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  1. Did you watch the prequel season Gods of the Arena? Spartacus isn't even in it but it's bloody brilliant. John Hannah is amazing in it. EDIT: I see you already answered that question above. There was a documentary about Andy Whitfield on Netflix for a while. It was called Be Here Now (Don't hold that against it). It covered the time when he was ill and featured a lot of footage that he had made himself with his wife and family. A sad watch but I admired his bravery. He also came across as bloody nice bloke. RIP
  2. Are you playing on One X or Series X? On a side note despite buying the first one back in 2008 I never played it or any of the sequels. I keep looking at them on Gamepass but end up going back to Dark/Demon's Souls (And RE8 at the moment). I'm the same with Halo. Played the first three but never finished any of them. I just can't be arsed.
  3. I hope there's a new version of the 21 game from RE7 in the DLC. I had hours of fun with that.
  4. Aye, I'll tell the jokes. I tried everything. Pushing them, shooting them, harsh language. I eventually fluked it by just running around like a dafty.
  5. Whoever came up with the bit with needs shot
  6. The 70s. When a big tree branch was considered a nutritious lunch.
  7. I think I'll just catch it on ITV2 in 2024 when I'm pissed enough.
  8. I love one of the early trophies/achievements
  9. A very clear C-diff type number seven on the Bristol Stool Chart. Break out the Vancomycin!
  10. Loving this. It runs like shit off a shovel on PS5. The one thing I will say is that the crafting feels weird. In the demo I was sure there was a sort of green line that went up during crafting. At times I'm not even sure I have crafted or whether I have the materials I need for crafting. It feels broken whereas it felt very clear in RE7.
  11. I don't see the point in buying an S, flogging it then getting an X. Be patient and don't take second best.
  12. I have that Pacman T-shirt. It's part of a pyjama set I was given for Christmas.
  13. I also love John Tompson. From his days in Partridge, The Fast Show, even Cold Feet I've always thought he brightens up everything he's in.
  14. Don't get me wrong I generally enjoyed it but bloody hell it was stupid at times.
  15. Cheers. Maybe it doesn't work anymore.
  16. Has anyone got the New Zealand account time zone trick to work on PS5? I created an NZ account on PS4 for the RE3:Remake demo which let me play it 12 hours early. I can't get it to work on PS5 though. There are UK streamers playing it online so I'm stumped.
  17. At a guess I would say Disney want to spread their new content throughout the week. The Bad Batch are being shown on Fridays so Loki takes Wednesday's.
  18. Doubtful. He stank up the season of Peaky Blinders he was in.
  19. I think they should make the lead character Alan Partridge and call it Cashback.
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