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  1. Imagine if all four members of U2 died on New Years Day. Here's hoping for 2024!
  2. ZX Spectrum+3. With the dodgy cartridge that let you copy tape games to your floppy (Matron!)
  3. We just watched the first one. Rian Johnson really thinks he's a genius doesn't he? It's like he's just discovered ITV3 and thinks he'll clever that up and make millions. It's watchable. It has it's moments. Christopher Plummer is great. The rest isn't. To be honest the old Poirot's etc... do it better. This is Ten Little Indians for the hard of thinking. Even Daniel Craig couldn't save it. For one, his eyes were bloodshot and bulging as if his blood pressure was 240/130. For two, I know his accent was supposed to be a bit daft but all I could think of every time he appeared was this guy...
  4. It's settled. From now on Brian May should only communicate through guitar solos.
  5. Is it just NTSC tapes that are graded? I have a fair few PAL tapes still kicking about somewhere.
  6. Press hacks bending a celebrities words for a quick buck. Never been heard of.
  7. I remember him being in The Guard too. "Sorry about that, Father."
  8. You must be reading different interviews than me.
  9. I don't get this attitude toward May. Any time I've seen or read an interview with him he seems like a lovely bloke.
  10. Bryan Ferry was another rumour. Anyway, it's definitely Jagger on backing vocals.
  11. And yet you think Queen are shit. Weirdo.
  12. It's only recently that I realised that Mick Jagger was on backing vocals on this. Wasn't it rumoured to be about him?
  13. Among other things. Apart from BB&F I remember him as the guy who had the misfortune to hire Victor Meldrew as a Chauffeur.
  14. This sounds like you're all watching ITV3.
  15. Dark Souls: Remastered. It's finally starting to click. I've played hundreds of hours of DS2 but have struggled to get into DS1. I'm hopefully over that hump now.
  16. There's a Blu-ray set that came out years ago which if I remember rightly has the unrated cut. I have the Region A set. I'll have to dig it out to confirm that though. I don't know if it was ever released in the UK. Edit: This is the beastie.
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