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  1. @Bucky great set-ups there. Are your desks all from the same place?
  2. Rocafella


    I think £45m for a forward approaching peak-years, Prem proven and a decent record is a great deal. Arteta also knows him personally from his time at City. Of course, no guarantees and it'll be interesting to see how we primarily use him (presumably as main striker), but just having a mobile #9 who will actually move is going to be a major upgrade.
  3. Are you referring to Xbox, or PC? On Xbox, you're far more limited in terms of compatible hardware. There isn't much on the market at the moment. The HOTAS One I mentioned seems to be considered the standard, entry-level hardware for Xbox (for MSFS, not sure in relation to other games). There are similar models for PC/PS which are meant to be a bit better, and obviously you have all of the high-end gear. This is my first crack at flight sims, so decided to take a punt as it was a good deal, just to see if it's something I'll enjoy. Not expecting the world, but will definitely beat a controller!
  4. Does anyone play this on Xbox using HOTAS? Currys are doing a deal on this Thrustmaster one, looks a decent deal so tempted to pick it up. https://www.currys.co.uk/products/thrustmaster-t.flight-hotas-one-joystick-and-throttle-black-10229629.html
  5. He's made an official statement. It's breaking news on The Athletic, but presume it's via Chelsea.
  6. What Xbox mods are you guys using these days?
  7. Rocafella


    Exactly. If a player is blocking a free kick, you can't just shift the ball sideways two yards and play a rolling free kick. If you're going to rely on the letter of the law, the ball should never have been allowed back in play like that. I'm sure technically in the rules, the ref could have given the yellows in that sequence, but like Arteta said, you really, really have to want to give it. And we know we'll be waiting years to ever see anything like this again.
  8. Went to see if tickets are for sale on the Odeon website. Looks like this has been given a ‘15’ rating. When the movie is 3 hours already, doubt WB wanted a smaller potential audience!
  9. Rocafella


    I can see why the club would be risk-averse, with the awful squad management over the last several years, but this is the best shot at 4th place we'll have for years. Like Arseblog said, we didn't need to spend £70m on Isak, but are you telling me our recruitment/scouting network couldn't identify a single striker to take on loan, who could do a better job than Nketiah?
  10. Rocafella


    We've decided with Laca and Eddie that their hunger to earn new contracts elsewhere will keep their motivation high, which is fine, sure. The real issue is they have 3 premier league goals between them (all being Laca, and one of those being a penalty). Fair enough with the argument not to blow money on a panic-striker, but we've resigned ourselves to not finishing 4th. It just isn't happening with our striker pool to finish the season.
  11. Rocafella


    If you’re in to your conspiracy theories, check out the Athletic article about betting activity on a player booking for one of our games, and then search Twitter for Xhaka betting in the Leeds game before Xmas.
  12. Thanks guys, that’s all really helpful. Yeah, think I’ll go iPad, especially if it’s a smoother experience when reading.
  13. Thanks, that’s helpful. Yacreader was also suggested as the first ios alternative when I did a quick Google. Definitely tempted to make the move now!
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