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  1. Took the words out my mouth. Maybe a new generation will enjoy it, I found it the weakest in the series.
  2. I enjoy pain and suffering with this game and need the silent assassin in tandem with the sniper assassin lol @glb
  3. You’d think it would be an opportunity to wipe them all out as they’re all individual challenges for each @Pob So following on from Dubai I’ve reached level 20 mastery in Dartmoor and have moved onto Berlin. Liking the vibe of this location with the dance floor bass following you around the surrounding stairwells but can already see it’s gonna take quite a bit of time to understand the multiple routines at play throughout. Had quite a few attempts tonight at Sniper Assassin but no dice. So yeah really enjoying my time with Agent 47 and to be honest it’s
  4. Dubai Mastery 20 now for Dartmoor, which I’m really looking forward to after all the positivity coming from many of you.
  5. Dubai mastery level 16 reached and it really is a fantastic opener, can’t wait to see what the rest of the game has to offer.
  6. Haven’t as yet been able to carry over my progression yet but I was successful in unlocking H1 and H2 so that’s something.
  7. Completed Katana Zero which was fantastic and have sat on the fence with Return of the Obra Dinn. Not usually my type of game but find it interesting that you’ve paired it with Katana Zero. What is it that pulled you in @merrychan?
  8. I do enjoy driving around the city with only 3 vehicles on screen, really brings the immersion to Night City.
  9. That’s good to hear and hopefully goes the same way for me.
  10. Update 1.05 - load up my save and go into the settings menu for my customary check to see if my changes are still present and now I’m locked in the menu with no way to return to the game. Rebooted the game and received the following error message “User settings data appear to be corrupted and cannot be loaded. They will be replaced with default settings data.” Don’t know if I can be bothered to play with the default controller settings. Really struggling to recall a gaming debacle that comes close to this.
  11. I’ve been experiencing the same after each boot up and having to readjust my settings each time.
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