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  1. papalazarou

    Battlefield V

    agree - normally in BF games I have always played primarily as engineer. But for BFV ive been playing as primarily Medic and loving it - like you said medics can be the ones who make the difference, getting peeps back up and stopping tickets from going down. The amount of medics who don't use there smoke grenades still baffles me! someone is down near the front line then drop the grenade will give you cover to get in and get them up. In the same respect you can also help out trapped team mates by laying down smoke cover to help advance or "tacitly" retreat
  2. papalazarou

    Classic Christmas Specials

    blackadder's Christmas carol (back to to back with Father ted's Christmas special)
  3. papalazarou

    Die Hard

    if you have sky movies its on Monday night at 10.20pm or in there on demand app
  4. papalazarou

    Your old arcade and game shop hangouts

    Growing up as a kid in the late 80's / early 90's in northern Ireland - there was really only one place that you went to for your gaming needs - Leisure World in Belfast. Its was a three storey toy shop with the top floor holding there video games section - along with remote control cars and train sets. (its where I got my zx spectrum Living Daylights edition from - as well as my snes) Also 2 doors along from it there was a shop that specialised in models and remote control cars and planes they also randomly sold Mega drive games (and did all the jap imports etc..) The town I grew up in (Carrickfergus in NI) had a games rental shop that only rented out video games. On one wall it was every mega drive / master system game you could imagine (including some jap imports) and on the other wall all Nintendo goodness. They also rented out consoles, which my mate did on the first weekend the ps one was released. To say I spent a small fortune in that place would be an understatement. at uni over in Stafford there was a local games ship Disc and Disks - a great wee independent who once you got to know the guy who owned it, would let you have games a few days before release, including new console releases (I rember him making my mate swear not to put the dream cast online until after the official release date)
  5. mine bought me a commodore vic 20 when i was 5 - so they are kinda to blame for my gaming addiction! as a kid they where quite laid back about, we lived in the country so i had a good balance of playing outside etc... and then playing inside on the computer when the weather was bad.
  6. papalazarou

    All Time Favourite Gaming Mission

    i would also say the final mission in saints row 4 again for the music alone "touch" by stan bush. the opening level /section to half life 1 - the whole tram ride thourgh black messa up until the reactor goes crazy
  7. papalazarou

    Venom (2018) - Boring. Silly. Funny.

    watched this at the weekend and half to admit i was expecting it to be bad, but actually had a fun time watching it. Sometimes movies just need to be fun and entertaining, not every movies has to shoot for oscar gold in this case it was a fun sat night movie - wont be in my top 5 super hero movie list, but i enjoyed it none the less (esp the interaction between venom and brock)
  8. papalazarou

    The Thing

    with the re-releases of Carpenters other movies in 4k recenty lets hope that this is included in a second batch. Such a great movie that stands up well even today (and some of the best practicle effects in a movie). If there was one movie i wish carpenter would do a sequel to it's this - but without all the cgi nonsense the prequel had (still makes me sad knowing that they did some decent practicle work on that for it all to be canned for the rubbish cgi we got instead) I remeber reading the "sequel" graphic Novel a few years ago which follows on the events of this movie and it would have made a decent follow up (another great dark horse story never to be used - im looking at your alien vs predator!)
  9. Rewatched this in 4K last night (out there on the high seas) and the first half was better second time round but the second half up to that ending is still as bad. No idea really where they would go with this that would keep in tone with the other movies but he’ll of there going to go big and since Disney now own fox then this is the movie I want to see
  10. papalazarou

    Oculus Rift (VR Headset)

    Mother vr the alien isolation vr mod has been updated to now allow the motion controllers as controllers In game (no hand motion control) as well as a couple of other tweaks
  11. papalazarou

    Battlefield V

    Playing on an Xbox one s and on some of the maps this is happening bad graphic glitches - single player campaign seem fine - but multiplayer it’s like this
  12. papalazarou

    Battlefield V

    had a quick play this morning before work (and the kids woke up more importantly) and not only does it look stunnig on the xbox, it plays great as well. Had a quick go on the french countryside conquest map and it was mentle - they have rampped up teh destruction of buildings ( well its seems like that to me) building being blown apaer left right and centre. One thing i like is the fields of long grass - was in a tank and had two guys hiding in them as we went pass and they were able to surprise ambush us (can see that being a great tactic).
  13. just announced back in April!
  14. papalazarou

    Sleaziest film ever made

    For me it’s “meet the feebles” I have only ever been able to watch it once and my stomach curned during more so than any other movie I’ve watched

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