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  1. just finished watching it a couple of minutes ago - stunning print , and for a movie ive seen a hundred times the 4k version made me feel like i was almost watcing it again for the first time
  2. New Star Wars vr game announced https://www.comingsoon.net/games/news/1136505-lucasfilm-announces-star-wars-tales-from-the-galaxys-edge-vr-experience
  3. Sad news about Richard heard - to me he will always be John - the visitors leader on earth from V
  4. Loving this - it’s a rinse and repeat type game I terms of what you do but it’s fun and there something just cool and tranquil as you swim the seas
  5. Doubled checked there and no filters - have a look at some of the game play vids basically that’s the level of gore in the game
  6. mines 5 and half but gore doesn't seem to bother him and its not that bad more just red spashes and one hand - ( so far ) will check option later about gore filter and comeback to you
  7. Played the first 10 mins this morning - my son was addicted to hungry shark (we spent ages together getting all the collectabales ) this so so far feels like a proper 3D Verison of that. Only did the tutorial bit but it’s not to over complicated in moves and controls - but I guess you are getting what you pay for - to be a shark and eat lots go people and animals. Son also had a go and he was loving it laughing like loon with every kill . Will see how it holds up when we get into the game proper
  8. I honestly don’t know what anything additional would add to this movie apart from extreme filler and bloat (awhile movies length off) while not a great movie it tells it’s story fine in the normal cut
  9. Just confirmed coming next year the fabled Snyder cut! https://www.comingsoon.net/movies/news/1135807-warner-bros-unveils-justice-league-snyder-cut
  10. Timothy Olyphant has been cast in the second season as
  11. Some new stuff has popped up in the us version maleficent mistress of evil and the princess bride :-)
  12. For me it was king tut on the commodore vic 20 - was 5 when my parents bought a computer for me thinking that it would be great educational tool - knowing nothing about computers of coarse or that this would start me on life long gaming obsession. In the bundle of game the first one I played was king tut as cover was very Indiana Jones like
  13. Loving the redesign kings canyon less open spaces and more buildings and cover areas. Loba also is fast becoming my default legend - her passive being able to see purple or gold items through walls and containers helps when team mates are needing stuff , and the teleport bracket is really good pulled of a couple of squad wipes by. Well timed throw behind them then lstar now Down :-) was able to get into the vault in the cliff beside the remains of skull town it’s grand but not much loot for a three man sQuad apart from a charge tower
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