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  1. On 02/06/2022 at 15:04, TehStu said:

    I came here to ask similar. I don't get to play this very often, but fired up the F-18 hoping for quick blasts. But flight sims are awful on a pad, I've got too much muscle memory as a teen playing DOS flight sims.


    I found something very similar to that on Amazon - is it considered one of the cheaper "not crap" HOTAS? No point me spending much more, but would rather like something that'll last.


    Are you referring to Xbox, or PC? On Xbox, you're far more limited in terms of compatible hardware. There isn't much on the market at the moment.


    The HOTAS One I mentioned seems to be considered the standard, entry-level hardware for Xbox (for MSFS, not sure in relation to other games). There are similar models for PC/PS which are meant to be a bit better, and obviously you have all of the high-end gear.

    This is my first crack at flight sims, so decided to take a punt as it was a good deal, just to see if it's something I'll enjoy. Not expecting the world, but will definitely beat a controller! 

  2. Exactly. If a player is blocking a free kick, you can't just shift the ball sideways two yards and play a rolling free kick. If you're going to rely on the letter of the law, the ball should never have been allowed back in play like that.


    I'm sure technically in the rules, the ref could have given the yellows in that sequence, but like Arteta said, you really, really have to want to give it. And we know we'll be waiting years to ever see anything like this again.

  3. I can see why the club would be risk-averse, with the awful squad management over the last several years, but this is the best shot at 4th place we'll have for years. 


    Like Arseblog said, we didn't need to spend £70m on Isak, but are you telling me our recruitment/scouting network couldn't identify a single striker to take on loan, who could do a better job than Nketiah?

  4. We've decided with Laca and Eddie that their hunger to earn new contracts elsewhere will keep their motivation high, which is fine, sure. The real issue is they have 3 premier league goals between them (all being Laca, and one of those being a penalty).


    Fair enough with the argument not to blow money on a panic-striker, but we've resigned ourselves to not finishing 4th. It just isn't happening with our striker pool to finish the season. 

  5. If you’re in to your conspiracy theories, check out the Athletic article about betting activity on a player booking for one of our games, and then search Twitter for Xhaka betting in the Leeds game before Xmas.

  6. 23 minutes ago, Flub said:

    I use Comixology, Marvel U and for CBR/Z files I use Yacreader which has a very nice companion Windows app.


    Thanks, that’s helpful. Yacreader was also suggested as the first ios alternative when I did a quick Google. Definitely tempted to make the move now!



  7. It can’t be understated how important it is to tie Saka to a new contract. 2 years left come the Summer, and sharks will be circling.

    He should comfortably be up there with the highest earners at the club. No bigger job for Edu this Summer.


  8. Spoiler

    Why do we think Logan is so keen to push this through quickly?


    I doubt it’s purely a business decision (i.e. where they kept mentioning the market caps swapping between Waystar and Madsen’s company). Do we think there’s something underlying?


    I thought it would be something to do with the divorce settlement and their Mother’s new marriage (shunting her out), but the ending makes it seem that’s all sorted between her and Logan (and actually it’s the kids getting shunted out!). 


  9. I think a decent amount of fans, pundits etc. said the wages were the big risk. Fine to give him a new deal (and with the state we were in, we had to really), but a 3 year super-max deal was always at risk of back-firing at some point during that term.


    I'm less bothered by these "breaches", and far more by his form on the pitch. How much of it is due to Father Time, and how much is due to Arteta-ball, I'm still unsure.


    Wouldn't surpise me in the slightest if he went abroad and bagged 20+ goals again for a few years.



  10. 37 minutes ago, Baring said:

    What did he do?


    Was given leave by the club to visit his Mother in France. Told to come back Wednesday evening, but came back Thursday morning. I don't think he'd sorted his covid-testing properly either, so wasn't able to take part in Thursday training.


    I'm guessing he wasn't very apologetic, which is presumably what's led to him being booted out as Captain.

    It's telling that in the club's statement, they mention his "latest disciplinary breach". We know about the Spurs game where he was dropped for being late, but I wonder if there are other incidents which haven't been made public.

  11. 6 minutes ago, Sidewaysbob said:

    It is worth noting, that the FIA will elect a new president on Friday, the new chap may want to make a few changes just to put a marker in the sand. 


    But the result will stand. 


    Do we know anything about the main aims of either candidate? Do they run on a platform, or is it just a popularity/lobbying contest.

  12. 13 minutes ago, Blue said:

    It is being widely reported that Masi made it clear to the teams, and the teams were in agreement, that in the event of a late safety car, he would make every effort to not have the race end under a safety car. Martin Brundle said in an interview that it takes more time than you'd imagine to actually work out who the lapped cars are and their relative positions in the field, particularly when you're also having to monitor the recovery of a crashed vehicle and field demands from frantic team principals. 

    In imagining this situation, with remaining laps dwindling fast, these considerations go some way to explaining, if not excusing, the reasoning behind the "solution" he came up with. 

    This solution did of course heavily disadvantage Lewis and heavily favour Max. Perhaps a different solution would have seen Max disadvantaged, with RB throwing their toys out of the pram. 

    If having the race not finish under safety car was seen as all important and pre agreed with the teams, it still leaves not letting any lapped cars through as a more fair solution, for Lewis, but perhaps not for Max. I'd have preferred the no cars let through option as Lewis had surely earned that much at least, but again, the more information that emerges, the slightly less bizarre or sinister Masi's decision appears. 


    I don't think that's a problem, but as you say, surely the fairest thing would then be no cars unlap themselves. The reason Max had those cars in between him is because Red Bull chose to keep pitting him. I don't think either team could have had any major grievances in that scenario, and Max could still have beaten Lewis.


    I guess ultimately it just comes back to how baffling the final decision was. 

  13. We should just bin the armband off altogether. Seems to be a hindrance rather than a benefit to all involved. 

    I think the majority of fans are over the captaincy hot-potato.

  14. Waking up today, for me, it’s the Masi “it’s a Motor race” comment to Toto that I can’t get past.


    Incredibly unprofessional and arrogant, when he should have been explaining his reasoning after throwing all precedent out of the window. 


    Depending on how far Merc want to take this (i.e. CAS) I’m sure they’d put together an incredibly strong case at how badly this was handled.


    But I keep agreeing with Brundle on the post-race chat, basically saying, ok fine, if they have broken rules, what’s the resolution here? I can imagine some token gesture from the FIA to tighten up/clarify the rules, but Max will stay champion, whatever happens. 

    In terms of Masi, how can you replace him when the ‘22 season starts in 3 months time? I doubt there’s a ready-made replacement to come in. It would just add to the chaos.

  15. For someone new to Dredd, is the Essential Judge Dredd series a good place to start?

    Seen them on Amazon, and was thinking of picking up Origins, America and The Apocalypse War.


    I've read the case files is worth starting from 4/5 onwards, but figured these would be an easier place to start.

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