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  1. What’s the deal with the crowns? I thought you had to collect them but I say a guy kill someone’s and he got a crown ping, then I popped him for the final kill and it didn’t say crown royale but I got the crown emote.
  2. Just don’t do what I did and forget your password and email to your foreign accounts.
  3. No vpn but you need a turkey account and a way of getting credit. I used a crypto.com free virtual card.
  4. Do we know about the online options in this? Is it like gt sport where if you miss the start time you’re into custom lobbies doing 1000 lap races in ovals with minis?
  5. There’s a horrible auto brake when you’re not on the gas, but it’s not auto braking. It’s weird, outside of hairpins you don’t need to break at all, it’s almost like a mobile game in that respect. Handling is, I think, a bit shit, but it may be I need to have a few more races with it. The online career mode seems weird, I’m joining with mixed results as to whether it works.
  6. Finished this war suit today, and I have a lot of painting to do, having built everything I have. Haven’t quite decided on colours yet, am I really creating a problem for myself if I spray everything black? I have some grey seer spray, but not sure what I want to do light colours yet.
  7. Aloy is a chatterbox compulsive hoarder. So far I’ve spent the vast majority of time picking stuff up. Not even looking at it, there’s so much stuff. I know I’m part of the problem as I could leave this shit but I’ll inevitably need it to upgrade weapons at some point to finish the game. I dread to think what her house looks like, it’ll be that guy from Afterlife.
  8. Do you guys use anything to ‘temporarily’ stick bits together. For example, I have Emperor’s Champion and don’t want to plastic glue his pack on before spraying; as I want to take it off to paint, but sure would be easier to spray stuck on. Also what plastic glue do you use? I have the citadel glue which flows like no one’s business and is quite hard to get a tiny dab where I want it without overspill.
  9. I don’t know how a game with such amazing traversal and feel can be so mind numbingly boring with quest design, characters and dialogue.
  10. Has anyone else got the ‘bug’ of week 3 and 6 quests lingering? 3 - assault rifle elims 6 - headshot damage These show complete for me, but remain on the list.
  11. I read a review that said after 30 odd hours it was melee only. So I guess it’s that way for some time (if not ever).
  12. Re the paint on a towel, Duncan does it here about 16 mins in to the 6 common mistakes video. He says get rid of the excess off your brush but surely is wasting paint. https://www.duncanrhodes.com
  13. Watching some of the citadel masterclasses and they always load their brush, wipe it on a papertowel then put more paint on it. I don’t get that process can anyone explain please?
  14. Is there a way of installing only the PS5 version of the PS4 disc? I have immortal on PS4 disc and that is installed, plus a download for the PS5 edition and two patches every time as well.
  15. Maybe it’s just the fact it’s smaller then which is why I’m struggling. Cheers!
  16. I got sent some 2008 sprues as spares which I’m putting together. They’re in blue plastic which doesn’t seem to glue as well as the newer stuff I have (and the marines are smaller than the newer ones too, so I assume they’re non primaris space marines since they seem to have regular trousers rather than panel armour and jet packs) Has anyone tried painting any of these?
  17. Thanks for that @Davros sock drawer I tried a free background remover just to see how it looks, and think I’ll try that going forward with a better app (as the free one only does low res) Do you use that same app to pull the images together (front and back) - and do you do it all on phone?
  18. Yeah it’s ace. Annoyingly in the iPad app you can only play certain games as you can’t use mouse keyboard - controller games only with further limits it
  19. I use a black piece of card against a wall on a cupboard. Then light behind it and the flash on my phone. It just all comes out a bit grey as the light reflects on the card. What app did you use?
  20. That photo box setup is doing an immense job too. I tried recreating it via your Instagram posts but nowhere close
  21. They are. They are a good fit, not ultra flush but close. I took a pic of the door open on one, it’s one that a rarely opened - there’s a small, thin line of dust at the front, but you can’t even see where I ran my finger through it on the photo. It’s good enough for me to store temporarily warhammer models in (which I don’t want to get dusty)
  22. Two sides of the same room. Ignore the cat toys and errant warhammer at the top which I forgot to move. The lights on the back of the monitor look a lot more harsh in photos with the light splash than they do in ‘real life’.
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