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  1. I heard Fattakin that the bbc will be showing it not sure when but I would guess round Xmas edit: actually just read supposedly armistice day in November
  2. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    home itself is now buttery smooth (which during the beta was unusuable) but it when running any other games / apps that i notice performanc drops (running steam games now is even worse.) seems to be a wide spread issue esp with peeps on 970's from the various posts on reddit etc... hoping that its an easy fix. ideal would prefare to be able to play stuff without out dsah running in the background (which in the past you were able to do bys etting it to run as admin - this no longer works )
  3. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    ok well dash / home 2 have made my rift nearly unplayable - decided to do a complete wipe of my gaming rig and only have it set up for VR. so when i got the rift installed it installed home/dash 2 (so i then couldn't roll back) now i am finding performance across the board completely ridiculous - games that ran with no issue buttery smooth such as robo recall etc.. now stutter and freeze - have raised a ticket with oculus (as that is what they advise when you mention it on the Reddit forum as there have been a lot of peeps having the exact same issue - and so far silence..... as you guy know from all my posts in this forum alone i am a huge VR / rift advocate but this is leaving a really sour taste that a know issue supposedly highlighted in the beta was allowed to go into live which causes a lot of owners unable to really use there rifts
  4. papalazarou

    Best WWII Movie

    Dads army - the movie :-)
  5. papalazarou

    Best WWII Movie

    I’ve always been quite fond of force 10 from naverone
  6. papalazarou

    Best WWII Movie

    Tora tora tora! Great movie about the attack on pearl harbour or das boot
  7. papalazarou

    Norsemen - Netflix show

    found this on Netflix and have just binged watched the first season in one night (2 seasons up) - its basically game of thrones meets Monty python haven't laughed as much at a tv show in years - highly recommend
  8. papalazarou

    Pet Sematary 2019 remake

    couldnt see a thread for this - but the trailer has dropped for the pet sematary remake - i grew up on the original movie so hoping this is actually a good remake ala IT movie poster as well:
  9. papalazarou

    Perfect Films

    For me ET is a prefect movie (pre cgi tinkering) , from the way the film is shot (everything is from the kids point of view or perspective), the sense of wonder and awe, loss etc.. to the score (fun fact for the final sequence Williams was having issues getting the score to work with what was filmed from the bike chase onwards – Spielberg did something unheard of he told Williams to do the score the way he wanted and he would cut the movie to suit the score – its normally done the other way – it the reason why the final 10 /15 minutes has almost no dialogue as Spielberg wanted the music to tell the story and sell the emotion)
  10. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Guys update to the below - I’ve re- rolled back to ore home 2.0 (luckily you can do this if you updated the pubic beta version) it makes steam games nearly impossible to play as you have to now have have gone up and running for steam games to work (setting oculus exec to admin no longer works) as I have Alot of be games on steam and do a lot of testing for vr games On steam this is unacceptable (one that I’m that I’m helping test at the mo that I can’t speak about about is shaping up for me at least to be a vr multiplayer killer ;-) )

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