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  1. From The Dave Clarke Five?
  2. Licence to Dianoga Dr Dianoga From Dianoga With Love Thunderdianoga You Only Dianoga Twice A View to a Dianoga Golddianoga Casino Dianoga The Dianoga Who Loved Me and Just Went Past My Leg
  3. The Man With the Golden Rod Live and Let Dianoga
  4. I actually like this better then the original. I've seen it twice now and find it far more enjoyable.
  5. Will someone for the love of God take the bongos off that monkey.
  6. Bith Band On the Run One Night at Droopy McCools
  7. Remember You're A Wampa I Am the Walrus Man 9 and a Half Reeks
  8. Mr Tatooine Man I've Got the (Unlimited) Power (Coupling) Turn! Turn! Turn! (To the Dark Side of the Force) This Jundland Is Our Jundland
  9. The Bothan Spy Who Loved Me Otoh Gungapussy Never Say Never Tell Me the Odds Again
  10. Dark Side of the Forest Moon of Endor Wish That I Could Wish My Feelings Away That You Were Here Comfortably Nein Nunb Pig Guards Dugs Pig Guards (Three Different Ones) Shine On You Crazy Dianoga Have A Deathstick Welcome To the He's More Machine Now Than Man Set the Controls for the Hearts of the Twin Suns Tarfull With That Falcon, Lando
  11. Blowin' In the Windu (Or Blown Out the Windu) Like a Rolling Clone The Times They Are a Changeling The Mighty Qui-Gon Jinn Sooner Or Leia One of Us Must Know (The Power of the Dark Side)
  12. The E.Ts were in Episode I not II as that article suggests.
  13. Star Trek V: The Final Where Can I Get One of Those Wee Gadgets Spock Has That Makes the Big Marshmallows Frontier
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