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  1. I don't mind CGI as long as it's well executed. Some of the backgrounds (The Jedi Temple in Attack of the Clones) in the prequels looked so false it just takes you straight out of the film. Other times it worked really well. It's also often forgotten that there were still a lot of models used in the prequels and the mix with CGI was fairly seamless. More real locations would be beneficial though.
  2. So it'll be more like the OT by being filled with Brit actors then. No more Kiwi's or Aussies like the last two prequels.
  3. Which explains why he remade Ocean's 11 three times.
  4. Need the money so also heavily flogging Sky. Hard.
  5. Oh and just doesn't have the same ring to it. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Meh6DIzHpgc
  6. I was very pleasantly surprised. I went in with low expectations just because I love all things Evil Dead and dreaded this remake. It was the first film I have seen in a long time where there were walk outs. A woman and her daughter left at the tree rape scene and a couple left not long after that. My wife loves her horror but even she said it was nearly too much for her. I agree that the last act was a bit of a let down though. And I didn't know there was an after credits scene! Bugger!
  7. Great stuff. I love Ford. That last line had me in stitches!
  8. No bother man. Glad you enjoyed it!
  9. Sky are doing it half price at the moment. £1.70 SD and £1.99 HD. Not much use to you if you're on VM though. Sorry!
  10. Which one of you cocksuckers cut the fuckin' cheese?
  11. I like the sounds of the handheld games. I still need to finish both Asylum and City.
  12. In what way? (And don't say because it was good).
  13. Do you think he'll remember to actually put some zombies in this one? Instead of just endless bits of his missus jumping about a bit and shooting up the place? I liked 4. However 5 was the cinematic equivalent of Paul W.S Anderson wanking into a sock. I'm still fondest of Apocalypse. Batshit mental with well edited action and Jill Valentine.
  14. You only said the EEs were November. Not that the Theatrical cuts were released in August. Thanks anyway
  15. I only managed to grab Dirt 2 this afternoon before the prices went back up. Went back for Arkham Asylum. It still said £2.69 but when I clicked through it was £14.99
  16. No, the theatrical cuts were released on DVD in August following the cinema release the previous December. The EEs were released in November to coincide with the theatrical release of the next film in December. I'm guessing the EE of the first film will be released around the time of the second part hitting cinemas in December.
  17. The current Sky Go add featuring the dumbest cunts in existence acting in mock amazement about being able to watch films on a computer makes me wish that television had never been invented.
  18. I always thought the summer release was a strange choice anyway. These just aren't summer films.
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