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  1. Stand alone pcsx2 is now out on gamers site - just installed and runs even better that the retroarch core
  2. This is set 5 years before rogue one if I read it right with season 2 then covering the 4 years between season 1 and the start of rogue one - so hopefully there is a chance
  3. With this being around the same time do you think we get a cameo in this or the next season from all or some of the crew of the “ghost”? Since general Syndulla was name dropped in rouge one
  4. Very bad cam but here is season 3 trailer while it’s up EDIT...... and link is now dead
  5. within your file directory settings under cache do you have a path set up for one (ive a created a cache folder on my external hard drive and pointed it there)
  6. picked up police procedure - disturbance vr on app lab and been having a blast with it. you are a police officer attending various senarios at houses and you have to react (or not) with the appropriate responce ie someone becomes agitated and charges you with a knife you can tazer or use your side arm -but if you use the wrong amount of force depending on the senario then its game over and you start from the beginning. The aim is to complete 30 years of service with each senario amounting to 1 year - so 30 in total) its all done in a very tongue and cheek way - but for £4 its a great VR game https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/4887769861342815/
  7. hah a switch emulator on the series x would be amazing - though would settle even for a wiiu emulator. Guess if the could an original xbox emulator it would make a lot of peeps happy since backward compat has once again been shelved by MS
  8. another day and another cool VR experience. Some french guy is making a vr remaster of Jedi Knight 2 - and has released a playable tech demo. played it this morning and its pretty cool even at this early stage. while the guy in the vid below says there are no forces powers in the demo there is a basic force push using the left controller holding both trigger and grip at the same time then letting go sends out a push shock wave.
  9. Firewatch is prob one of my fav games of the last 10 years…. Firewatch in vr is just something stunning… if I didn’t know this was a mod I would swear it’s a proper vr release of the game it’s that good and polished (far better than some offical vr ports of games). A quick vid I made
  10. yeah the SQ store has nice hidden gems - if you havent tried it grab tea for god (its free) basically it turns what ever size your play space is, into a continuous maze (with occasional robot killing) you can also grab all the DR Beef stuff from there like Doom 3, RTCW, Quake 3 , half life vr mods etc that can all be installed to the quest. If minecraft is your thing then (and you own the java version) you can install quest craft from there as well which lets you play minecraft java directly on your quest (been having a lot of fun playing on the middle earth sever with this) highbow on there is also a really good free archery multiplayer game :
  11. just tried the VR podracing game that someone is making and it makes me wish for a full vr remake of the pod racer from N64 - its fantastic with full hand controll can be grabbed from here: https://ravstark.itch.io/podracer
  12. Mission iss is pretty good let’s you explore the international space station as well as space walk etc. Titanic vr on steam is also pretty decent allows you to pilot a sub arround the wreck of the titanic and then a rover to pilot inside the wreck (also has a 15 min experience of a passenger leaving the ship on on the life boats and watching as it sinks)
  13. Resident evil 7 and 8 vr mods have now been released with hand tracking etc… and they are amazing def worth picking up a copy cheaply on steam if you can - praydog has done and even better job than the mother alien isolation vr mod
  14. So both resident evil 7 and 8 mods will release properly next week with full hand tracking now enabled - can’t wait for another run through of village!!
  15. @carlospie just double checked and im using Yabuse for my series x @Stejay i dont think either retropass (its an xbox only front end unfortunately) or launchbox work on mac - only retroarch itself
  16. Try either the beetle or yabasanshiro core - not near my series x to check which one I use - but have my tablet with me and it’s using the yabasanshiro one along with the same bios is use on Xbox to run Saturn games on retroarch
  17. Prob stupid question so sorry in advance but you have the bios files in the system folder - what core are you using?
  18. Saw this a couple of hours ago and loved it - def felt like a Sam Rami movies in parts (if you have kids that do not like scares or gore then may want to watch beforehand) one thing (and do not click before you watch the movie
  19. This week episode I thought was one of there best and darkest eps they have done spoilers ahead so don’t click until you have watched the episode.
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