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  1. Bought this today in the Xbox sale and im loving it reminds me of old school bf1942 on the pc with it’s more sim like take rather than jump around arcade shooters that modern battlefield have become. the maps are huge and look really good - Omaha beach was stunning looking - but there is a lot to take with no tutorials really to explain how it all works (couple of you tube videos later and I think I have the gist). more importantly up to 6 player squads which is great as we have a Monday night gaming night with five of us which is a pain trying to find new player squad games.
  2. Just a pitty there was nothing more on San Andreas vr - but maybe after the trill rerelease fiasco they are spending the time to do it right
  3. I’m excited for ghostbusters offically in vr (let’s just forget the answer the calls vr cash grabs) esp as it will be 4 player co-op hmm I wonder if it would be going overboard if I played this in my fully kitted flight suit and proton pack?
  4. Pitty the trailer was the only half exciting thing about another boring episode - so glad that chibs run is coming to an end. I feel sorry for Jodie as under another showrunner she could have been fantasic with better writting, but has been bogged down with some of the worst storys and to be honest,apart from grahame some of the dullest companions in a long time.
  5. i had the same issue - contacted ms support and they manually added the 6000 points to my account
  6. If this is the power battery thing for the door - have you removed the old battery from the hole after you cut the panel - then tried to put the new one in (sorry if this is. Stupid question as I was stuck here until i realised you have to remove the old battery from the home first)
  7. anyone looking the best way to farm some stud's quickly the best way is to keep replaying the first mission of rise of skywalker - instead of shooting the ties - keep shooting the pipes the level will keep going indefinitly until you shoot down the 10 ties - so dont shoot them and you can continue shooting the pipes for studs - its slow until you unlock the first stud multiplier - but then goes up quickly (spent this afternoon doing it and unlocking all the mulitiplier and now a 3 min run is ranking me on average 500 million studs). have to admit after a slow start with this finished the main story campaigns and really loved it - and now just having fun exploring the various worlds (have unlocked the capital ships and the super star destroyer is prob my fav)
  8. Looking like April 20th for start of new series!!
  9. Question for anyone that’s unlocked bespin for free play - can you access the interior locations such as the carbon chamber etc… from the main world hub or are these locked as game levels that can only be access if you play the story level again? (I know there are some small side rooms you can access from the main world hub)
  10. Should be out at midnight here (played an hour earlier by doing the New Zealand console region switch)
  11. yeah the movie is suposed to go into production next year
  12. Went to see this with the kids today. Enjoyed the first movie and this was much the same enjoyable family stuff (with some nice nods to the older sonic games) - they prob could have cut the humans sub plot in the middle of the movie which would have made it a bit more tighter pace wise.
  13. I’ve been adding more obscure console collections to mine like the msx etc… stuff that I’ve never played and it’s been great - though thanks to retro pass I’ve spent more time looking through all the old cover art of games on systems like zx spectrum etc…. And how many would never see the light these days (the California games crotch shots cover is def one)
  14. Go to the offical discord section and to the retail guide setup section it will take you through step by step https://discord.gg/dominater01 also grab dumpsters bios pack a couple of posts up as you will needs these
  15. Was the zx spectrum ahead of its time with its proto version of elden ring?
  16. This is the tutorial which I followed to set up retropass initially for getting videos I downloaded the various packs from https://emumovies.com and manually added them to the launchbox video folder on my portable hard drive. You can use skaper to do this but there have been a few issues where it messes up retroarch so I found manually downloading the video packs better
  17. Spent the last couple of days setting up retropass fully - adding cover art, game info , screenshots and videos and it’s now looking really decent
  18. There’s a new front end out for retroarch called retro pass on the xbox. You set it up on the pc first using launchbox to get your artwork and then you launch your retroarch games from with in it. Quick vid I made of it Can be grabbed from https://gamr13.github.io/index.html
  19. Some guys are remaking Star Wars dark forces for vr (pc I’m afraid) but the demo runs great on quest 2 - wee vid I made of quick play on it. Using half life alyx style physics and hand interactions etc…
  20. Some good news it looks like season 4 has already been filmed and is actually coming quite soon https://screenrant.com/what-we-do-shadows-season-4-filming-complete/
  21. Minecraft Java is now available to play natively on quest 2 via a new mod quest craft - you need to install the apk files via sideloader and also have a Java account (as you still need a minecraft java account to logon). But it works pretty well plus you can join existing servers by copying over your pc server list (I was able to play in the minecraft middle earth server no probs earlier) more details and install links on the offical discord channel https://discord.gg/questcraft https://youtu.be/XAuuqGgoros
  22. I’m on win 11 and air link works fine for me
  23. quake 3 dr beef vr mod is so much fun in multiplayer - be warned you will need you vr legs for it!!
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