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  1. I'll watch the episode long version of this
  2. I'm starting to get the feeling that there is no point to this season. It seems to be going nowhere atm. The last couple of eps have been pretty dire. Bringing back the fucking being the low point for me . It's becoming a bit of a slog getting through an episode. They need to get to the point in fairly rapid order to get me back into this season.
  3. I guess that's officially the end of the prequel era then. I feel a bit sad about that. Despite all the hatred and negativity I've had a lot of enjoyment from them over the last fifteen years. I'm only on season 2 of TCW so I'm going to savour the last few seasons before gearing up for the sequel era.
  4. The longer edit is the US version. ITV used to show it for some reason. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Shining_%28film%29#Post-release_edit_and_European_version
  5. Likewise. Lovefilm's streaming service was crap. I certainly don't want it again.
  6. My Prime renewed at £49 at the beginning of the year. If it's going up to £79 I'll have to seriously consider whether it would continue to be worth it for me next year. I don't see the streaming service as being much of an incentive to pay an extra 30 quid for it.
  7. I have Prime already so will see how I go with this. I had Lovefilm briefly last year but I found the streaming service to be pretty poor compared to Netflix. I cancelled it after a couple of months.
  8. My arse would be a better Kyle Reese. They've cast a standard Hollywood meathead to play a character that was so much more than just an action man. I doubt very much whether this lunk has the chops for it.
  9. Until the prequel era when he maintained for years that, despite the original plan being 9 or even 12 films, there would never be a sequel trilogy.
  10. Fuck off Smitty. Lucas originally planned to make episodes 7-9. And 10-12 for that matter. He changed his mind when he made the prequels and decided to make it six films. He then changed his mind again. He does that.
  11. The whole season would have been improved 100% if Hershel's head had started flying around biting people Zombi 3 style. They missed a huge opportunity there I feel. He could have been a cool flying companion like Orko in He-Man.
  12. Team GB Ice skater Penny Coomes... Oh! Yes please!
  13. Got the code for SMB: DX in my e-mail yesterday
  14. So he's a Jedi? At a time when the Jedi are supposed to have been wiped out leaving only Yoda and Kenobi? Bollocks I say. That and they've obviously thought crossing Han Solo with a Jedi was something startlingly original.
  15. I thought it looked alright. I still think they should have made more Clone Wars instead though.
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