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  1. According to Amazon this is the No. 1 seller in DVD and Blu-ray! It's outselling House of the Dragon!
  2. On that note can we have an ultimate box set for Bottom too? Maybe the "You've hit the F***ing nail on the F***ing head there ya C***ing B*****d" Edition? Then there could be the 150 quid "Utter, Utter Bollocks" edition which comes with a life sized Dave Hedgehog statue.
  3. It will be 10 years on the 31st of October since Lucas announced the sale of Lucasfilm to Disney. It doesn't seem that long. Part of me wishes he had hung onto it. We've had some good stuff but the sequels ended up a mess and Andor isn't grabbing me at all.
  4. It would have burnt Melissandra's bum when Stannis and her were doing the monster mash.
  5. We're watching GOT Season 3 just now. We just watched an episode where Stannis has Davos locked up on Dragonstone. He's learning to read while in the clink. The book he was reading was about the characters and dragons from HOTD.
  6. So it is! I shall correct my grievous error post haste then flog myself until I pass out.
  7. That looks bloody good. That's one of those trailers that gives away too much though. I remember 1997 and how huge they were. I knew nothing of..
  8. Speaking of Herzog has anyone seen this? My Best Fiend It's about his tumultuous relationship with legendary lunatic Klaus Kinski.
  9. We watched this on Netflix a while ago. It's absolutely stunning. I've yet to perfect my Werner Hertzog impersonation but I'll get there. If you can find it I would also recommend Herzog's "Grizzly Man". It's not easy viewing but very well made.
  10. That's generous. I can't actually bring myself to watch the last episode. The previous one was so dull that it nearly did me in.
  11. In my days of teenage video piracy I had this and The Great Outdoors on a single E180 VHS. Wore the fucker out.
  12. Playing the piano on the dashboard with the fag hanging out the mouth. Fuckin' hilarious.
  13. "Larry Bird doesn't do as much ball handling in one night as you do in an hour."
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