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    The Witness

    One of my favourite memories of this gen is playing this with a mate via shareplay. Working things out together, sometime me making the break through sometimes him
  2. This looks really interesting, anyone tried it on PCVR?
  3. Is EA access premier on ps4? I can't see anything in this, only that Fallen Order is not in normal EA access
  4. So overwatch will keep the same heros, maps etc. So OW2 is literally just story mode + graphics revamp?
  5. Would this be a good game to play with a mate together on ps4 share play? We did this with the witness and it was ace.
  6. I can watch season 2 on catch up in sky but season 1 is not available (I don't have box sets). Would I be doing myself a massive disservice watching a overview video of season 1 on YouTube and diving straight into season 2?
  7. For me NMS is one of the best PSVR games I have played the level of immersion is through the roof. My tip regarding the controls is to use the move controllers on foot and the DS4 for flying your ship, you can switch between the two seamlessly at any time and the DS4 makes controlling the ship waaaaaaaay easier, it gives you the best of both.
  8. Is the first light free version available to download? Or do you just download destiny 2? I can't find anything obvious on the psn store
  9. The PSVR version doesn't look great compared to things like astrobot but they are doing different things. In VR you lose a lot with the big landscapes, there just aren't enough pixels available to render much detail, but you gain a huge amount closeer up with a much greater sense of scale and feeling of being in the world, plus you get to use the awesome UI with menus on your wrists. Ultimately it reminds me of something like the original Star fox; in that the technical limitations are very clear but it gives you a taste of something new which will only get better as the technology approves. Also, if you have a ps pro, then there is the hope of a pro patch further improving things
  10. I checked out a video of someone streaming Skyrim to their quest, the frame rate looked low so temper your expectations if you do suffer in VR
  11. Yes that is the default on PSVR. I switched to smooth movement which mean you press the move button to go forward, you use two buttons to rotate left and right and you can kinda strafe using the left move....it's a clunky as it sounds.
  12. VR is a is great for immersing you into virtual worlds, NMS is a virtually unlimited Virtual world generator. If you could get the hand controllers on the quest working then it would be amazing
  13. I am also still playing this loads on PSVR. Interestingly I have hardly gone anywhere; most the missions i am doing have me pottering around my own star system. If I want to see somewhere new then I summon in the Nexus and take a look at other people's bases; they are generally on really nice/interesting planets and the quality of the bases is going up as time passed. When I first started my galactic grand designs tour it would often be a base computer in the middle or no where. Last night I ended up on a brilliant base, multiple rooms all coloured in matching yellow, with a farm, landing pads and a nearby underwater power plant. The owner was in so I waved at him and gave him some gold. It helps the base screen shots are working now do you can see what they are like before jumping. The fact that I can wave at this this guy with my own hands, in VR, at the base he created, at a location likely carved out with the terrain editor on one planet out of quintillions slightly boggles my mind.
  14. Yep it's smooth, you just power on both sets of controls and it swaps when you press any button on either. You know it's swapped when the game stops displaying your hands (move) and shows a ring if light (DS4) or vice versa. I like to think the DS4 presents the controls of my ship. lntestingly I don't swap for the exocraft. When controlling these with the moves you grip the wheel with your virtual hands and press the move button to accelerate, works much better than the ship controls
  15. No it's still shit, but I just swap between the DS4 for flying and moves for on planet stuff
  16. Really enjoying this in PSVR; VR's biggest strength is immersing you inside a game world. NMS is a game about exploring endless worlds so, once you get used to the controls and drop in fideilty, feels like a perfect fit. I had been ploughing through the missions on the pancake version but have spent the last two nights in VR just exploring and looking around the world; flying low over a planet, glancing over the wing of my ship at the world below, driving across great plains in my exocraft, dropping into caves feeling the claustrophobia as I go deeper underground, diving into the sea and enjoying the underwater world, seeing massive squid crab things floating over my head, battling giant walkers with other players in a nexus mission. These are all fun in the normal version but are so much better in VR. I wake up the next morning thinking about the places I visited the night before almost as real places rather than just a videogame. Exploring alien world's where everything is life sized. It can be clunkiy, it doesn't look amazing but feels like a glimpse of the future.
  17. Just tried it and it does look better, not radically different but noticeably sharper
  18. the latest patch has dropped today which includes the improvements on PSVR. Having spent a couple of hours visiting planets in VR last night, I am looking forward to see if it makes much of a difference after I download this evening!
  19. Latest patch on the experimental branch is promising improvements on VR
  20. I am largely the same, I would say that being able to summon the Nexus anywhere which allows you to warp to other peoples bases/systems and warp home any time means I am less inclined to makes lots of hyperspeed jumps
  21. Yes, it's quite possible I have done that. Thanks.
  22. sorry another question; can you rename planets as soon as you discover them? I want to rename my home world but the option is greyed out in the menu.
  23. Does the "Featured bases" section at the Nexus teleporter work for anyone? Mine is always greyed out. I want to go in a galactic grand designs tour but am limited to just the bases of people at the Nexus at that the same time as me and so far most of those have tended to be a hut and base computer
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