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  1. Great write up mate! I honestly thought I was going to receive two horrendous beatings but finally managed to defend a bit 3 points a piece was about right, couldn't believe that Bojan opener in the 2nd match, totally against the run of play! Good luck in the Championship next season anyway bud
  2. Could you do this afternoon by any chance? Around 5-6pm? That'd be perfect! If not, Sunday lunchtime would be sound!
  3. I've got footy at half 8, then I have 4 games after BAP! Might have to be saturday, if you're free before 2.30pm?
  4. Yes mate...all is good now Can you do tomorrow (Wed) daytime at all? Up to 4pm? If not then Thursday night around 10pm?
  5. I'll see what I can do...been on the phone with Virgin (pretty much all day) because my interweb's gone down I'll keep you posted but we may have to re-schedule, sorry mate!
  6. On second thoughts...could you do any earlier? Say 6pm? Don't worry if you can't
  7. 3rd call for Nathan I can only do late tomorrow night (after midnight) or Sat daytime now
  8. (DanTM) Real Madrid 2 - 0 Roma (zapp0mus1c) A fair result really. Roma were fairly battered throughout the match, the Real players just too quick and strong! Real took the lead after 12 minutes when Stekelenberg flapped at a cross then dived in slow motion when Ronaldo headed at goal . It was soon 2-0 after another cross, this time Casseti chested into his own net . Second half was a bit more even, Roma had a couple of decent chances but couldn't score. Cheers for the game Dan, a well deserved victory!
  9. Everton 5 - 0 Roma Roma 2 - 1 Everton Weird games these...Roma dominated the first game really but everything Everton touched turned to gold! Everton took the lead on the stroke of half time against the run of play. The second half was just a joke really, they couldn't miss! Second game was much the same in the first half with Roma dominance but it ended 0-0. Second half starts and again Everton took the lead, the blues really dominated after this but it was Roma who snatched victory with two late goals. I can understand why stephen129 immediately went offline afterwards...I would have been fuming as well!! Fulham 0 - 3 Roma Roma 1 - 3 Fulham Roma dominated the first game and came away with a deserved victory. First half was all Roma and they deserved their 2-0 half time lead. Fulham probably had the best of the second half with a string of corners that were desperately defended by the Italians! Roma finished the game late on with a break away goal. I'm still not sure how I lost the second game. I think the stats were 13 shots to 8 with 10 and 5 on target, Roma also had 54% of the ball. I think Fulham owe this victory to Schwarzer who played an absolute blinder! Fulham took the lead in the first minute, dodgy defending allowing AJ a tap in. Roma equalised on the half hour and pretty much ruled the game from then on, however, it was Fulham who took their chances and came away with 3 points! Cheers for the games stephen129 and CelticChris! I'll write better reports later in the season, I'm just really busy at the moment. You both played well and took your chances with me being a bit lucky in places in both games!!
  10. Ideal mate, I was going to suggest the same
  11. Sorry, I've been hectic this last week (and the rest of this week) so I'm trying to squeeze games in!! Friday morning is good for me if you can do 09.30?!
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