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  1. I love this shot from last weekend
  2. Do you just set the region in the dash or do you need to do your Microsoft account?
  3. Yes sorry, it’s a cloud based streaming service. Not ideal but better than no PC.
  4. Gotta get a gaming pc first! Tempted to sign up for the Shadow offer to try it.
  5. Can you only play the beta if you preorder?
  6. You knew it was going to be a weird one when he came out to the corner and stood still for 20 seconds. I don’t blame Izzy’s approach with that and think he did well to clinch it and escape without damage when you hear the battle stories people say about Romero.
  7. That Khabib/ Tony faceoff was mad. Interesting that Khabib bites at Tony but didn’t at Conor. Tony is... a weird guy.
  8. Well it’s unclear. He’s had it or has it, but he ‘willed’ it away without antibiotics. I hope Joanna gets annihilated. At lest to the point she can’t claim an excuse, but of course she will.
  9. Joanna’s trash talk at the weigh ins. She never learns does she? Interested to see the main event. The staph infection on Izzy could be a factor (even though he willed it not to be)
  10. This looks good as I’ve enjoyed all the ‘offline’ ones. How much is pay to win on this? I’d be more tempted if it were a buy once and have the game rather than token based.
  11. Yeah there’s some issue with it which is pretty irritating. I keep seeing the land at salty springs 100 times challenge. Annoyingly you don’t seem to be able to trick it in team rumble by deploying gliders constantly.
  12. Picked this up on PS4 last week and it’s most excellent. Surprised the thread wasn’t bumped sooner. The UI isn’t very friendly and intuitive but once you figure it out its excellent fun. Loads of little touches and elements that reward careful play and the tension is off the charts.
  13. Really? I thought it was 9 flops
  14. Damn I didn't know they did those, I got some unofficial ones and they don't last too long before needing a charge (have to pop out to be charged).
  15. MattKB

    Dreams - It's out!

    Thanks mate. I know you’re an expert by now so look out for some help requests. Is there a ‘time limit’ that you can create ‘movies’ for.
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