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  1. The Resident Evil save room music always had a lulling effect on me. I spent so long in those safe havens managing inventory and contemplating my lack of ammo that the music forever seared itself into my brain.
  2. Is there a rllmuk multiplayer group password set up? I've noticed that normal bloodstains are knackered on PS5 at the moment but weirdly, anything from a group works fine.
  3. Yup, sod's law. Paid for the digital version on PSN and then 20 minutes later, I get a DPD email. Oh well, at least I can get cracking on it tonight rather than tomorrow!
  4. Still no dispatch notification from Currys for this on PS5. In spite of a gut feeling telling me to not to, I pre-ordered it from them as they were the cheapest at the time. But if they don't get a move on soon, its looking increasingly likely I'll be buying this digitally tonight and Currys will be getting told to sod off. Anyone else in the same boat?
  5. Its the somewhat dead looking eyes, not quite right skin translucency and slightly stilted looking animation that don't sell it to me. There's loads of super impressive rendering tech in this showcase for sure but the uncanny valley of the cgi humans is strong.
  6. I cancelled my £8 tier sub the other month too. I was hoping for good things but it just all felt incredibly directionless and flat and I quickly found myself not giving a fuck whenever I got a notification that they were streaming. I definitely agree that Vinny could do with a Jeff/Dan/Austin-alike to bounce off of. Alex and Brad just ain't up to the task. I think Drew could be great choice to bring on board but isn't he working at a dev studio these days too?
  7. It didn't crash for me on Switch at least. It looped back around to the title screen after the stats screen and credits etc.
  8. If you mean the girders in the screenshot below, you don't go right there. You just follow the path up.
  9. I finished this today after a brief hiatus and whilst I enjoyed my time with it, I didn't enjoy it as much as AV1. I appreciate Happ is trying something different here compared to the more straightforward Metroid formula of the original but I just found the combat in this sequel to be a chore. And as impressively designed and complex the world's interconnectivity was, I didn't find exploring it quite as interesting as the first game's environments. AV1 just looked and sounded otherworldly (and weird) in a way that AV2 didn't quite match for me.
  10. I bought my Elite V2 on launch and ran into the same warranty issue when the left bumper started playing up the other month or so. The Microsoft site said it was out of warranty when I punched in the serial number and I found it impossible to actually speak to someone. The telephone number is useless. So instead I tried their live chat system. Which is just a bot it turns out. However, I picked from the various options provided to say I had a controller issue. Eventually, the bot asked me for my serial number and once I gave it, it said the controller was still in warranty and it organised an repair/exchange. I shipped off the controller and once Microsoft received it (it got held up in customs due to a UPS scanning issue), they sent out a working one very quickly. You might have some luck trying the same thing.
  11. As a kid, the original Doom used to make me feel awful with motion sickness. At the time, I never really knew what it was though and just kept on playing despite feeling like death. These days I don't really suffer from it for the most part - not even the original Doom triggers it anymore - but there have been a handful of titles with a very narrow FOV where its crept up on me. Singularity on PC springs to mind. The Witness also left me feeling a bit queasy but after a session or two, it went away. Same thing happening with RE8. The first session on it wasn't bad but it definitely triggered that woozy feeling. I dunno why but the second time I sat down to play it, I was completely fine and finished the rest of the game with no issues. VR is a different story though. If things quickly get hectic in a game when I'm in a VR headset, it can hit me like a freight train.
  12. You should find the rest of the fragments in the same biome.
  13. I finished this today on PC. It was enjoyable enough but underwhelming when compared to the first game I thought. Its very obvious it started out as an expansion as its a much smaller, more compact experience (a plus point for some no doubt) but it really doesn't add anything all that new to the formula. In fact in some respects, I actually think it took a few steps back. It didn't contain as much thrill, trepidation or spectacle as the original with fewer, less impressive leviathans (none of which outclassed the designs found in Subnautica) and environments that lacked any sense of danger. In the deepest and darkest parts of this game's oceans, that ever-present sense of fear that permeated its predecessor never materialised. And this sequel's bigger emphasis on story and narrative-driven gameplay, with a cast of thoroughly uninteresting characters, didn't do much to distract from that; the more explorative-driven and emergent gameplay in the first game worked far better for me.
  14. Killing the monsters is generally the better thing to do in Rise if you're after materials. Some materials just can't be gained by capturing in fact. It's a bit of a problem online at the moment to be honest. World's mechanics taught loads of first timers that capturing was best. Rise flips this on its head to some degree but doesn't do a good job of explaining that. So loads of players coming from World are now instantly capturing as soon as possible in multiplayer, made worse because the game now tells them exactly when to do it on the UI. There's no more need to look for tells. When playing with others, I generally go for the kill unless someone explicitly says to capture or if there's a real risk of someone triple carting before the fight is over. But most of the time, as soon as that blue icon appears, someone puts a trap down and ends the fight.
  15. Cheers for this, I've grabbed the Rllmuk hunter connect now. I couldn't hang around in your lobby for long but had fun battering
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