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  1. Ideally I wanted the MK1 always loved the way it looked but it was out of my price range so had to settle for the 2 as I get it for a steal on ebay
  2. Cheers mate,I am having issues with buzzing when theres nothing on the screen,been driving me mental
  3. Bloody hell,not cheap are they
  4. There's going to have to be I think,the annoying thing is I'm a banksman at a waste recycling centre and we get CRTs all the time
  5. I've gone on abit of a Retro gaming spree lately and I've just bought a Mega CD 2 with Snatcher,night trap,final fight and double switch and I cant believe how poor it looks especially Final Fight .Its hooked up to a modernish tv via scart lead,can anyone give me advice on a cable to make it look decent,CRT tv is not an option my missus would go mental
  6. Thanks so much for the help really appreciate it
  7. I've just bought a Japanese snes off Ebay it comes with all the original leads but obviously the power supply wont work,I read that an original Megadrive cable will work,anyone know if this is true ? I have googled it but it gets abit confusing
  8. Is anyone experiencing long queue times,my sons switch keeps disconnecting him then he has a 15 minute wait to rejoin his mates
  9. My son asked for a Playstion 5 for christmas about a month ago,I knew it would be hard to get one but fuck me this is stressful
  10. Gave up on the Mass effect trilogy on ps4,now currently playing Earthbound on the Snes mini for the first time,11 hours in and loved every bloody second of it except walking through the desert ( sunstroke is a pain in the arse)
  11. Can anyone give me any help please ? My son plays Fortnite religiously with his mates but everytime he goes into a game the audio on his headset goes all crackly at first I thought his headset was faulty but it works perfectly on every other game and even In the lobby on fortnite and his moaning is driving me mental
  12. Wheres the best place to watch the 4th season of Attack on titan dubbed ?
  13. Cheers for the heads up on that,it was always one of my faves
  14. Have you tried New Girl yet ?
  15. Not sure if this is the right place for this but if anyone can help I'd be eternally grateful. I played Fortnite awhile ago on my Ps4,never really got into it but my son has recently started playing it on his Switch and of course I've spent a fair amount of money on skins for him on his account but now he wants to start playing on my Ps4 as his friends all play ps4 and he can talk to them on it so is there anyway of transferring his account onto my ps4,
  16. Anyone in here a fan of Judge Dredd ? I've just watched the film again and in my 30 odd years of reading comics I've never read anything Judge Dredd/2000 AD so I'm looking for some recommendations please
  17. Watched a Documentry called Tread last night,was recommended it by a mate who told me to go into it without knowing anything about it and I was not disappointed
  18. I had the same problem afew weeks ago,tried everywhere but ended up downloading a 150 odd gig rip off pirate bay,for how popular it Is you'd have thought it would be on Netflix or Prime
  19. Has anyone on here read Lone wolf and cub ? I finished the 1st omnibus last night and was blown away by it.Can't find the 2nd volume anywhere to buy now though unfortunately,seems Dark Horse have a reputation for not keeping amazing books in print.
  20. Cheers for the heads up on,had no idea this was happening
  21. The Teen titans go crossover episode is genius but that show can do no wrong in my eyes
  22. Cheers for that mate had about 5 more attemps then had to resort to gamefaqs
  23. I'm currently playing through shenmue 2 and really struggling with the qte where you have to kick the door down for some reason my eyes arent quick enough to see what the input is,anyone out there know what it is off the top of their head ?
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