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  1. Another Gooner here. Used to live in Islingon but moved a while ago now. Living in Sheffield at the moment, while I'm at uni.
  2. I'd like to go on the waiting list for this please.
  3. Ah, I see. Silly Uni email. Thanks for sorting that out SaintM.
  4. It's saying that my e-mail is invalid when I enter it in the forgotten password form.
  5. I've tried the forgotten password form Saint, using the e-mail address I emailed you with. I'm not sure what to do next. Sorry for having this in the thread, can't PM until I've made a few more posts.
  6. Has everybody got their log-in details for the website? Haven't got mine yet.
  7. Whenever I'm playing with friends, we have a common agreement not to score from a goal kick the first time somebody passes it to the striker, but after that fairs fair. I'll probably adhere to that here.
  8. We're all ready to go now everybody has picked their team. Bring it on I say
  9. Rocafella


    I hope so too. If we lose this game, title is over for us realistically. Pressure is on for this team.
  10. Do the updates really alter a players stats that much?
  11. Rocafella


    Lennon has some serious injury issues at the moment. This is Theo's chance to really get a decent run of games under his belt and cement his place in the Arsenal line up and the England team. He's been well off the pace this season, but I'll give him the benefit of the doubt for now. Wouldn't have him starting tomorrow mind you, I'd prefer Nasri there.
  12. Seeing as I haven't played anybody yet, I wouldn't mind having a few friendlies today to see where I'm at compared to the competiton if anybody is up for it
  13. What's going to be the order of choice for the Ryman's league for us latecomers who've joined?
  14. You might be on to something there Saint. Nugents pace could tear this league apart!
  15. Going to be fun to see what rubbish is left when I get around to picking my team
  16. Rocafella


    I don't really have any expectations going in to this Sunday's match. After the shock of the United performance, I really don't know what the result will be. It could go one way or the other. Quite looking forward to finding out.
  17. Hey all, I'm a newcomer to the league (as you can tell) and am looking forward to being a part of the place around here. We're going to have the pick of the bunch when it comes to choosing teams
  18. Rocafella


    This is annoying as hell. It was obvious to every man and his dog that we need a striker but Wenger left it too late and now we've got a suspect front line for the rest of the season. This is going to bite us in the ass.
  19. Just confirming what Jay-D said above, I'm in. Really looking forward to being a part of this.
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