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  1. Yeah having had a few of the different versions over the years I remember when ms Flight x came out (and with a couple of scenery mods added) think how can they beat this...... well done Microsoft, well done. I’m assuming they will shut down the alpha on Monday etc. Before go live? Now to wait for vr implementation :-)
  2. new vid out showing the evolution of MS flight sim
  3. Yeah it’s doesn’t work great to be honest, tried on mine a couple of months ago - runs fine on the android tv boxes you can buy
  4. For anyone interested dirt rally is on sale here for the next 3 hours for 79p https://www.fanatical.com/en/game/dirt-rally-game
  5. Yeah its like Takeshi's castle meets the minons - but so much fun ive been playing along with my two little ones all day today and we have been having a great laugh on it - so for me will be an intsant buy (on steam then using the steam link to stream to the tv)
  6. Like others already done it’s Belfast city to Birmingham (a route I could prob do blindfolded with amount of times I flew it for uni) was still amazing Being to recognisable locations
  7. Humble bundle have a very sale on couple of good games like Skyrim vr, Rick and Morty on sale but the stand out for me iron wolf vr (which I mentioned previously) on sale for £11 https://www.humblebundle.com/store/promo/vr-sale/?hmb_source=humble_home&hmb_medium=product_tile&hmb_campaign=mosaic_section_2_layout_index_2_layout_type_twos_tile_index_1_c_vrsummersale_2020
  8. confirmed VR coming later this year (though unoffically an exclusive to hp reverg g2 when it launchs for a month or two - see below) https://www.eurogamer.net/articles/2020-07-30-vr-is-coming-to-ms-flight-sim-later-this-year
  9. If your looking for something similar in vr have a gander at flyinside vr they also use bing maps to stream land - while no where as impressive graphically as this it is a great vr flight sim, close ms flight sim x with controller support and full touch control support if you want - Ive been enjoying it on the run up to this
  10. Got into the alpha on this and it’s really next level stuff they are pull off - even on my mid level pc rig it’s playing on high and looks stunning - hopefully they add vr in the future when it’s released as this would be stunning in vr
  11. Since we are not officially allowed to post or share any videos of the alpha this officially sanctioned one actually gets across what the alpha is like and the various set up in the ships worth a watch (And it also surprised him in a good way how much more sim oriented the game is rather than feeling like an arcadey shooter like the flight sections in battlefront 2)
  12. Unfortunately fallout 4 Vr isn’t something I’ve really played about with (was never really a fan of the 2d version) I did try the in modded VR version and found it very clankly so may give the above a try to see if it does improve it (the mods for Skyrim vr made the game far superior to the vanilla version)
  13. “Hypothetically” for the dog fighting 5v5 works really well a lot of the time you will be going one on one either attacking or evading other pilots as you ah wear down shield and hulls etc so with fast paced manoeuvrability of the ships it’s not just a matter of one shot one kill you have to work for that kill and it’s becomes more like dance as you or your oponent twist and turn to evade you/them. anymore players and it would become to clutterd if you know what I mean. the arena in the alpha is big enough for 10 players but I image anymore as I had said it would be come to cluttered and take away from the dogfighting skill and more just shoot randomly at anything moves even with 10 players it can be challenging as I said your enagaged in single dog fight when suddenly one of there team try’s to help out and the you become the hunted - that’s hard but still doable - but say in 20 or even 30 player game you could have 4 or 5 players then chasing you down so no chance the capital ship fleet battles still consists of 5v5 real players but also AI ships that make the scale feel more epic - since these are bigger arenas as such and objective focused but never found the ai ships inclusion to overwhelming as a lot of time your focused on the objective at hand All this is “hypothetical” of coarse ;-)
  14. been playing this.... erm i mean "if i was playing this.. through out the day - and its really great like any sim take's a wee while to get use to flying the ships, knowing when to drop speeds for fast turns etc... blancing all your powers systems etc.. but when it clicks, it clicks and you begin pulling of some next level top gun stuff. Its funny that a lot of the more Sim heavy style controls like full power blances and engine speeds (which also can be raised or lowered per block rather than in quarters) are locked by default in the options and only really found by looking through the options - they should (and hopefully will) give an option when you first load up of sim lite or sim full controls. dogfighting is great as you weave and turn to evade an enemy pilot, or as you track your pray as they try and evade you - just for you line up your shot and take them out. a lot to customise on your ships from decals to power system upgrades etc... and your characters (unforms, speices etc..) - but as already said this will be all unlockable in game and not paid unlocks (im a purist so no bobble heads in my cockpits thank you very much lol) single player prolouge (aka training mission) was great and real throw back to the mission types from the original x-wing /tie fighter series....SPOILER.... you have to scan cargo ships at some point lol - cant wait to play the rest of the single player storyline as it looks like it could be interesting plus as i have said previously this just looks stunning and runs flawlesly (have seen no bugs or glitches which is impressive for an alpha) - cant wait to get on this in VR
  15. with whats still to come the dark bits are like a kids tv programme
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