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  1. You know the ones. Bat Out Of Hell? Bohemian Rhapsody? Freebird? Everybody Hurts? All done to death. Which songs do you never have to hear again?
  2. The Summer of 1990 was the era of dodgy VHS pirate cams from Cypress for me. My dodgy Uncle Danny got me this (Uncut btw. Nunchucks and all), Die Hard 2, Robocop 2 and Total Recall. Oh, and Ghostbusters 2. All practically unwatchable but cool as fuck. I remember during one of them what looked like Abraham Lincoln smoking a pipe walked in front of the screen and sat down for the rest of the film. Oh, the fucking halcyon days of rampant video piracy!
  3. Since T2? And P2 wasn't a sequel to one of his own films, so neeer.
  4. Terminator 2 was released five years after Aliens. So Avatar 2 isn't the best Cameron sequel since T2. Because it's the first sequel since T2.
  5. "Dial of Destiny" just reminds me of Peter Beardsley's wife calling him a "Fuckin' spooky dial" in Athletico Mince.
  6. I have this set but haven't got round to opening it yet. Looking forward to it. I would love a big Bottom box set next.
  7. I loved this game on the Speccy. The wee dude who comes on to remove the head you've just loped off is hilarious.
  8. So what's Knives Out 3 going to be called? Maxwell's Silver Hammer?
  9. Well I think it's a bit Count Dooku (Bantha Poodoo).
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