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  1. The Jedi knight outcast mod is coming along brilliantly - the latest early access version via patron (which is well worth signing up even for a month to show dr beef his work is appreciated) now has force push / pull using gesture movements - so you make “come here” gesture with you left hand to pull and then well you push out to force push - seriously it’s this close to letting you be a Jedi in real life - I’ve been running around with a huge grin on my face obliterating imperial scum edit quick vid I made to show the new force powers actions
  2. ive enjoyed Iron Man vr from what ive played with it - kinda got side tracked this week as Dr Beef released the next beta for Jedi Knight for quest that allows you play the full game instead of just the demo level. he has also included a cheat menu that allows you to have force powers and sabre right from the start so been jedi'ing my way through the game grinning like a loon as i go Among us VR is out today and only £7.99 so will be giving that a go tonight (if my son allows me as he is dying to play it as well)
  3. iron man vr is now out and from the quick 20 minutes on it last night its pretty decent and captures the feel of actually being iron man
  4. Saturn didn’t run well at all - haven’t tried putting android / Linux on but may give it a go.
  5. managed to get my hands on an unpatched switched so i could get some emulation action on the go. have to admit im impressed so far, running dreamcast, psp and ps1 games no issue.
  6. argos are now selling venom power banks for quest 2 for £20 - bought one earlier and it fits securly on the side with little noticable extra weight on the side - hopefully it doubles my playing time https://www.argos.co.uk/product/1180046?clickSR=slp:term:quest 2:9:10000:1
  7. Ms to bring cloud game pass to quest 2 headsets https://www.protocol.com/bulletins/xbox-game-pass-quest-2
  8. Ms bringing cloud game pass to quest 2 https://www.protocol.com/bulletins/xbox-game-pass-quest-2
  9. early beta coming later to patron members
  10. Just finished and thought this was great - would be happy for another halloween special of this (not everything needs to be a full origin series) as above there are some violent bits but as it’s done in black and white the blood / gore has a more lessening effect than if it’s was in colour (not that it effects the over show)
  11. while everyone has been going nuts over bonelabs (and from what i played of it earlier its great) World flight has been the oculus game ive been looking foward to all week. Basically its a flight sim where you can fly anywhere in the world its using by the looks of it google earth to stream its ground terain. its out on app labs now https://www.oculus.com/experiences/quest/6930867960316708/ and from the hour ive played on it ive really enjoyed it (basically a stripped down version of ms flight sim) at the min you only fly a small plane or chopter but but use full virtual controls. Its early days but does have potential to be something rather special and def scratchs my air sim on go itch. very quick vid i made when playing just now
  12. So dr beef has announced the next quest 2 port will be Star Wars Jedi academy followed shortly afterwards by Jedi knight 2 outcast!!
  13. World flight is due to hit App Store in the next couple of days - it’s a kinda ms flight sim using Google earth for its terrain
  14. Yeehhaaarr…. But honestly save your bandwidth
  15. So watched this earlier and….: it’s is every bit as bad and as unfunny as we thought it would be - how this was green lighted I have no idea. Which is a pitty as the munsters is ripe for a modern day spin - this will kill any future interests by the studio for quite some time.
  16. played the opening 15 mins up to the transporter malfunction and it is glorious - if we didnt already know this was a fan based mod you would belive it was done by the same team behind Half Life Alyx!!
  17. And it’s out!! Installing now
  18. Finally got round to trying the xwing alliance vr mod - and feck me it’s brilliant the entire game is fully playable in vr!! Only £2.50 on gog and well worth it for any Star Wars fan who what’s a proper xwing sim over squadrons (which I do like also)
  19. Yeah playing on big screen mode is great on quest - tried Star Wars battle pod via virtual desktop and curved the screen round so it was more like the battle pod arcade experience.
  20. Tried super mario vr and donkey kong vr last night on the quest both while obviously short where a lot of fun
  21. @dumpster if you haven’t tried run steam vr before you start the game
  22. September 16th is when the half life 2 vr mod is releasing on steam
  23. Virtual desktop worked perfectly tried alien extermination and worked great with touch controller As gun
  24. Just saw on YouTube someone playing Star Wars battle pod with the screen wrapped round on quest via vd will give aliens extermination a try later
  25. Only stumbled across teknoparrot yesterday while trying to find a working mame 2015 core. Blown away by how well it works esp with more modern arcade stuff. Star Wars battle pod, sega rally 3 etc.. all work great. reading the above post about virtual desktop and quest 2 and was wondering if you could use the oculus controllers like light guns for teknoparrot games @dumpster I know you’ve tried with other emulated hun games via virtual desktop
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