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  2. When are we getting the real James Cameron back? I think I last saw him around 1994
  3. Did you bum her during Independence Day?
  4. We have the last three episodes left to watch. The wife fell asleep during the Bloodlines one which I told her the next day she should be fucking thankful for.
  5. ...with their tits out. I'm still recovering from the sight of Eva Green's IMAX 3D-ized basooms from when I went to see 300: Rise of an Empire.
  6. Well I enjoyed it. So fuck y'all.
  7. The entire second season is already on Netflix Canada.
  8. I see Zavvi have the exclusive on the UK Bluray release. I've put my order in but if it doesn't have the extras from the US versions I might hang on to my Region 1 DVD sets. 10% off with the code 10SOON if you preorder. http://www.zavvi.com/blu-ray/deadwood-the-complete-collection-zavvi-exclusive/10941367.html
  9. Can we get a spinoff movie just for that creature please? The look it gave Abrams was priceless!
  10. Watching that has certainly given me a chloe wang.
  11. Yeah it was a low blow. I actually quite like Star Trek V. I saw it at the pics in '89. Went with my Dad and younger brother. It's the first one I remember going to see (although I might have been to IV, would have been 8 at the time so can't remember for sure). I watched it many times on VHS the next couple of years and by the time of VI in '91 was hooked on TNG and dying to see VI at the cinema.
  12. Can everyone just post "The prequels are shit", get it out of their system and then fuck off if they have nothing further to add?
  13. Followed by Obi-wan exclaiming, straight to camera, "Qui-gon?!" Yoda replys "How to commune with him, I will teach you". Easy to miss, that is!
  14. He was mentioned by Obi-wan in Revenge of the Sith. He's also in The Phantom Menace.
  15. Or it could utterly ruin the original and be absolute shit.
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