 2 and 3 remakes as well as 7 and 8 in vr with full motion control support (via air link on the pc) this is a vid of his work on resi evil 2
  19. Some more great news mercenaries mode is coming next year as a free update!!
  20. couple of things... First MS flight sim has added full motion controll support for the quest controllers mean you can now use the controllers to use every button/leaver as well as to grab and use the flight stick secondly Wolfenstien Enemy Territory single player mod has been released and can be loaded onto the quest (using the base DR beef RTCW mod) as a die hard ET player back in the day being there on the maps in VR is just mind blowing (very quick vid i made)
  21. saw this earlier and as a huge ghostbusters fan (for me up there with star wars, my wife even got me replica proton pack for my birthday this year) i loved every minute of this. Yes its 100% fan service all the way through but it was handled with respect - and as others have said the movie def had an 80's spielberg family movie feel while tying back to the original movie. Cant wait to take my kids to see this on sunday there going to love it there be spoliers below........
  22. maybe im being optimistic but if they can port this to ios/android could they do a port to the oculus quest?
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