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  1. I was struggling with the first pressurised ship. Managed to electrocute myself so restarted and all the doors were open already depressurised. Presumably to do it properly you have to find an ‘in’ and solve it that way ?
  2. Yeah it’s a superb follow up to (the new) Modern Warfare. The prisoner mode is cool.
  3. Anyone playing this? I wasn’t sure at first but there’s a lot of strategy to had found. Essentially a 40 player battle royale, only you are punching and grappling across a city. You learn moves by reading comics, and you’re encouraged to get into combat by being awarded with perks. https://www.rumbleverse.com/en Seems to have been quite well but quietly received. It did fall over the other week when a few streamers with big audiences were broadcasting but seems to have recovered nicely now.
  4. Finished the two necrons I’ve been working on slowly today.
  5. What wireless keyboard is that?
  6. Thanks @Davros sock drawer I’m working on these Necron overlord where I’ve used runelord brass (with cryptek armourshade) and brass scorpion (with agrax gloss) and Necron royal warden with retributor armour gold for the skirt and decals, and runelord brass again with cryptek. Leadbelcher for the metal with iron hands steel at points for highlights and on the blade. I went for a tesseract glow flowing through the scythe which I’m pleased with - the guide had it as caliban green but I just wasn’t keen. The overload has a screaming bell tailcoat but I need to glue that back on.
  7. That’s ok I managed to snag one from forbidden planet when they flicked in and out of stock. Did you dry brush all over the gold parts too? I’m toying with how to do the edge highlighting on some necrons, and I read silver highlights on where I’ve done retributor gold and other golds but bit nervous about that.
  8. How you’re getting in and around to do the cabling I don’t know, I’m struggling with a necron overlord which was only made easier as I dropped it and a bit snapped off (so I can now get in to paint it)
  9. Had a few hours and so far so good, but not one to play while you’re tired given the amount of systems to learn as you start.
  10. Yeah they’ve been flashing in and out of stock through the notifications all day but bloody work was stopping me jumping on instantly.
  11. Where are good places to get the imperium magazines from? I’d like to get issue 50 to support my necrons, but can’t find it in stock anywhere (normally I use Dark Sphere and Forbidden Planet).
  12. Annoyingly the bing pc searches used to work on the iPad via Edge but doesn’t anymore.
  13. I go Ar, a mid range one in slot 1. Then SMG in slot 2, stinger not that charge mess. Shields or heals 3. Support in 4, grapple or port a fort. Dmr or sniper in 5. If the AR is a burst, I may go shotgun 5 rather than DMR. I like to run AR so I can flick left or right for other options but I guess it could be sandwiched between them anywhere.
  14. I did the elder scrolls one earlier, oddly popped after about half an hour so that was a result.
  15. Ah you have to complete a chapter
  16. I like the videos this guy does on YouTube: https://youtube.com/c/RewardsHunter
  17. Thanks, not sure what happened as I did the steam deck os update, went back to windows and it totally lost my login but probably unrelated and linked to windows updates. Anyway did all the updates and it now works, think it’s just had a moment
  18. I can’t see to get any progress going on the Ryse challenge this week. Anyone got it working?
  19. Am using the JSAUX one and it works nicely, but yeah, the USB C at the top is a pain. Had windows working well on SD card, but since the latest SteamDeck OS update it hasn’t played any sound and I can’t figure out why (normal SteamOS is fine). Have tried reinstalling drivers but still no joy, and windows update seems to be freaking out. Annoying.
  20. It seems quite broken today doing the Xbox challenges.
  21. This is my point. You have something new ish with the community development and approach. A polarising figure (part hated, part with a cult like following) and a project that may well turn out to be good but shrouded in a lot of pre-formed opinion in either direction. It’s as much a social experiment as anything.
  22. Dr Disrespect's first game has been unveiled as Deadrop (which doesn't look like it' spelt right to me, nor does my auto correct like it). A 'vertical extraction shooter', it looks like a kind of near futuristic type thing from the gameplay revealed. I would like to link to some footage, but there are two types out there.... Dr Disrespect fans - who are loving it and shouting about how good and impressive it is Dr Disrespect non-fans - getting some licks in for all those games he's smashed over the years now he's in a glass house As a result I can't work out if it's actually any good as there is polarised footage (also clearly, is very early in development). On the one hand, I'm going his production values on streams are excellent, and he has some good ideas - fair play, he's putting his money where his mouth is, so am interested to see how this pans out. On the other hand, he does racist impressions, films people in toilets, cheats on his wife and charged people to help test his game, lured by NFTs which I still don't understand. Here's a video of someone playing it without screaming and shouting about how much of a legend 'the Doc' is:
  23. Resolved. My epic account had a partially merged second account for some reason. Had a fight with epic to remove it but that resolved the issue. Weird.
  24. Tried all those, no joy. Also reinstalled, tried hard reboots, different DNS, wiped the xbox settings. Spent the morning with Epic and Xbox support, absolutely no joy.
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