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  1. We watched the second episode again last night. Anna Torv's constant "What the fuck?", "Let's get the fuck out of here." dialogue quickly became wearing. Badly written and not help by the fact that she's an unconvincing swearer. Ian McShane she isn't. The likes of Deadwood turned swearing into an art form. Used well it can be very... fucking... effective. San Francisco cocksucker!

  2. I didn't mean for it to hot up action wise. More that I'm up to like episode 7 or 8 and there's much of it that just doesn't grab me. I don't mind a slow pace if there's an interesting story being told and characters that I care about.

  3. 10 hours ago, Ry said:

    4 episodes in and finding this a bit, meh. 


    It's not bad by any means but it's taking a while to get going. 


    I'm a few episodes on and I'm still waiting for it to get going.

  4. 2 hours ago, JohnC said:

    Finally finished this. Great show, but I had mixed feeling about the ending. 

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    A bit of a downer with most of the cast fading away/dying. I know that's what going to eventually happen to pensioners, and everyone. But a big montage with nearly all of them going seemed like almost too much of a downer for me.



    As a bonus here's the original live show from 1999.



    Warning: It's not for the Young Team. The language is pretty earthy.



  5. On 13/01/2023 at 21:47, Ninja Doctor said:

    Well this is totally not going to kill me at any point:


    I only have a UK power lead suitable for a Saturn so it’s Stepdown > travel adapter > uk power lead > Saturn. 

    But it lives!!!113A0A6C-402A-441B-967F-5C682E58B00F.jpeg.5cf8253d29ff627851493e3f8a851574.jpeg


    Just need my tv lead to arrive and some software now. Happy days. Not owned a Saturn since 2000. 


    At least your plug is PAT tested :ph34r:

  6. 3 hours ago, Majora said:


    Ha, it took me a minute to figure out what the final song was trying to convey, I have to admit.


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    I didn't know the song or even the artist, not sure if it's because I was only born in 85 or because I was never exposed to Depeche Mode growing up. So I knew it was relating to the code but wasn't initially sure what it was trying to say.


    I quickly figured it must have been a song from the 80s because it would just make sense for a cliffhanger as the code means 80s song = danger. But it wasn't an instinctive reaction.


    They probably needed to pick a song everyone and their mother knows is from the 80s even if they're a young 'un.




  7. 17 hours ago, pastry said:

    If you want to imagine what Daytona in your home in 1995 was like, the Saturn port is the only option :)


    I don't have to imagine. I remember it very well. Then the triple whammy of VF2, Sega Rally and Virtua Cop made it feel for a brief while like the Saturn could hold it's own against the PSX.

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