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  1. There working on fixes but no eta
  2. The guys over on the discord server have been putting together fixes and tweaks you can add to aethersx2 to make individual game run better - they have a link to there shared folder where you can grab them - this is sky cooper 3 running with fixes added - I can say that this looks almost good enough as some of the games released now on modern consoles
  3. anyone who bought this on steam will also now get the scummvm version as well - anyone who is console well were just out of luck (well sort off i was able to get the original and extended version with cut bits added running on scummvm via retroarch on my series x)
  4. Had a play in retroarch earlier but no joy - normally retroarch has default profiles you can switch to for the various controllers - but for ps2 it’s only dual shock . Nowhere to set them up within the controller menu
  5. @Eighthoursfor all the bios you need see @dumpster post a page or two back for download link
  6. There is indeed - join this discord server and follow the retail setup guide which will take you through each step https://discord.gg/VVZZ4Fa8 anybprob shout on here and we can give you a hand Edit… or follow this vid
  7. Is there anyway I wonder to be able to use Xbox controllers as buzz controllers either on retroarch psx2 or athersx2 stand alone ?
  8. @Quest that’s good to know about the 8BitDo controllers I have a usb one I use on my tablet for retro gaming so will have give it a try on the Xbox. got a larger external usb hd yesterday so have spent the day transferring my old drive across as well as adding a lot more including a nearly complete ps1 Europe set
  9. Got scummvm up and running on retroarch / retro pass - finally can county play some of the old point and click games inside to love. also got blade runner working with it as well (I recently bought the enhanced version) but the scummvm version has two that work , the original and one with cut content added )
  10. you know what after the monkey got turned inside out i think i should scrap these teleporters, and def not get inside them myself.
  11. Confirmed coming to Disney plus in the uk on august 5th as well
  12. Dad you know what I’m really enjoying this opera… we should stay to the end and not leave early via the dodgey alleyway at the back of the opera…. Ok Bruce
  13. Robocop…. You have 10 seconds to comply…. Ok I comply….. you have complied you are now under Arrest…. ed209 the future of law enforcement of old Detroit
  14. Fellowship of the ring, Isildur throws the ring into mount doom … problem sorted
  15. Has anyone else found on the Xbox the sound going out of sync in the cut scenes? update - restarted and the intro is now in sync - when I first tried it this morning it was really out of sync by a good 2 or 3 seconds
  16. One thing I noticed second time arround
  17. loved this game when it first came out - so nice surprise that the enhanced edition is coming out finally and tomorrow
  18. Well that was quite a good ending
  19. Should also mention you can add covers - just make sure they are named the same as your roms and add them to the cover folder under local state.
  20. Yeah seems to be a grey area as long as no one is making a profit from it seems that a blind eye is turned (though still not officially allowed to be mentioned of the existence in the main discord as it’s a no no)
  21. installed Aethersx2 (ps2 standalone) on retail last night, its an updated version of the psx2 standalone with all the features enabled in the menu ie controller settings, setting up hotkeys without needing to change ini files etc.. and it works and plays far better than the original psx2 standalone. Another great feature is being able to swap from hardware to software render in the pause menu as well as being able to create per game settings. below vid is of transformers which wont run correctly in hardware mode - black line down screen, but one quick swop to software mode and its run great. also saved states work as well: To get it on retail first go to https://www.xbox.com/pt-br/games/store/aethersx2avx2/9nm1x58v5sf6?rtc=1 then click on add to wishlink. Then on your xbox change the region location to brazil (you will need to restart once you do this). Then go to the store and your wishlist were you will see Aethersx2 - click install. Once installed change location back to uk and reboot, and then your good to go. You can then go into setting and set up the path to your Ps2 games and the location of your PS2 bios (i have both on and my external hard drive)
  22. My first cinema trip was early 80’s to go see the fox and the hounds … god what a traumatising Disney movie!! but first real movie memory is watching the tv premiere of Star Wars on itv. For weeks they had been advertising the hell of it (I was about 4 at the time so had no idea of the movie). It blew my little mind away and set me on coarse of geekness that has never stopped!
  23. facebook horizons is now rolling out to UK quest owners (checked my quest and its now availble for me to download)
  24. Can we all agree that ms is now just trolling us ??
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