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  1. Thank you for this. Was trying to figure this out and failed as I knew the option had to be included. Played 4hrs straight this afternoon and wow, breathtaking beauty and in HDR fantastic.
  2. This is fantastic, spent most of yesterday afternoon with my kids playing through the catalogue of games. Really enjoying my time with the console and I think the fact I’m aware of many of the titles but never had the luxury of playing them back in the day adds to the magic. I would second the disappointment surrounding Snatcher though.
  3. A user on reddit was claiming that picking up the armour satchels can lead to voice chat cutting out, not tried it out yet though. Also some players believe teammates are being identified as enemy players which seems plausible as when I have got kills I’ve been to hear my friends for a brief second.
  4. Really need to finish Judgment, believe I was on Chapter 11, a very well put together spinoff but I’ve been spoilt with Kiryu’s epic saga over the years.
  5. Servers down for anyone else? Was playing earlier no problem but now receiving an error when fetching online profile.
  6. That was quality, Combofiend seemed suitably impressed. Miss me some Excellent Adventures from back in the day though. @Nate Dogg III you did great work during your stewardship of Edge, thank you and all the best going forward mate.
  7. Had two matches last night and the lag was horrendous, hopefully a better experience tonight. Though with the high volume of players + battlenet I’m not surprised.
  8. I would expect them to do another 2xp weekend before the pass finishes @grindmouse before you stump up the cash. Worth bearing in mind.
  9. @Tomcat very nice, look forward to your initial impressions. The SNES and Megadrive Mini are both great but I played the majority of the titles first time around so I’m really looking forward to this as it’s going to be a totally new gaming experience for me. I don’t remember knowing anyone who had one, it was so mysterious and exotic and I feel like it still holds that magic for me today.
  10. @moosegrinder nice, looking forward to that. Hopefully it’s permanent, what with the constant multiplayer playlist changes. Still getting an adrenaline rush after every victory in the Gulag, great addition to BR and spices it up.
  11. 3, 2, 1, GO! Wow, what a start! Best be included.
  12. Deleted to never play again or you going for a full reinstall? Don’t know if I can face that mammoth download and installation. I’m maybe naively hoping that Infinity Ward put a fix out over the next few days.
  13. I’ve downloaded the spec ops content 3 times now and I’m definitely stuck in a download loop.
  14. As much as I’m looking forward to the maps, it’s all about trying the two new weapons for me. Could be a new “725” as IW clearly know what they’re doing...
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