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  1. kittygotwet


    I had the same problem afew weeks ago,tried everywhere but ended up downloading a 150 odd gig rip off pirate bay,for how popular it Is you'd have thought it would be on Netflix or Prime
  2. Has anyone on here read Lone wolf and cub ? I finished the 1st omnibus last night and was blown away by it.Can't find the 2nd volume anywhere to buy now though unfortunately,seems Dark Horse have a reputation for not keeping amazing books in print.
  3. Cheers for the heads up on,had no idea this was happening
  4. The Teen titans go crossover episode is genius but that show can do no wrong in my eyes
  5. Cheers for that mate had about 5 more attemps then had to resort to gamefaqs
  6. I'm currently playing through shenmue 2 and really struggling with the qte where you have to kick the door down for some reason my eyes arent quick enough to see what the input is,anyone out there know what it is off the top of their head ?
  7. This was my favourite episode until The riddle of the sphinx,the writing in that episode blows my mind
  8. Thankyou so much for this,started playing it today for the first time,absolutely love it but frustrating as fuck
  9. Ive just watched the Teen Titans Go 4 parter The Night Begins To Shine with my 8 year old son,best thing ive seen in ages,also the Scooty Booty episode is genius
  10. Normally im not really that bothered when shows get cancelled like the Netflix Marvel shows but this one really fucks me off
  11. kittygotwet


    Wentto watch Dragon ball Broly at the cinema last thursday and thought it was incredible seeing it on the big screen,only film ive been to see where it got a standing ovation at the end and if anyones interested the whole film is on youtube in 720p
  12. Nothing can be worse than Yoga Hoosiers surely ?
  13. Well i had the credits rolling after a pretty definite ending
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