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  1. I’m not getting on with liquid green stuff at all. I’ve followed the GW tutorial and it just spreads around the cracks and doesn’t really fill, even after many coats. Should I rethink technique (clearly doing something wrong) or is the army painter green stuff better with some moulding tools?
  2. @Davros sock drawerwhat photo background remover do you use again? I’ve been using the adobe online tool but it’s struggled on my necrons.
  3. After my first space marines I went to try something different and hit up some necrons. I also wanted to do a better job of the base, which previously was astrogranite and a rock glued on.
  4. “I'm far more interested in building a relationship with people through their email inbox, and relying on them to share it to help it grow, than I am in trying to please the algorithms.” I loved this.
  5. MattKB


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    Struggling with this a bit, some probably obvious questions please: Any tips for parrying in this? It’s immensely difficult to time right. I get that the fiery attacks are unblockables, but sometimes the baddies have a glowing, semi-fire outline. What does this mean? Permanant upgrades - are these the ones unlocked at the shrines?
  7. When do you stop getting matched with bots? Played with some new account friends last night and won 5 trios in a row. Just running heading into battle and wrecking everything. They’re account level 20 odd now and still getting bots to the point it’s boring.
  8. I’m loving it. You have a faster sprint and mantling to compensate.
  9. New season and no building for 9 days! It’s fantastic!!
  10. MattKB

    The Boxing Thread

    Eddie with probably the worst stance I’ve ever seen. Wtf is this
  11. Got Warzone, got the campaign, got the multiplayer (both packs). Just says Installation Suspended on the main menu for the game selector. What a pain in the bum this is.
  12. Trying to play this on my PS4 and it’s being a shit. Downloaded the game. Can’t l play it. Got the multiplayer components. Still can’t play multiplayer. Downloading the campaign now as Maybe that’s needed for multiplayer. Christ.
  13. I finished this yesterday and thought it was absolutely amazing. I get bored with cutscenes and story bobbins in games so the fact this does it while the action happens was right up my street. Music is awesome too. Although I’m thankful they added the assist modes in as I had to use them - bloody tough (still pretty tough even with them).
  14. I did it earlier, it’s not a BoP race anymore, it’s a BHP restricted race (yesterday it had the yellow BoP banner, today it’s gone and times are wiped).
  15. This is pretty good fun now the weird decelerating fix is in. However, I don’t think it’s done too well going by online numbers - session are usually one person only, and if you do get a bigger game, everyone is rocking upgrades (which, to get, you need to buy the car then put miles on it. And in changing lobbies, this is next to impossible). I don’t know why these racing games don’t have a matchmaking, standard setting. You sort of have that in GT7, but it limits you to a set start time and once you’re done you’re back to waiting. As a result you’re playing lottery with custom lobbies, and in Grid you can’t even see if they’re running custom setups.
  16. Anyone know what the little manufacturer icons do on the roulette spins? I haven't won one yet.
  17. I’ve had the network thing a few times. Annoyingly it’s done it after multiplier races - did two different events last night, got it, restarted and the evenings progress lost (two races and some settings tweaks).
  18. I’m playing around with the pan options on the photo mode to try and get the blur effect (wheels in motion) but can’t quite figure it out. Any tips?
  19. Thanks for this. I figured that the Group C etc racing cars would be default and no parts needed but you can still buy bits for them which add hundreds of BHP so I guess you find a car you like before pumping money in to be competitive.
  20. Are you playing any select cars? Can you join and play with 'loan' cars, or are they all forced/matched for same spec?
  21. Thanks. This helped. It looks like to be competitive online you at least need every upgrade possible which is kind of annoying as it’s (in-game) expensive then.
  22. I'm really struggling with braking. I've put better brakes on the car, brake pads, yet everyone is still braking later and turning faster than me online. I'm getting golds on the licence tests, so I can play the game well enough. Is it all down to tuning?
  23. Thankyou!!! I read you had to buy a new body which was way more than I had to spend.
  24. Is there a way to undo or remove stuff? For example I’ve done weight reduction 3 and my car is too light for the daily challenge now.
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