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  1. been having a lot of fun adding mods to MS flight sim and playing them in vr (couldnt resist going to antartica and trying this ship)
  2. Honestly I wouldn’t let that put you off the game still looks gorgeous and it’s a lot of fun to play (if relentless killer robots stalking you is your thing ) - and for £8 It’s a bargain
  3. Picked this up in the Easter Xbox sale (£8.50) and been having such a blast with this esp in co-op with my usual gaming buddies. I like how there is very little hand holding and that it’s basically tense from the start with no let down constantly being hunted or out gunned. Plus finding the robot ai pretty decent - trying to flank us or even lure us into traps
  4. Prob just staggering the releases so that they can it up in a month or two time since there won’t be any new Star Wars content until book of bobba at Xmas
  5. Only up today in the new Star Wars vintage tab (along with the original 2d clone wars series and ewok cartoon series ) best of all both ewok movies are in hd!
  6. I’ve noticed that no one has touched on the subplot that has been added to the Snyder cut that’s is prob the best one
  7. Yeah smyths have had the full toy on there website for a month now
  8. Said no one on here.... :-)
  9. you think the pool scene is bad some of the horse cgi is worse https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-PPftMq4jJk
  10. It’s def better paced - but I do think it would been better as a 4 part mini series - characters are given a bit breathing room and more back story rather than the rushed theatrical version
  11. It’s 6 chapters in the movie I think the original plan was to release it in 4 - 1 hour chunks
  12. Watching this at the min (about 1hr and half in) and I’m enjoying it. But..... there are some more really bad looks like made for tv cgi moments in this already. The reason why this is 4 hrs long is because so far half the movie has been slow mo scenes (and that includes shots of normal peeps walking down the street etc. In slow mo.) this may been better if they had if split it into the 4 part tv series instead of joined together 4 he movie - it def feels more now like a tv show
  13. anyone have any luck with Saturn games - when i fire them up i just get a black screen (tried changing video input no joy) not getting any errors about missing bios etc... everything else runs great - even added some old dos games last night (xwing and tie fighter!!) update... got Saturn to work flawlessly even though I had the bios turned out they weren’t the correct ones needed - been enjoying the hell out of nights again
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