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  1. Let us know what the mug of tea thinks of it.
  2. It's Bryan Ferry as The Witcher.
  3. Lucas last great mistake was to trust her with Star Wars. She has failed miserably.
  4. After TROS I don't hold much faith in her opinion. Bring Lucas in. He cast McGregor. He should have a say. Basically they need to bin Kennedy. She presided over the mess of the sequel trilogy, the mess of the Rogue One reshoots and the mess of the entire process of making Solo into the first outright flop in the history of Star Wars!
  5. Nope. Go and watch them ya lazy bugger!
  6. It's like the opposite of Lucas approach to talky scenes in the prequels. Stand there and say this while i point the camera at you. This is stand there and say this while we whirl around like demented monkeys. I haven't watched any of Discovery but if that's the state of it I never will.
  7. Highlander came out in 1986. Nice try but no.
  8. I like Generations. So there you go.
  9. I missed this at the flicks but am looking forward to seeing it. The Bluray and digital releases are going to have a 3 hour Directors Cut. As big fan of The Shining I'm looking forward to watching both. More info https://www.slashfilm.com/doctor-sleep-directors-cut/ For those inclined to the Yaaar! the DC is already "out there".
  10. Away and don't be daft. Don't hold one duffer up against all the good stuff he's been in. What a duffer mind you. It was bloody awful.
  11. In my mind I keep calling this the SEX. I suppose it's better than the BONE.
  12. So why didn't Force Ghost Luke say "Aunt Beru! I thought you were burnt to a fucking crisp 30 years ago! Look Leia! Remember I told you about the charred remains? It must have been Uncle Owen and some other poor cunt! Nobody liked him anyway! How's yersel' Aunt Beru? Yer lookin' grand!"
  13. I can forgive it that for the blind man scene. Gene Hackman ladling soup in to the monsters lap does for me every time. Also "What hump?"
  14. I only recently sold my original 1999 big box version. Bought my first PC that year. I remember it had a huge 4GB hard drive!
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