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  1. Nothing like good prep sign me up.
  2. MattKB


    Considering they're pushing the community side, bit of a shame that you don't get much time back in the lobby. I guess you can back out as a party but since it's capped at 10 it could be kind of annoying.
  3. MattKB


    Enjoying the beta so far
  4. MattKB


    Early beta sign ups on Fileplanet: http://www.fileplanet.com/promotions/top-secret/
  5. Yeah, I think my brightness was off as I couldn't tell when I was actually going down a turn and where I was just turning around in circles. Bah.
  6. Fair point, didn't really think of it like that. Not sure how I got lost in the tunnel, it was going great till a rat ran past me then the camera angle changed and I think I got turned around.
  7. Exactly the same for me although I felt the "game" part was more like padding - having to brush my teeth, take a shower, cook eggs. It did very little for me and was just a bit pointless (although I get the egg bit but still the amount of times I stirred them bitches). I think it put me in a foul mood as in the end it felt like I was forced to try and connect with the characters and so didn't come naturally. I had no probs shooting that dude in the head although I got totally lost in the glass tunnel and showed again how they're best off sticking to narratives rather than gameplay moments. I'm not unconvinced that David Cage's head is well up his own arse though - the slicing off of the finger was when it really started to get interesting for me, then I realised we'd wandered into Saw territory and the whole reason behind the killings is essentially just that.
  8. Looks like they're working on tweaking the hitboxes still: http://www.naughtydog.com/site/post/in_the_works/
  9. MattKB

    NHL 10

    Same, I can't believe that this is still full price though after Fifa, Madden and NBA have all dropped yet I can't see this sub £38 ish anywhere.
  10. Yup, good games last night. Not convinced that the melee side really belongs in an Alien and Predator game but it does work at least. I think for me the banter was more the fun than the actual game but a good evening nonetheless.
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