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  1. Palpatine wasn't updated until the 2004 DVD editions. They filmed it while filming Revenge of the Sith. I agree though and would love to have a Blu-ray edition with the original, 1997 SE, 2004 and 2011 versions.
  2. He played a pretty good voodoo priest shaman type in American Horror Story. It actually took me a few minutes to recognise him.
  3. The latest episode was fairly rotten. I was so long past caring about that it just had no impact on me. There are so many flashbacks, jumping around in time and lack of continuity in where the characters actually are in relation to each other that's it's seriously denting my ability to enjoy the show. I'm sure the writers think they're being very clever but as a viewer it's just tiring. I'm actually getting nostalgic for the relative simplicity of season 1 and 2. At least I knew who everybody was and could actually remember their names. Apart from Rick, Daryl and the shows other mainstays I seriously struggle to remember who the other faceless wonders are. I give it to the end of this season but if things don't start coming to some sort of conclusion soon I'm out. I did enjoy seeing
  4. There's not much there that hasn't been reported before tbh.
  5. Nah. The Lost World gets shat on from a great height but it's still better than many of todays so called blockbusters. It's darker, mean spirited tone differentiates it from the other JP films.
  6. I got mine refunded by Zavvi months ago. I'll wait to see what the new ones are like before parting with my cash this time.
  7. Has anyone else spotted the Blade Runner reference in the Crew Expendable mission?
  8. All six LW&C movies were released on Region 1 DVD about 10 years ago. I still have mine and would highly recommend them. There may be Bluray versions now. Shogun Assassin was parts of the first two movies edited together, dubbed and rescored with that awesome music for the American market. I would also thoroughly recommend the three Hanzo the Razor movies if you can track them down. They star the brother of the guy who played Ogami Ito in LW&C. His interrogation methods are.... different. EDIT: Here we go http://www.amazon.co.uk/Complete-Lone-Wolf-Cub-Boxset/dp/B002MPTIYK/ref=sr_1_2?ie=UTF8&qid=1421862558&sr=8-2&keywords=shogun+assassin http://www.amazon.co.uk/Hanzo-Razor-Special-Edition-UNCUT/dp/B000PFUBMW/ref=pd_cp_d_h__1
  9. The wife and I enjoy the Underworld films and bought the 3D Bluray of this on the off chance a few months ago. Needless to say it was flogged on eBay the next day. It's an utter fucking mess.
  10. How much cheaper than £3 a month do you want? I wouldn't be without it now.
  11. I also keep my US launch PS3 for Region A Blurays. I've got two slim PS3s in the house but I always update the 60GB one and check it every now and then even though it doesn't get much use otherwise.
  12. Maybe the recent Playstation Network issues are stopping the updates from downloading correctly. I bought the game at the start of the year and it took a long time then for all the updates to download and install. There will be even more now so it may take a while.
  13. I got a Kinect for £60 off Ebay in October. Knocked it down to £40 with some Nectar points. The same place is selling them for far more now.
  14. http://www.express.co.uk/life-style/science-technology/548715/Xbox-Live-down-and-PSN-down-group-take-credit-as-Sony-and-Microsoft-confirm-issues I renewed my Gold subscription this morning
  15. I really enjoyed it but it was fairly obvious that a lot had been stripped out to bring it down to 160 minutes. There were also glaring continuity errors, characters appearing out of nowhere and others just disappearing after doing their bit. Also there was far too much of
  16. And long may it continue! Attack the Block was rotten!
  17. All my old figures are in a suitcase at my Mum's. My youngest nephew (He's just turned 6) plays with them when he's there sometimes. He's always careful with them because he knows they were mine. The ships and AT-ATs etc are still in Mum's loft.
  18. My Dad and I had the same experience with Highlander 2. Except we saw it at the cinema
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