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  1. I have never understood why CoD is so big, the amount of content doesn't feel a magnitude bigger than a lot of other games. The conspiracy theorist in me ponders if its a tactic to literally force other games off HDD's
  2. For a brand new game which has reviewed incredibly well, there is surprisingly little buzz in here.
  3. Is Cyberpunk actually a good game underneath all the bugs? my favourite parts of The Witcher 3 was exploring the world and discovering new characters and stories, the quality and depth of the writing/story telling blew me away. I never got a sense of that from my few hours playing CP
  4. Spotted the T-flight HOTAS was in stock in scan so brought it in fit of spontaneous indulgence. This will be the first time of using one, are there any tips on setup? I am guessing I will still need a the controller/a mouse to select buttons in the cockpit? I don't know how many additional button the stick adds for short cuts over a controller.
  5. My sub is due to end in a few days, how long do I need to let it lapse for before I can do the £1 conversion deal?
  6. 26 runs in and still can't get past the hydra, any tips?
  7. my one complaint about this is that the screen can get very busy which, when you are learning the game, can make it tricky to see where you are getting hit.
  8. Don't worry it probably took me a similar amount of run and I still get beaten by her now after besting her maybe 2 or 3 times. I get the impression it a game which you go through many phases on. At this point I am not really bothering with progression, its all about working towards unlocks, messing with the weapons and enjoying the story. If its like returnal, I will end up enjoying the intricate mechanics and creating crazy builds
  9. Series X is getting a 4k dashboard https://www.theverge.com/2021/8/16/22627478/microsoft-xbox-series-x-4k-dashboard-update-features
  10. I am sometimes playing with a keyboard and mouse attached but both are wired so it means sitting on the floor very close to the telly. This makes everything much easier, not least menu/button selection and, whilst uncomfortable for long period, sitting so close the screen means maximum immersion!
  11. I was struggling to work out how to view instruments so this is really useful. I have been having a play and to exand on the above a little: From the normal view: Hold LB: Dpad Up = landing view (leaning forward to the windscreen) Dpad Down = look down at the instruments Dpad down again = focus on each set of instruments, tap Left or right on the Dpad to cycle between instruments. Click on the right Click at any point to return to the default view.
  12. I have installed the Xbox app on my Chromebook as it allows android app and can remotely connect to my Xbox series X from there
  13. I have only just started playing rogue likes with returnal being the first and now Hades. What I like in both is the razor Sharpe core mechanics which, presumably, are required if you are going to do the same/similar rooms over and over. Is Dead Cells equally as polished?
  14. Is Hades out today? I thought it was tomorrow and Art of Rally is today
  15. I had loads of problems with the training, I quit the game, reset the Xbox and it worked perfectly
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