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  1. Sie

    Tomb Raider Anniversary Edition Announced

    This is pretty much how I feel about the very first Tomb Raider - that original Core Design 1996 debut still outshines even Anniversary for me. I recently replayed it with @Illyria and despite being over 20 years old, the magic was still there. I don't think any other game in the series has quite matched that game's feeling of isolation and sense of exploration which, to me, are really what should be at the core of a Tomb Raider game. That said, I think Anniversary is probably the best of those original Crystal Dynamics games. It makes a few missteps here and there but its still a lot of fun. I also enjoy the newer ones for what they are but with the realisation that they'll probably never be everything I personally want from a TR game.
  2. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Too many to list. But if you play one of the older titles, it will become immediately apparent where they are. What weapon did you end up settling on?
  3. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    I tried this setting and didn't like it at all. It seemed to severely reduce image quality for me, resulting in a blurry 'pixel-crawling' effect as the resolution refreshed every couple of frames. Which is odd as prioritise framerate was how I played on PS4 Pro and don't ever recall seeing such an effect on that platform. I'm also getting that issue where it seems to continually refresh the online status of players, resulting in a constant stream of notifications in the lower right corner of my screen. It's not too annoying, just odd as it looks like everyone playing is constantly rebooting the game.
  4. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Just took down Anjanath with my hunting horn on my first attempt . I fired my SOS flare but no one turned up so it was just me on my own. Pretty pleased with that. Ordinarily I wouldn't think much of it if I had my charge blade but doing it with a hunting horn without decent armour felt pretty good. Man, that thing is unwieldy but oh so satisfying at the same time. Breaking monster jaws is pretty addictive it turns out! Sadly, my initial surprise at the games performance has subsided and I think I jumped the gun a bit. More playtime has revealed a game that really isn't where it should be in terms of performance. Its not always terrible but in spots, it tanks badly. Really inconsistent and pretty disappointing. Not even the PS4 Pro struggled the way this does in places. I hope they address that.
  5. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Seems pretty busted at the moment and frequently times out when joining a session. I don't think it's your end.
  6. Sie

    Wreckfest - Bugbear (IBM Compatibles)

    DD1 is still the business. I played it again not too long ago and thought it held up admirably. Sure, it looks a bit rough these days but the soundtrack is still bangin'. It's a damn shame they replaced all that techno with shitty grunge metal for the sequel.
  7. Ooh. Nice to see you guys starting a new campaign. Not sure if I have the confidence to join with a character but I look forward to seeing what adventurers you all come up with. I might even pop in to have a listen every now and then (though I'm pretty sure I accidentally deleted the D&D discord from my list of servers on a clear out).
  8. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    I updated to the latest Nvidia drivers last night and the game's performance absolutely tanked as a result. Hopefully Nvidia will take a look at that as a brief search on the internet reveals others have noticed too. Anyway, I've rolled back to my previous driver (early june) and that has solved the issue for now. Also, if anyone here new to the series is struggling to decide on a weapon to use or just wants to know how they all work, Gaijin Hunter on youtube has some fantastic tutorials (as well as loads of other helpful videos). A great MHW resource.
  9. Sie

    NERG 2018: 14th & 15th July

    Would love to see Ridge Racer. Virtua Fighter 2 and HOTD2 would also be nice. Maybe even Killer Instinct. I do think there's a noticeable lack of 90s machines at any rate. Anyway, I popped down on the Sunday this year and honestly didn't think it was as good compared to last year and it was missing a few pinball tables I was hoping to play again. My mate was gutted there was no cockpit Afterburner cabinet.
  10. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Do we have a dedicated PC Squad set up for this?
  11. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Seems pretty solid so far. I'm playing with an i5 2500k (OCed to 4.5Ghz) and a 980ti and was expecting to have to drop my settings. But at 1080p, I'm hitting 60fps constantly with the default 'high' settings (so far so good anyway). It's the best version of the game if you have a system that can run it.
  12. I started playing this yesterday and have yet to die because of this. When it came to the first boss, all I had to do was make sure he didn't hit me. The rest was flinging out razor blades. Really impressed with what I have played so far. Everything about the way this game controls just feels right.
  13. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Not only that but the loading times are so much faster. I hated doing Palico mission busy work on PS4 because of how long it would take to load into where the cat guy was. But now, loading in is almost instant. It's glorious. I just hope the online doesn't fall foul of hackers :/
  14. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    This is true. I didn't play enough Hunting Horn on PS4. Hmmmmmm. Anyone else picking this up, feel free to add me on steam (Sie) for some hunts
  15. Sie

    Monster Hunter: World

    Hmm. Not a bad shout. I played lance for a bit back in MH Tri and it was fun. And for those waiting, the game will apparently unlock at 5pm bst (though some places have said 4pm).

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