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  1. My first cinema trip was early 80’s to go see the fox and the hounds … god what a traumatising Disney movie!! but first real movie memory is watching the tv premiere of Star Wars on itv. For weeks they had been advertising the hell of it (I was about 4 at the time so had no idea of the movie). It blew my little mind away and set me on coarse of geekness that has never stopped!
  2. facebook horizons is now rolling out to UK quest owners (checked my quest and its now availble for me to download)
  3. Can we all agree that ms is now just trolling us ??
  4. @dumpster ok software render and progressive scan seemed to be the combo for me to get it to work this time (tried this earlier and it didnt) - next question is there anyway to save the individual configs per game ie softer remder for rally dx11/12 for others? similar to what you can do in retroarch
  5. yeah mine is bin/cue - though was using direct x 11 as render so will give 12 a try
  6. @dumpster tried sega rally this morning but it keeps displaying the main graphics in black and white (text and hud etc are all in Color fine) tried all the above but still black and white - any ideas?
  7. See I like Jurassic park 3 for the first 2/3 - It’s just feels like a complete rush to end the movie and it feels like there are huge bits of the end missing. The whole aviary section is one of the standout moments in all the Jurassic movies. I would rank this movie up there with 3 prob on par if not slightly better - would be more equal with Jurassic world but leagues better than fallen kingdom. A couple of reviews I’ve read say that for the first half the dinos take a back seat…. You prob see more dino screen time in this movie than you have in the others - like I said when it’s get to the half way mark it’s then Dino set piece after Dino set piece with no let up until the end of the movie. (That’s not to say there is not plenty of Dinos on screen with some decent action in the first half, bits like the chase through the streets that is in the trailers) don’t get me wrong if you want to see a must see summer block buster in the cinema then go see top gun maverick (belive the hype). But if you want a no brainer fun movie then this also a good one to go see.
  8. Watched this earlier and it wasn’t as bad as some critics are making it out to be. After he last film which I found the worst of the series, I wasn’t really expecting to much of this one but if it’s lots of Dino action you want then this is the movie for you.the last hour is basically Dino set piece after Dino set piece. Seeing the original cast back together on screen was great. Is it one of the better Jurassic park movies… no it’s no Jurassic park or lost world - but it’s a decent enough summer movie just put your brain in gear and enjoy the ride
  9. We can but hope after shitstorm that was the predator
  10. you need to ftp on the xbox and go to the following path (well this is how it is on mine) /LOCALFOLDER/60206domapps.19890EACA508A_yzhahmc55dm1c/LocalState/inis and then replace the ini file in there with mine
  11. Yeah save states are not working but saving in Game to the memory card is working
  12. ive modded the pcsx2 ini file so that menu is now opened by pressing start and back - ive also enabled a 2nd joypad - you can grab my ini file here https://drive.google.com/file/d/1kl5veG1XyXeMunYgwoFS5vptG_mN8auy/view?usp=sharing
  13. grab it while you can - the ps2 emulator has been uploaded again for retail - grab from below link that doesnt need to done via xbox bing browser (can be done from any device or browser) i find this is a lot better that then ps2 core on retroarch https://www.xbox.com/en-gb/games/store/uwu-station-2-avx2/9ph5bsrqtccw?rtc=1
  14. This Sunday night the ms showcase (in place of there E3 show) think it's at 8pm?
  15. Yeah you can it's what I do with the new seasons sign up for a month (cancel straight away) that way you also get the additional crew skin for the month and the vbucks on top of the battlepass.
  16. The maverick dlc is really good in vr
  17. Vader immortal I liked but you need all 3eps that way it's like being in your own interactive star wars movie for an hour and a half. The lightsaber dojo you get with each ep is also a lot of fun. The best non star wars star wars game in quest is blade and sorcery with the star wars light saber mods added
  18. Great inside this week - good news it's been renewed for two more series which would bring it up to series 9 which in turn would be a good place to end it for symmetry (not that that I want the show to end) https://www.radiotimes.com/tv/drama/inside-no-9-renewed-2-seasons-newsupdate/
  19. This is coming to Disney plus 22nd June https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1224431-doctor-strange-2-disney-release-date
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