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  1. Hearts of Stone is probably the best DLC ever made.
  2. They said Titanic was going to be a $200 million disaster. Look how it did. Cameron is a lunatic but never rule him out. I do hope that after Avatar he does Piranha III though.
  3. Wilko Johnson. Legendary former Dr Feelgood guitarist. He was given months to live years ago. He did well to get to 75. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63728503 He was also Ser Ilyn Payne in Game Of Thrones. Probably best remembered for his stony faced grimace and RIP
  4. I'm old enough to remember there being some sort of tie in between The Living Daylights and Trio biscuits at the time of it's release. I remember the adverts clearly. Then it being a big story in the papers that Licence To Kill was to be the first Bond film to get a 15 rating. I think they had to cut it to ribbons to avoid an 18 at the time.
  5. House of the Dragon too. Are the show makers so afraid to offend... well anyone that they can't have any funny bits? We're rewatching GOT and there are scenes that have been ball bouncingly funny.
  6. Until Deadpool 3 turns out to be shit or a flop. Then he'll be kicked out.
  7. Fuck And now Bill Treacher as well. Did he ever pay back that Christmas Club money?
  8. He's one of those lucky buggers that seems to get better looking the older he gets. Much like his Bond predecessor Sean Connery.
  9. Gone are the days when you could watch a show and understand it. Now you need tits on Youtube to explain it to you.
  10. I liked Q's exit in TWINE. It's especially poignant as he exited permanently just after the films release.
  11. @Papilioand I were both desperate to see this on the big screen. Between shifts and childcare it didn't happen. It's one of my top five movies of all time. At least we managed to see Jaws a couple of months ago. It's her all time favourite movie. Bloody good it was too (Sorry Quint).
  12. Yeah, you don't get many anarchists going "Oooh, that's a bit much!".
  13. You're right. He'll probably be verbally abusing the projectionist at the Kilmarnock Odeon as I'm watching the trailers before it.
  14. Did Cameron say 2 and 3 were done and "In the can"? He can't still be fucking about with it eight weeks before release.
  15. Compare that to the crunch of the fight scenes in OHMSS. Night and day.
  16. If you held every 80s or 90s film to those standards you would never watch any of them.
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