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  1. I actually logged in the other week, had a few good runs, logged in again and it’s all gone because of the wipe. what does the new wipe add / bring?
  2. I find that I keep getting to the same point and just get absolutely rinsed. I need a tactical review.
  3. I had some of these issues on the Gen 1 version which after Googling found it to be some wireless interference although I read it has been resolved for Gen 2 - but possibly not.
  4. I think I found the second car the hardest, the one where you have to work hard to get the drift going.
  5. Got this at Christmas and it’s really good. Probably would have been better as a different named IP but in isolation from the PC series, it’s excellent
  6. Top tip - level some shit up before you fight him. I didn’t and it took me aaaaaaaages.
  7. Thanks for the map tips. 22 hours in, facepalm!! I like the size of the game world. I also felt that at the start the puzzles were formulaic but there are lots of twists on basic mechanics later on which I liked. The God vaults are excellent.
  8. I think you have to be in a party, and then there’s an option to do it in the OS. PS5 has something similar. It only works in party chat though.
  9. I am mostly using the axe - 21 hours in, and could do with it on a different button I guess but it’s not too bad. Sprint as square also slightly annoying, but it’s fine. What annoys me more is that I push touchpad and it never default to the bloody map. Still, I’m very much enjoying this - a lot. Some of the puzzles are quite tricky too, it feels well designed.
  10. They do. And work with switch, usb c iPad, max and pc
  11. MattKB

    Desperados 3

    Well I am very much looking forward to that. I have thought about the DLC but like you, got loads of other stuff to play. Maybe later in the year. I did get Commandos 2 HD Remaster but it’s tough going back to play that, feels like a very primitive Desperados (which I suppose it sort of is).
  12. MattKB

    Desperados 3

    I actually preferred Shadow Tactics when I started playing Desperados but by the end of it I think I enjoyed them both the same. I had some slight performance issues on Desperados on PS4 Pro which sounds like have been ironed out on PS5 with the extra power (frame hitching).
  13. MattKB

    Desperados 3

    Thanks. I enjoyed your video review - nice idea that. I loved the game and agree with your points. Also you mentioned picking up Shadow Tactics - I’d heavily recommend that, I think you’ll love it.
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