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  1. Do you think he'll remember to actually put some zombies in this one? Instead of just endless bits of his missus jumping about a bit and shooting up the place? I liked 4. However 5 was the cinematic equivalent of Paul W.S Anderson wanking into a sock. I'm still fondest of Apocalypse. Batshit mental with well edited action and Jill Valentine.
  2. You only said the EEs were November. Not that the Theatrical cuts were released in August. Thanks anyway
  3. I only managed to grab Dirt 2 this afternoon before the prices went back up. Went back for Arkham Asylum. It still said £2.69 but when I clicked through it was £14.99
  4. No, the theatrical cuts were released on DVD in August following the cinema release the previous December. The EEs were released in November to coincide with the theatrical release of the next film in December. I'm guessing the EE of the first film will be released around the time of the second part hitting cinemas in December.
  5. The current Sky Go add featuring the dumbest cunts in existence acting in mock amazement about being able to watch films on a computer makes me wish that television had never been invented.
  6. I always thought the summer release was a strange choice anyway. These just aren't summer films.
  7. Just watched him in Branagh's Hamlet. He was excellent in it. He was vastly under rated as a dramatic actor IMHO.
  8. I think I'm also nostalgic for PGR3 because it was the first game I played in HD. 720p/1080i mind you but still HD. Forza 2 was the first game I played in 1080p.
  9. Never played 1 or 2. I was late to the original Xbox party and never got round to them by the time I got one. I Loved MSR though even though the Kudos system was screwed
  10. I love PGR4 but PGR3 was always "my" PGR. For about the first 6 months after getting my launch 360 it was practically all I played. I liked 4 but never got on with it in the same way I did with 3. I still have both. Will need to dig them out for a spin!
  11. http://www.theforce.net/latestnews/story/John_Williams_Wants_To_Score_The_Sequels_150370.asp Would be great if true.
  12. They should make it a double act. Neil Nunes and Nein Numb giving the warning. Nunes: "Six minutes and counting. Crawl under a table and kiss your posterior goodbye!" Nunb: "N'yah ha ha ha!"
  13. I love the use of music in Death Proof. I'm also never bored by the long stretches of dialogue. It's an extremely under rated film. I was lucky enough to see one of the only screenings of Grindhouse in a UK cinema. A one night only deal at my local Odeon back in 2008. I had seen it a few times on a yarr disc and had both films on their separate DVD release versions but it was still one of the most enjoyable nights I've ever had at the cinema. There were about a dozen of us there and everyone seemed to love it. I even imported the rare Japanese DVD release of the original version long before the Bluray appeared. It's probably worth feck all now but it's still nice to have even though I now have the UK Bluray.
  14. I'll wait for official confirmation before I get too excited.
  15. Take it back and get Lego Star Wars 2. It's just the OT films.
  16. Bought NFS Hot Pursuit second hand. Debated buying the pass but decided against it.
  17. Well at least someone has the fucking balls to not just follow the rest of the sheep.
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