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  1. Fuck off man. After GOT it's the best thing on TV right now. Cliche my dimply arse.
  2. It's alright. It has some of the best kills in the series.
  3. What do you want? A disclaimer flashing across the bottom of the screen saying "Not A Rape! Not A Rape!"
  4. Matt Smith? For fuck sake. Who's he playing? The first Terminator made entirely of wood? Why the long face?
  5. If it keeps him away from fucking up movies then he's welcome to carry on doing TV shows that I have no interest in.
  6. The whole thing was fucking shocking. I have never sat through such a boring, amateurish, convoluted, undramatic, poorly paced, badly acted, horribly directed and just plain bad film in my life. It's not even the fact that I love the original and was dreading eventually seeing this. As it's own film, taking away the original, it's just awful. The lead actor looks awful in the suit for a start. He looks like Peter Crouch dressed as Bender from Futurama. The seemingly endless scenes of Gary Oldman and co fretting about how "Murphy" is feeling belonged on the Hallmark channel. In fact the whole thing is like a Sunday afternoon Channel 5 remake of Robocop. Samuel L Jackson was awful as well. His scenes dragged on and on and were neither clever or well implemented. In fact it would be a (marginally) better film without them. And why is it that only Quentin Tarantino can drag a decent performance out of him these days? His turn in Django Unchained was a revelation compared to the phoned in shite he's been peddling for the last decade or so. Finally I come to my biggest gripe. We are constantly told that street crime is a huge issue and that the introduction of Robocop has improved things massively. However as far as I can remember we see precisely one instance of Rococop doing anything even vaguely "Robocop-ish". And that only involved coming across three dodgy looking characters hanging around a dodgy looking street, looking dodgy as Roboturd went past on his bloody awful bike thing. They were too busy showing scenes with Michael Keaton (Who interestingly now looks like Murphy did in the original film with the helmet off. His face looks like it's been stretched over someone else's head) worrying about the middle east and what their investors would think if Robocop so much as looked at someone the wrong way. It actually beggars belief that someone has managed to make a boring, angsty, pofaced Robocop film. I would rather sit through Robocop 3 until my eyes melted than ever see even a minute of this gigantic cinematic turd again.
  7. Did they actually have Peter Mayhew there to do Chewie's dialogue during the script reading?
  8. Quentin Tarantino's Love Thy Neighbour starring Harvey Keitel and Samuel L Jackson.
  9. Is he old and white now? I saw this for the first time on Sky Movies a few months ago. It came on after something else my wife and I were watching. Unbelievably she ended up sitting through it with me and enjoyed it too! We were in stitches at some of the kills. The doctor telling the guy that his wife had just "expired" had us buckled over laughing too.
  10. He should have made Rogue 2 instead (Note: not a Star Wars reference).
  11. I've seen it three times too. I don't love it but I don't hate it. It's just kind of there. I first watched a Bluray rip, then the extended cut, then the 3D Bluray. Going from the extended cut back to the theatrical on the 3D disc is a bit of a shock. It was then I realised just how sanitised the theatrical cut is. Any blood or gore (not that there was much in the TC) is cut way back. It feels like a zombie film for people who don't like zombie films. The other most jarring thing is the opening sequence. Knowing Glasgow so well it sticks out like a sore thumb.
  12. Maybe they go back to Hoth to scrape Dack's corpse off the bottom of it?
  13. I do remember. However it was also on a flat piece of ground walking in a straight line.
  14. In fact I would happily see The Walking Dead cancelled over this. It's treading water whereas Hannibal is really coming into it's own this season.
  15. I will be gutted if this is cancelled. Apart from GOT it's the best thing on TV atm.
  16. I've seen 4 a couple of times and thought it was passable in a watered down kind of way. All the negativity has really put me off even bothering with 5 so far.
  17. Don't get me wrong I fucking love me some AT-ATs. However I would imagine that 30 years on they wouldn't look exactly the same. Unless Luke and co have commandeered one and keep it in good nick.
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