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  1. MattKB

    Battlefield V

    I keep reading about Rush, does anyone know when it is actually coming out?
  2. MattKB

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    He did indeed have a staph infection and the doctors were treating it and had cleared him to fight.
  3. MattKB

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    I’m sure I read Gastelum had a staph infection somewhere so maybe related to that?
  4. MattKB

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Oh cool - where do you get your MMA news? I follow MMA fighting and get their news by RSS but not showing up yet.
  5. MattKB

    Official Mixed Martial Arts Thread

    Didn't really know any of the fighters but I enjoyed the Simon fight - despite that horrific haircut. With regard to Anderson/Israel - I enjoyed it. I like to think it was a case of both being very aware of the other rather than either of their abilities being into question. I think Israel has a tough test with a high level grappler (I can't imagine him vs Romero) and the blows against Silva with his guard down didn't seem to do too much. Is that a case of lack of power, a crazy chin on Silva or simply not going 100% given either respect for the man or reluctance for a counter.
  6. MattKB

    Dirt Rally

    This is good news. I really loved Dirt 4. Dirt Rally was good but too hard for me. A balance I think I can live with.
  7. Oh of course I did wonder that but then wondered if the there was another mpx. Thanks.
  8. What is the multiplier for?
  9. Seems a bit buggered tonight. Having issues joining a game with friends with only two ever getting in. Then when we did get in, two of us had the same character despite selecting different ones which feels a bit of a game breaker potentially so that’s a bug to fix.
  10. The ping calls out items, supplies and enemy spotting so is context sensitive. It can also be useful for things like ‘enemy sighted here’ as previously mentioned. You can drop ammo - push start, this is your inventory. Then you can select items to drop (same for weapons, armour etc)
  11. MattKB

    Satisfye - Switch Gaming Grip

    Anyone who got the slim case notice it has quite a strong smell? Not pleasant initially and has required a few days of airing out.
  12. Someone has compiled a list of requests for QoL here with most popular bolded https://community.playstarbound.com/threads/switch-gathering-of-all-the-ui-qol-requests.152073/ Sounds like theyre listening.
  13. I like this. I like it but... am not sure I love it. I think the length of games, the balance can lead to long drawn out battles. Into the Breach night have spoiled me. This is still very good. Need more time with it.
  14. Is that for Skirmish games too do you know?
  15. Yeah that’s well crap. And if you start a skirmish game vs AI for example, you have to finish (unless you sleep the Switch). That’s really crap. Come on Wargroove people.

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