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  1. Minecraft Java is now available to play natively on quest 2 via a new mod quest craft - you need to install the apk files via sideloader and also have a Java account (as you still need a minecraft java account to logon). But it works pretty well plus you can join existing servers by copying over your pc server list (I was able to play in the minecraft middle earth server no probs earlier) more details and install links on the offical discord channel https://discord.gg/questcraft https://youtu.be/XAuuqGgoros
  2. I’m on win 11 and air link works fine for me
  3. quake 3 dr beef vr mod is so much fun in multiplayer - be warned you will need you vr legs for it!!
  4. its full motion control so aiming with hands you can even hold the gun with both hands if you want for better stability (just tried a quick game with bots and it was great)
  5. Well dr beef has done it again - quake 3 arena can now be installed and played in vr on quest 2 and online multiplayer also works!
  6. This is a great show, the wife and I binged watch all the seasons so far so over Xmas. It def ups the ante the more the show progresses. Have been also been watching 1883 and while good it’s very slow paced.
  7. Picked this up this morning and so far after about an hour I’m digging it a lot - been a long while since I really got into mmo (star wars galaxies). looking forward to giving this a good go. I like how the movement is similar to pop1 and combat so far has been good (blade master )
  8. Gave hitman 3 a try in vr now it’s on pc game pass - and it feels more like a mod rather than an offical vr mode - it’s very janky and feels like it’s been tacked on - but it’s still amazing to be able to play in some of the hitman levels - so if you go in with lower expectations it’s Lot of fun. I found it ran better for me with vd and steam vr rather than via air link
  9. Dropping into Tilted Towers is currently like dropping into your own personal nam - every fecker in the bus is dropping there! I’ve never seen so many peeps in the one place at the same time - it’s total madness at the start
  10. Pc version (which is also coming to game pass) is getting full vr support next week as well
  11. Yep half life (as well as opposing forces and blue shift - though only one can be installed at a time as you override the field when you put one of them on the quest). Half life is brilliant on the quest
  12. flycast and dophin run really well (majority of games work great only ones ive had issues with are fzero and rebel strike on game cube) ive mine running at 4k for both cores no issues in fact the game have never looked better - 2 quick vids i made of sega rally 2 on flycast and mario sunshine on dolphin (unfort there only 1080p clips but both are running at 4k on the series x)
  13. Doom 3 is amazing on the quest its nigh impossible to go back and play it flat screen once you have on quest. Would love quake 4 ported over. Tried resi 7 with the vr mod earlier, and while it doesn’t use motion controls yet (controller only, It looks amazing in vr (never tried the psvr version).
  14. Binged watched the whole series at 2am (thank you covid) and loved it - all up on iPlayer - great to have toast back
  15. run is clicking in the left thumbstick on the touch controllers but only when you dont have the grip button pressed (that you use when firing ) hgavent had the issu with the menus they appear fine for me (so far) Praydog is using the flatscreen to VR discord for his release - so a good place to check for any fixes or peeps with similar issues https://discord.gg/33uXnrHv
  16. one more update - tried resi evil 8 and even though praydog has already said this is only WIP at the min - its actually very playable even with motion control in it! (you can see it nees just a little bit more work but its nearly there) feck me the opening section is a heart attack on a plate in vr! - im just amazed these run so good on my 1060gtx
  17. only tried resi 2 and 3 but they run great up there with the alien isolation mod but with full motion control - the thing i love about vr in games you already know so well is that you can really appreciate the level of detail that goes into a game that you take for granted. the opening at the start of resi 2 in the garage - in 2d flat screen yeah its your typical garage/shop you just walk through really not notincing anything. In vr i found myself stoping and checking out all the stuff on the shelves etc...
  18. resident evil 2,3,7 and 8 vr mods are now out - 2 and 3 have full motion controls while 7 and 8 are still wip and you need a controller to play them - mods can be gotten from: https://github.com/praydog/REFramework/releases/tag/v1.1 had a quick blast on resi evil 3 and wow praydog has pulled of some kinda magic on this (up there with alien isolation mod) run perfectly on my low spec pc (still rocking a 1060gtx) - made a quick vid (one note the game will be in 3rd person by default in vr - you activate the mod menu via the insert key on the keyboard and enable first person in there) EDIT.... also gave resi evil 2 a try and its the same runs perfectly for me - feck my fav resi evil game in vr might as well tell the wife and kids to say there good byes for the next day or two lol (my resi evil 2 vid)
  19. pavlov is also on quest and free https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/3649611198468269/ onwards is ok a bit more serious in terms of game play (and as Mawdlin said above you can get some assholes playing who dont make time for new peeps learning the ropes). Population one is also a lot of fun in a fortnite way (though as much as team play is grand i do wish they would bring in a permanent single player mode as well)
  20. Preydog is finally releasing his vr mod that covers resi evil 2,3,7 and 8 on New Year’s Day (with full motion controls) can’t wait to try resi evil 8 again this time in vr edit just seen this was mentioned above
  21. First ep is out and I thought it was brilliant though at only around 35 mins it was all over to quickly and left me wanting more straight away!!
  22. For those who have just got quests for Xmas etc.. for pc vr gaming there are a couple of vr playable games on game pass for pc including Star Wars squadrons (which is stunning in vr). Ms flight sim (stunning if you have a pc that can run it) minecraft - which is one of my fav pc vr experiences
  23. Yeah dr beefs doom 3 vr quest mod is fantastic with full motion controls etc.. actually all dr beefs stuff is great his original doom and quake mods
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