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  1. I got a pair of the Artis Series 7's last year, they were really nice but also really tight. I tried stretching then but in the end returned as they gave me a headache after a few hours. I do have a massive head so YMMV
  2. I finished it last night and really enjoyed the campaign, felt really polished for a PSVR game. Took me around 8 hours and I generally did a mission a night which, for me, is perfect for VR sessions
  3. You can steam the latest update on gamepass streaming if you want to have a quick look
  4. Minecraft Dungeons touch controls use a unique UI, so there are specific icons for things, like a native mobile game, rather than a generic pad overlaid over the top. All the menu's are also touch controlled which is really nice
  5. Just opened the app and the streaming options are there. Anyone know how many devices you can be logged into? I can't find anything on the MS offical blurb
  6. I wonder if MS will tighten up on pricing next gen, you offer stonking deals early on to attract people and build the service service but, once its becomes established, then I would imagine they will look to maximum earngins. For example things like netflix or spotify don't see big discounts unless you were a new subscriber or its bundled with something else like a phone contract.
  7. I don't think MS care which console you buy as long as you buy game pass
  8. I downloaded the demo but it didn't work
  9. Had a go on the Mm authored VR stuff and it's pretty good. A few cool mini games and some nice as sculptures to gawp at. Graphics hold up surprisingly well in VR
  10. I do think Bungie are very ambitious on the tech/scope of their games. Halo 1 was a launch title on brand new console, Halo 2 pioneered console multiplayer and a lot of things we take for granted now (e.g. Parties), Halo 3 took everything and amped it up to 11 with 4 player online coop, theatre mode (I don't think I have seen anything like that since) and Forge. Even into Destiny they were really pushing the envelope.
  11. Is it worth diving into the difficulty sliders? I am not sure I want to tinker, I would rather experience it how the dev wanted at the standard difficulty level
  12. Can you jump straight into RDR Online?I fancy wandering around the world but I played the single player on PlayStation so don't want to slog through the opening hours again
  13. Tilt Brush has launched today on PSVR. For anyone who doesn't know it's Google's VR painting app which has been around on pc for a while. I had a go tonight and the tracking was a little shaley but it was really nice to use and syncs up with their poly website so you can download loads of painting from there or upload your own work for others to view
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