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  1. Latest patch on the experimental branch is promising improvements on VR
  2. I am largely the same, I would say that being able to summon the Nexus anywhere which allows you to warp to other peoples bases/systems and warp home any time means I am less inclined to makes lots of hyperspeed jumps
  3. Yes, it's quite possible I have done that. Thanks.
  4. sorry another question; can you rename planets as soon as you discover them? I want to rename my home world but the option is greyed out in the menu.
  5. Does the "Featured bases" section at the Nexus teleporter work for anyone? Mine is always greyed out. I want to go in a galactic grand designs tour but am limited to just the bases of people at the Nexus at that the same time as me and so far most of those have tended to be a hut and base computer
  6. First year save playtime - 12 hours Next update save playtime - 15 hours Beyond update save playtime - 17 hours (and no desire to stop yet) In previous years I either found the game too samey (year 1) or too overwhelming with too many shopping lists (year 2). This year I am finding it super easy to potter about doing different things; yesterday I got my freighter and an exocraft, today was visiting some bases from the Nexus and building my own base. It can still be a little grindy, and I definitely need to focus on one thing at a time, but it generally feels like there is less friction and more enjoyable than before. Things like being able to hold much more resources and warp around from the Nexus makes things more approachable.
  7. Interestingly Ian Higton from Eurogamer talked about it being clearer when he played on PSVR during a preview so maybe there is hope. My hunch is that its a massively variable game so maybe they dialled everything down to ensure to retained a high framerate for VR and potentially could turn things up for Pro once everything is stable
  8. Fair point, I think i need to try an remain focused on task otherwise I end up with about 5 different tasks on the go each with their own requirement. Out of interest who is still playing in VR? I started this on PSVR and thought it was amazing, however I had to give the headset back. I missed the immersion but equally the flat version looks a lot better.
  9. Thanks, will give it a go. I like the idea of building a cool base but the endless shopping lists of required resources makes it far more laborious than it needs to be.
  10. I keep getting a prompt asking me to check the base computer archives but when I go to my base computer (I have tried all three) there is no option to look at the archives, presumably a bug.
  11. Yep I am 40 with twitch reflexes of an oil tanker but can still be effective. Characters like mercy and Moira don't even require much in the way of aiming but someone playing them well can make a huge difference
  12. Thanks, I tried the Nexus a few days ago but none would load up for me
  13. I played in a mates game for a bit and, later when I built a portal in my own game, I found I could warp back to his base. Does that mean all bases are stored on a server somewhere and anyone can find them? My mate said he had changed his base since we played together but it still looked the same to me so potentially just storing locally. If the game does keep a central store of all bases that seems incredibly impressive given the size of the game.
  14. I got an S class scanner upgrade yesterday, means I get £80k to £150k per animal I scan. Small beer compared to the farming/refining operations going on in this thread but has proved well worth the 500 nanites I paid for it.
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