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  1. Super Castlevania IV - Been revisiting the SNES library with my son and this still stands the test of time. It was fantastic revisiting all the classic stages and the gameplay design choices made result in a true classic for the system. I was also pleasantly surprised that the difficulty led to my son rising to the challenge and being determined to beat it which he did.
  2. 1080p + YouTube compression ain’t doing this justice
  3. And now we have a trailer trying way to hard - Nice
  4. I’m with you on that 100% and to think we are only 6 months into this generation of consoles I’ve only reached the third location thus far and I’m continually just standing still and rotating the camera in amazement at the technical magic on show.
  5. @Calashnikov been looking round the web and haven’t found any confirmation if it will go live at midnight yet, everywhere is busy with BF 2042 news.
  6. Took the words out my mouth. Maybe a new generation will enjoy it, I found it the weakest in the series.
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