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  1. Another for Chernobyl. And also what we do in the shadows hands down best comedy of the year!
  2. Wait to you get to end of the last expansion of if you think your welling up now in terms of the game story coming to an end - a true masterpeice and prob my game of this generation
  3. the one thing i love more than the studio vr games stuff is all the indie stuff that peeps are making - one of my fav experiences(one that i have mentioned here a couple of times ) is star wars battle of endor - well this morning i saw that project stardust has been update with proper controls etc.. and graphics update and it plays brilliantly - its star wars battle of Yavin https://www.dropbox.com/s/joanor9yfe70dq8/Project Stardust.zip?dl=0
  4. yeah its a pitty Ms isnt getting on the bus yet - but vox machina is quite good
  5. The frighteners is brilliant and def worth watching
  6. i would say that a lot of the reactions are more due to the hype round this as the second coming in vr the way some outlets have been preaching it for the run up to release. I played for a few hours last night and to be fair the story is lite on the ground and it feels more like a play space to play with the physics in the game ( my above review was only after an hours play.) There is some jankyness to it (having a solid body in game prob wasn't a great idea) but its still fun and its more about playing it your way. for the most part interaction with things in the environment is good (there are a coupe of occasions where it becomes janky - but majority of the time it works). as for AAA status I wouldn't go that far, its a very good start to implementing proper physics in VR and if will be looking forward to what Valve do with Half Life as they to be using this as there stepping stone and implementing a lot of what is in it into Half Life. If your on the fence I would say hold of until it shows up in a sale.
  7. played the first 30 mins of boneworks (the intro level bit) and it so far i like what ive played - the physics work well, in ways the game reminds me of the first time playing half life 2 in terms of being able to interact with things (there is a def half life/portal vibe running through the game) which gives you a bit more freedom while in vr - for example i was able to use a crow bar to pull a crate from a top shelf down by catch the rim of it and pulling it. while it may not sound much being able to interact at that level with the game world has me excited for half life vr (which from what ive heard is being based a lot on the ground work being done by this game). shooting etc.. is your normal vr military style mode ie mannual loading and cocking etc.. and from a quick play in the test range rifles / guns handle well
  8. bone works is out today and its looking to be something special could be the game to keep up busy until half life comes out (in fact from the below vid looks like they have a few similarities
  9. made a quick vid to show the star wars outcast mod working
  10. so disappointed with Vader vr? wasn't the star wars game your where hoping for? well ladies and gentlemen someone has made Jedi outcast fully VR playable including proper touch controller support, undocked hands (yes you can aim and wave your blaster about like a mad man) - you need to own or have a copy of Jedi outcast and then all you do is drop the files found here into https://github.com/xLAva/JediOutcastLinux/tree/VR-Touch/binary/win32 into your Jedi Outcast\GameData folder. to enable undocked hands in game tile key and then hmd_useHands 1 then you can map the buttons to the controller (movement works straight away using the thumb sticks) set up this morning and an hour of storm trooper blasting ensued (This vid was done before touch controllers where fully implemented)
  11. its still boggles the mind why Sega just didn't finish the VR mode on this as it was already 90% done - its one of the best VR experiences. You thought alan was terrifying in the 2d pancake version - well he is a two pair of trousers terrifying in the vr version lol
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