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  1. Just saw it and thought it was amazing - was worried that after the brilliant infinity war that there would be no way they could bring the whole thing to a close. But I was wrong very wrong that was almost as perfect an ending to this whole saga that we could have hoped. When cap started wielding thor’s Hammer like a badass I couldn’t help but sit there with big grin on my face :-) same thing when cap says “avengers....assemble!” As the cam pans down the line of everyone ready to unleash fury on Thanos and his minions
  2. papalazarou

    Parks and Recreation

    even though not the best season - its still worth watching season 1
  3. papalazarou

    Chaotic Productions

    Funny story time my father worked on the set of original when they filmed in the Cotswolds - he was an apprentice plumber at the time and always like to reminisce how he met the stars every time they came out of the toilets
  4. papalazarou

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    yeah i am really digging this - some really cool set pieces so far each chapter appears to be about 25-30 mins long so roughly around the 5-6 hour mark if your looking a run through
  5. papalazarou

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    Should Also point out only £35 on the uk store (Xbox)
  6. papalazarou

    World War Z (The Division 4 Dead)

    after seeing the early impressions today on this picked this up on Xbox....(thank you American store credit) and its basically l4d3 (which isn't a bad thing) only played through the first part of the new York chapter and its more frantic version of L4D (lots and lots of Zeds swarming you) also has a few multiplayer modes as well apart from co-op death match, king of the hill etc... PVP with Zombies thrown in. Ive seen some peeps say its l4d meets the division and while I can see the why its def heavier more on the L4D side. Quick wee vid I made of one bit near the start:
  7. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Cheers will give it a try
  8. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    I’ve tried to set dolphin vr but never got it to run great any tips?
  9. if you watched via MIxer you will get Knights of the old republic for free
  10. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Vader Immortal confirmed for Rift as well as quest
  11. for anyone wanting to watch
  12. Yeah sorry 5 to 6pm they have dropped the trailer for the other two movies at previous celebrations. will be interesting to see if the leaked title name is actually it ( not a fan of it personally)

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