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  1. Disney don't own the first six films. So they won't be doing anything with them. In fact I think Fox own Episode IV outright. The rights to the other five will revert to Disney in a few years time. At the moment Fox still control any DVD/Bluray releases.
  2. Does anyone think the uncensored Manhunt 2 will ever (officially) be released?
  3. Surely some kind of ceremonial burning ceremony is in order for him then?
  4. After seeing him in Star Trek last night I don't want Cumberbund anywhere near Episode VII.
  5. I finally got round to seeing this last night. I was looking forward to it having enjoyed the reboot. Fully expected to enjoy this too. By the last half hour I would quite happily have killed everyone involved. My main gripe was all of the awful Wrath of Khan "homages". At this point in the reboot the last thing they should have been doing was even going near that film. Also, Cumberbatch. He was dreadful. I've seen more threatening puddles of cat sick. Peter Weller was better but I didn't believe in his actions. I actually can't remember the last time that I was so disappointed in something that I thought I would enjoy. At this stage I honestly wouldn't care if they didn't make another one and let Trek lie dormant for a while again. They have seriously damaged all of the good will that was built up with the first one. Also if this is the best Abrahms can do I fear for Episode VII.
  6. Arnie looks like he's just come out of the Play-doh Barber Shop.
  7. "When 900 years old you reach, look as good, you will not!"
  8. He was even turned into a nice guy in the next film (Moonraker/Terminator 2)!
  9. Rage Racer and RR6 were my favourites.
  10. I've cancelled my UnblockUS sub. I've found a free DNS that lets me see US Netflix. Not that fussed about the other regions at present. If Unblock sort out their PS3 issues I'll be happy to sign back up.
  11. I know mate. That's what I was doing on the PS3 but it doesn't seem to be working at the moment. As for the 360: A: I never liked NF on it and B: I let my gold account lapse and don't have any intention of renewing it in the near future.
  12. I think the problem I am having might be down to my Sky router. It's locked so I can't change the DNS settings on it. Can anyone recommend a good cheapish router that I can change the settings on to get my region switching back?
  13. I tried everything but it still isn't working. It's actually the UK Netflix I'm stuck on not the Canadian as I earlier thought. There's an issue in Europe today according to the Unblock site. http://support.unblock-us.com/customer/portal/articles/1228056-open-some-users-in-europe-having-issues-with-our-208-dns I tried the temp DNS from that link but was still stuck on UK despite Unblock being set to US. Bollocks.
  14. Unblock-Us seems borked on my PS3. I'm currently stuck on Netflix Canada despite being set to US Netflix on the website
  15. It can't be Scott. It doesn't have "Right?" at the end of every sentence.
  16. "Bullshit Mr Han, man!" RIP
  17. Salvation was also announced as the first in a new trilogy
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