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  1. Blackout is really clicking with me now. Had a great game of duos where I ended up eliminating 5 of the last 6 people to win the game. Finding the Spitfire and SDM both kitted out are a great match for me. Playing this with a group is the most fun I've had with COD since Black Ops 2.
  2. Really getting in to Blackout now. Ended up with 9 kills for me and 3 for my partner in Duos yesterday. Still only finished 4th but my most enjoyable game to date. Love the tension near the end though the number of 2nd place finishes for me are really adding up.
  3. Is the the Theater mode broken for anyone else? It seems to cut off the last 5 minutes of every game. I had a nice takedown of 4 people in a heli with the Zweilander (?) yet the recording stops a few minutes short. Happens on every game...
  4. I'm at 102% now. I know what else I need to do to get to 106% but can't figure out that final one. What a game this is.
  5. Beta downloaded, just waiting for it to go live. Always enjoy Treyarch CODs.
  6. 99% through this (around 50 hours). Gaming gold. It's been challenging and often infuriating with some bosses but always doable. I suspect these last few challenges will test me considerably more.
  7. 35 hours in and still no end in sight. Up there as one of my favorite games of recent years.
  8. About 10 hours into this now and it's bloody great. Great when you figure out how to beat some of the bosses though I think my skill set is slowing down as I age. Opening up a fair bit of the map now too. Anyone on the fence should really check it out. Great value for money.
  9. 90 minutes in and really enjoying this. It'll challenge my aging skillset but impressed so far.
  10. Was hoping for more of the same (Big Black Ops 3 fan) and it looks like it'll hit the spot. Apparently 5v5 now instead of the traditional 6v6. Disappointed they hyped the Blackout reveal but no gameplay was a let down there. Zombies does nothing for me.
  11. Just one moon left on the Dark Side. Cannot string enough of those long jumps together. Any tips?!
  12. Really enjoying this though the lack of a good dpad on the joy cons doesn't help with a few of the deaths. On chapter 4 right now. Died a lot on chapter 3 (one area in particular being chased must've been over 100 deaths). Music is great
  13. I had started with multiplayer but got some time in on the campaign today (just beat Kane). Campaign is genuinely top notch fun. I thought maybe I was burned out on FPS but this has me feeling different. Campaign has helped explain some of the functionality of the titans.
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