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  1. Yup. It's mind boggling how much there is to do. Its also such a chill, relaxing game to play with no arseholes throwing tantrums in dungeons and has a generally friendly community from my experiences with @spork so far. Its a rock solid package with a silly amount of polish. Fantastic to play with a gamepad too! There's a free version. Well, sort off... https://freetrial.finalfantasyxiv.com/na/ That free trail allows you to play up to lvl 35 (with every class/job) and doesn't have a time/days played limit so you can take your time to get a feel for everything. You can also continue where you left off if you upgrade to the full game. There are two tiers of subscription - a "lite" one allows 1 character per server and a full sub that allows multiple characters. The nice thing about the game though is that you can do everything on 1 character due to the way the class/job system works. CDKeys would be the place to buy it for anyone interested. They have the base game plus both expansions for £18 and that price also includes 30 days. And if you roll on Omega server, which is nicely populated with newer players, you'll get an additional 15 days on top of that once you hit level 30.
  2. Sie

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    How can this be?! You love chins and anime! Seriously though, while I have no issue with how either character looks. I can understand why others might. But to me, they have a bit more character and uniqueness to them and I like that. They don't look as generic as they used to. As for the tone of what we've seen so far, its absolutely spot on to me. Exactly how I imagined the RPD station looking in a modern remake. I really think they have nailed it.
  3. Sie

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    The Eurogamer gameplay video is worth checking out. Aoife explores a bit more than in the other demos out there and shows off the shotgun.
  4. Sie

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    She was in 1.5 and replaced by Claire for Resident Evil 2. Leon was in both 1.5 and 2.
  5. Sie

    Resident Evil 2 Remake!

    Capcom just finished a 15 minute gameplay demo of this on the Playstation Live stream and it's exactly what I wanted. Super hyped - it's over the shoulder with RE4 mechanics but with an emphasis on survival horror and puzzling like the classic games. Also, both Leon and Clair are playable characters in separate scenarios. No VR. They say that even single zombie encounters won't be trivial and it looked that way in the demo. The story arc of the game will follow that of the original but they have said new stuff will in there too (they've redesigned some stuff). The gore is pretty full on too. Can't wait for this to arrive.
  6. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    It drains blood far better and quicker than the hacksaw on its own. At level 3, it does 15 points per hit and uses less stamina (vs 5 points with lvl 3 Hacksaw alone). When you mix that in with a level 3 hacksaw for basic attacks, you pretty much never run out of blood due to how quickly you can recover it. And with 3 aggressive attacks and a heal on different cool downs (and an increased blood pool from talents), you can always have a big damage at your disposal by rotating between them and always having the blood to spare for healing too. DPS and survivability for daaays. Oh, also its worth noting that dodging twice in quick succession is often worth the extra stamina cost for those harder hitting enemies with large, sweeping attacks. The one dodge on its own won't always get you out of danger. If you dodge twice (I usually go left or right rather than backwards) when you see them change animation to attack, you'll find you can get out of the way of most things.
  7. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Yup. Blood drain on everything is the secret sauce to combat. After health and stamina, consider upgrading your autophagy a little and increase your blood capacity with any spare points you have left over. With that build, the speed in which you can recover from a fight going a bit south is ridiculous. You become practically invincible. I've taken all 3 aggressive talents to overcome all the various enemy resistances. After that, I stack health, stamina, autophagy and blood capacity. Nothing else is needed (well, maybe throw in an ultimate of your choosing). Keep on top of levelling that Hacksaw and Liston Knife (the ultimate blood drain combo) too.
  8. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    And it turns out that the game not really explaining the resulting actions of a dialogue option (explained in my post above) did indeed fuck over my no kills run. So I started again. Ordinarily I would just crack on but in this case, it felt cheap being fucked over because of really poor writing and not because I made the "wrong" choice.
  9. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I think you acquire the keys from NPCs. Sure. I went there before Whitechapel too. Edit: Worth mentioning that the performance on PC does seem to be getting gradually worse the more I play. I've no idea whats causing it and the new nvidia drivers haven't fixed it. Looks to be an issue with the game itself though as many are reporting the same thing. Areas that were once smooth are now not so smooth, even on low settings. I wonder if its tied to the save file bloating up over time. A performance patch will come soon I hope.
  10. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Yup. I've levelled up from mesmerise 1 to 2 and it seem that it was gated in that way. I've also only just discovered it possible to respec, reversing some choices I made when I didn't really know what skills to take. Though I made the mistake of going to sleep before redistributing the XP and had to sleep again after that to rebuild my character. The result of which plunged Whitechapel into critical status. Everyone got sick! So I'm on my way there now with my doctors kit. I'm up to chapter 3 in the story and I'm enjoying it a lot. I feel like I'm having more impact on how things play out now, though I'd still like a bit more choice when speaking to characters about minor things. Oh, and there have been a couple of times when a dialogue option hasn't really reflected the subsequent action, much to my annoyance. I've one big regret in the game so far because the dialogue choice seemed to imply one thing but meant something else - late chapter 2/early chapter 3 spoilers below... I think I took down that optional HG Griffiths boss, as well as a few others while exploring. The highest level boss I stumbled across was lvl 24 when I was lvl 13. It wasn't a tough fight, just a longer one. I agree about the combat though. It works but its nothing to write home about.
  11. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    I've not found the combat in this too difficult to be honest. Dodging and stacking blood draining abilities have made me feel pretty invincible. I've not killed anyone yet either and XP hasn't been as big a problem as it first seemed. Exploration plus taking town Skals and Priwen tends to provide quite a bit on its own.
  12. Sie

    Atmospheric ghost stories

    It Follows might be worth checking out if you're more into supernatural tension and suspense over jump scares. I also thought The Innkeepers was somewhat decent for a modern ghost film.
  13. Sie

    Vampyr - It's a vAAmpire game

    Still enjoying this but my biggest issue is that I don't really appear to have much influence over anything that's happening. I'm just along for the ride. The dialogue trees themselves seem a bit superfluous and it feels more like I'm simply choosing to ask things in a different order rather than steering a conversation in a particular direction or towards a different outcome overall. I'm just exhausting all the options when speaking to a person until I unlock a hint about either them or someone they know. And those hints usually don't go anywhere when I finally confront the involved parties - they usually shrug it all off and then its never mentioned again. For example, if there is an NPC I don't like, I want to be able to leverage my vampiric nature in some way - if a cocky NPC threatens me in conversation, I want options in the dialogue that allow me to react to that in different ways and for that to influence things later on in meaningful ways. From what I've played so far, there's none of that in this game. Occasionally the game will throw out a dialogue choice that lets me be judgy about someones actions in a couple of different ways but my choice doesn't seem to matter even then. The only true influence I have is that I can either kill them or choose not to kill them. At least that is how things seem so far. Maybe things change later?
  14. Sie

    Wreckfest - Bugbear (IBM Compatibles).

    This is finally leaving early access on June 14th. And it has a console release date of 20th November. https://steamcommunity.com/games/228380/announcements/detail/1661145982832402390 I'm rather looking forward to it

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