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  1. DS2 was my first From game. So to me everything else feels "off". I bloody love the bones of the thing. B team or not it's still a great experience.
  2. Yeah no kid ever bought this grumpy old space tramp.
  3. Big mad robot things jumping about the place aren't fantasy?
  4. He only wanted his name removed from the three hour extended TV cut which he had nothing to do with. He's still on the credits of the theatrical cut.
  5. He wants one but it looks like Sauron's outside shunkie.
  6. My PS5 sits horizontally next to my Series X. It looks like a giant clam that's had a bad stroke.
  7. Strange the things you remember from yearly 20 years ago. I remember they re-colour graded Fellowship of the Ring for the first Bluray release with a horrible green tinge. The other two were left alone. Hopefully they've changed it back since then. I have the 4K Bluray but haven't watched it yet.
  8. I've had mine since last February and it has quickly become one of my all time favourite consoles. I bagged a PS5 shortly after. I like it too but it's had nowhere near the same use as my Series X. I don't grudge a penny of the £450.
  9. Didn't they go back and re-colour grade the first one when the sequels came out? It was the first import DVD I ever bought in 1999. I never saw it at the flicks but I don't remember it having the same green tinge that 2 and 3 did when I first watched it.
  10. Also directed Stir Crazy. One of my all time favourite movies. RIP
  11. Episode 3 Cocoah Mankind gives the standout performance in this for me. I've never seen her in anything else but she's a revelation!
  12. Also if Temuera Morrison is 61 now then he was 40 then. AOTC was filmed in summer 2000 with some pickups/reshoots done in 2001.
  13. He's been down the Sarlacc, init? And that paper round on Kamino must've been a right bastard.
  14. Boba Fett is an unaltered clone. He didn't have the age acceleration that the other Clones did. Jango wanted an unaltered Clone for a son as part of his deal with Dooku/Sidious.
  15. I suppose it's better than killing animals in real life.
  16. Which would explain why Mace Windu had a big long purple one.
  17. Yeah it does at times. Having two girls of five and six I can relate to Bandit in particular.
  18. There are a few episodes on BBC iPlayer too.
  19. Her performance in Lake Placid is amazing. How Brendan Gleeson and the others kept a straight face I'll never know.
  20. Bluey is what you want to get them in to. It's great!
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