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  1. The hacking community will very likely get OTG support running on it. At which point you can just load all your roms onto an external micro SD. If the PlayStation Classic (Autobleem) and Snes mini (hakchi2) are anything to go by, picking up a MD Mini will be more than worth the asking price once its cracked open.
  2. Glad to hear this has turned out to be excellent on console. Fingers crossed my PS4 copy turns up on Monday! And hopefully the console's online mode has seamless matchmaking rather than being server based like it was on PC. But either way, if its half as fun online as Flat Out Ultimate Carnage was, I'll be very happy indeed.
  3. Nah. People often sign up to a forum to take part in discussing a favourite game or service in a particular thread and are only active there to begin with. I did the same thing in 2010 with AvP. Only the mods at the time banned me with no contact; they just assumed I was a pr plant when I was just an enthusiastic poster Maybe try not to be so cynical?
  4. Those struggling with low voltage usb sticks should take advantage of the bleemsync OTG hack. If you do, you'll be able to run the system from usb sockets on your TV etc (meaning you'll no longer need a usb to 3pin plug adaptor). But the main benefit is being able to connect your usb storage via the micro usb socket on the back of the classic with an OTG cable. All usb storage works when connected there. No more power related restrictions. I stuck a 400gb micro sd card in mine and it works a treat. Thing is though, as nice as Autobleem is for it's ease of use and slick presentation, I've decided to switch to setting things up via Retroboot so I can use its custom PSX emulators. I found the stock PS Classic one that Autobleem is forced to use pretty poor in terms of performance sadly.
  5. Oh dear. Some of us do indeed have some perspective. I'm not sure you do though if you're gonna stoop to throwing shit like this at people over it. You really, really hate Valve. We get it. Chill out.
  6. I've only just noticed I was billed £20 for another sub too. I didn't opt out of marketing either. Its not that you didn't get the email - there was no email.
  7. What did you do that fixed it? I've had mine about a month, a brand new V2, and the PS4 UI tilt appeared about a week ago. It very noticeably tilted to the left. I tried initialising the PS4 back to default settings but it didn't work.
  8. He's might struggle with wolves without his party members revealing that they hunt in packs! I reinstalled this on PC about a week ago but have yet to start playing again as I was holding off to see how the Switch version performed. Also, I can't really see myself picking up from where I left off on PC and will likely start over again - I've owned this game 4 times already and still never managed to finish it. So how does it run on Switch? I know its 30fps compared to uncapped on PC but other than that, I'm assuming its a good port?
  9. I didn't quite lose out after all. I managed to find a key for Borderlands original on PC for £5 after it was removed from steam. It still gave me the enhanced version when I redeemed it.
  10. And it turns out I don't actually have the original on PC. I was sure I did! I'm an idiot.
  11. Plus it's hard to justify rebuying on PS4 when it's free on PC...well, if you have the original on PC that is.
  12. Yeah. Initially I though it worked like that too just because of how the game described Wolf's resurrection power as causing stagnation when used, which in turn causes dragon rot. It reality it has nothing to do with the resurrection mechanic. It just means "when you die and respawn at an idol" :/
  13. This is something I'm worried about. I'm usually ok with motion sickness inducing stuff but with VR, I dunno. It'd be nice to try one out first as I'd hate to feel like I'd wasted my money on something that just makes me want to puke after 15 minutes of using it.
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