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  1. That was also up there with the best eps from season one! Also did I spot a couple of Star Wars galaxies Easter eggs in there ( was a big galaxies player back in good days before the empire ..... sorry I meant the Sony cu update)
  2. Would also recommend I expect you to die if your looking a great puzzle game not overly long but it’s sever all escape the room senarios as you as bond type spy
  3. oh I agree - I’ve been all in oculus pc head set since dk2, rift and rift s - but decided to move to quest because for oculus the writing is on the wall good bye dedicated pc headsets. Now don’t get me wrong I’m can play all my oculus and steam library’s wifi streaming perfectly, but if devs see that the quest is doing better than all the other headsets then there going to start aiming there direction at the quest. Population one is a great example. When I first started closed alpha tests it’s was pc headset only and they where hoping to get the game out soonish at least in early
  4. im personally loving it - but think its being compared to fortnite when it shouldnt (which is what part of there marketing has been arround) yes there is building but in all the games ive played so far its not been used to the same or frentic style in fortnite. Its been used to put up quick cover etc... as someone who has been on the testing of this right back to when they started inviting peeps 2 years ago on pc headsets only- the graphics have been dumbed down to get this to run quest. for better graphics (well slight better) i play this via the pc on wifi to the quest (i play the ques
  5. Yeah you can (I’ve both) Via a link cable or Wi-Fi streaming ( I personally find Wi-Fi steaming a lot better - but guess it’s down to if you have a good home Wi-Fi network)
  6. Throw in rez and Tetris to this mix for some chilled out couch gaming
  7. Yeah as someone who was a huge wolfie fan and clan ET player - playing rtcw in vr literally brought a tear to my eye - being “able” to actually explore places that I knew like the back of my hand but actually be there was just gobb smacking. The guy behind all these quest mods is working on doom 3 and will be out this side of of Xmas. Kinda hope he works on Jedi outcast after that as I’ve played the rift vr mod and that was amazing - but to have it on quest... now if we could only pay someone to mod Jurassic park trespasser a game that just screams out it that needed proper tou
  8. Was just thinking after reading the above that Xmas day would be the perfect day to release this by who ever buys it - bond at Xmas was what I remember growing up
  9. Game have just sent out an apologising email saying to ignore yesterday email re we’re talking your money out of your account - and that everything is fine
  10. Watched this with my wee ones earlier abs they loved it. As someone who was brought up on and loved and terrified of the orignal version I did enjoy it as well, Not as creepy as the original (no one was going to beat Angelica Huston esp in full on grand witch mode) - but still enough scares to keep the wee ones hugging pillows while watching. Anne Hathaway goes full on pantomime villlan and hams up every scene she is in but in a fun way def worth a Saturday afternoon family watch
  11. Yeah I don’t see it on the iOS app but if I click the link In the email it will bring you to the web logon and it shows in there even though it’s the same account - hey it’s game let’s just be thankful they even sent an email to the right email addresses lol
  12. https://uploadvr.com/oculus-link-set-bitrate-update/ lastest test channel on the pc app allows you to now set the birate level for the quest link
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