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  1. 100% was amazing to see an all time great turn back the clock. Also Infiltration bringing out Hakan was rather epic...
  2. Regardig Evo if you plan on catching up with streams avoid Eurogamer as last year they spoiled the final results. This after zero coverage throughout the whole event. Looking forward to Dragon Ball and whether Daigo can pull another rabbit out of his hat in SFV.
  3. HappiestRogue

    ONRUSH - Photo Thread: Mobile data users beware!

    @MeanElf that’s a nice selection of shots, amazing to think how far we’ve come from Super Hang-On.
  4. HappiestRogue

    Nintendo Switch

    All I know is @davidcotton the Switch is the Trailer Park Boys of consoles.
  5. HappiestRogue


    So buy Labo to play shmups, well I’m in coz that is nice. Pos for your ingenuity.
  6. HappiestRogue

    ONRUSH - Photo Thread: Mobile data users beware!

    Great shots as always @U-1 will keep lurking in the Onrush thread but after a stupid amount of hours in DriveClub I was really looking forward to this but the Beta just didn’t click with me. Stunning shots and and the level of detail is astounding and I appreciate your time you’ve put in down the years producing these shots for multiple titles. Unfortunately I’m still sat on the undecided bench...
  7. HappiestRogue

    Nintendo Switch

    Countless orders down the years, typically get preorders to you before release date and usually competitive price wise. Amazon and Simply are my preferred choice got UK releases. GRIDD - multiplier score attack focus, looking good plus nostalgia points.
  8. HappiestRogue

    All things Yakuza!

    2 leading for me but only just, looking forward to revisiting it in August with Kiwami 2.
  9. HappiestRogue

    All things Yakuza!

    That is a nice article, cheers for the heads up @smac, I always found it mad when I was in Japan the wanted posters at subway stations. Good photos
  10. HappiestRogue

    ONRUSH - A New Breed of Arcade Action

    Same, not sure exactly what I was expecting but as it stands gonna have to pass on this. Disappointed as had high hopes but for whatever reason it’s just not grabbing me.
  11. HappiestRogue

    All things Yakuza!

    Yakuza 6 has a questionnaire and one of the questions asked how interested you would be in Fist of the Northstar release so nothing concrete as Sega but interesting nonetheless.
  12. HappiestRogue

    Nintendo Switch

    @jonamok I’ll have to give it another try after that, got about 10 hrs in and to be fair I liked it but was finding the annoyances were putting me off. Your enthusiasm has picked my interest.
  13. HappiestRogue

    Yakuza 6 - Baby's Day Out

    First side quest I was introduced to was So following completion thought I would check it out and with perfect timing the wife comes home... Awkward moment and precisely why I love the Yakuza series. Anyway very glad I finished the demo so could jump straight in.
  14. HappiestRogue

    All things Yakuza!

    Used to be Sunflower orphanage right or am I imagining that? Can’t even remember when it changed name.
  15. HappiestRogue

    All things Yakuza!

    @Mr. Gerbik hear what your saying and agree that it’s far from the best demo to sell the series to newcomers. Personally I really enjoyed the cutscenes and felt very nostalgic but can understand why many will want to wait for the full release to enjoy them in all there glory. At at least now when it drops through our letterboxes in less that 2 months we can jump right in to Gameplay wise it does feel different and going back to one fighting style is going to be a change of pace from Zero and Kiwami. On a positive note I’m a fan of vending machines everywhere which give you different status effect bonuses which saves heading to Kotobuki Pharmacy all the time. Its Yakuza and after the fourth in the series I would never of dreamed of getting 5, 0, Kiwami and now 6 so for me all aboard the hype train and see how Kazuma’s journey ends...

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