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  1. It's doubtful. John Williams is recording the score in October.
  2. Didn't he wear his slippers the entire time? Legend.
  3. They really are getting their moneys worth out of those old Pod Racer engines from The Phantom Menace. I'm sure there's one in the first Episode VII trailer too.
  4. The sharp intake of breath before "Your bottom will wish it had never been born!" is quite terrifying. In fact the entire performance is the stuff of nightmares.
  5. My mind was recently blown when the wife and I were watching the Money episode of Blackadder II. We decided to find out who played The Baby Eating Bishop of Bath and Wells ("It's poker time!)" It turns out it's the same actor who played Toht the Gestapo guy in Raiders of the Lost Ark! Ronald Lacey. He died in 1991.
  6. He's in Lethal Weapon 2 as well. As a cop.
  7. It worked well with Quantum of Solace
  8. Don't read if you don't want spoiled...
  9. If you enjoy the main game then they are well worth getting.
  10. It maybe didn't have the emotional impact of Obi-wan's demise to us as viewers but I would imagine that the years Obi-wan had spent with Qui-gon were pretty significant to him. Compare that with the five minutes Luke spent with Obi-wan.
  11. A bit of Tom & Jerry would have been the only thing that made Scream 4 entertaining.
  12. I was just saying to my wife while watching the third episode that it must be costing them a fortune. I'm sad that it has been cancelled but tbh I was surprised that it was given a third season given the ratings for the second. I will enjoy the rest of the season and mourn the show that we have lost.
  13. I have dreaded this day for a long time. Now it has come I'm sad but glad that we still have all the many great (and not so great) films to remember him by. He was one of the last links to old Hollywood. He worked with Errol Flynn and many of the other legends over his career. Whatever you think of Jackson's Hobbit trilogy I'm glad he was able to capture Christopher Lee's performance as Saruman for them. The behind the scenes feature on the Extended Edition of the first Hobbit where they film Mr Lee's scenes in London is worth watching. While the time watchers twitter around in the background Jackson is happy to just stand and listen to Lee's stories and memories while precious filming time ticks by. RIP. A true legend. He will never be forgotten.
  14. 1. I'm unlikely to ever watch one of his stand up shows if even his laugh makes me murderous. 2. He's still a prick.
  15. It's the long "Haaaaaaaaa!!!!" at the end that does it. He has ruined many an episode of QI with it. It just screams "Look at me!" rather that him actually finding something some else has said funny. The rubber faced prick.
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