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  1. We watched the original the other night. It's dated in places but still a million miles away from this tripe.
  2. I think they're trying to push the power of the Series X rather than focus on the pound shop version.
  3. Thanks for that. My inlaws said they would get me Valhalla for Chrimbo so I've just saved them over a tenner! Edit: Just treated myself to Cyberpunk 2077 as well. Fuck it, it's too good to pass up!
  4. I'm up to episode 3 and to be honest I'm zoning out. It's so unrelentingly grim and po-faced. I usually love the Kubrickian slow burn but this is just tedious.
  5. "I'm in hot pusute!" "Some bitch!"
  6. The bloopers with Burt Reynolds and Dom DeLuise were priceless! I also loved Jack Elam's mad doctor and Roger Moore and Jackie Chan's turns in Cannonball Run.
  7. Jesus, John Shuttleworth's went right downhill.
  8. Me too! Smokey and the Bandit 1&2 were on permanent rotation on my Dad's VHS when i was wee. Along with the Star Wars Trilogy and Cannonball Run movies. In fact a few weeks ago I watched most of the first one on late night ITV4. It stands up well and brought back a lot of fond memories.
  9. Hanzo is played by the brother of the guy who plays Ogami Ito. They're a bit more tongue in cheek. They were made around the same times LWAC. I still have my Region 1 DVD set but I think there are Blurays available somewhere.
  10. I can also heartily recommend the Hanzo the Razor films
  11. I collected all of these on Region 1 DVD when they were first released on disc by Animeigo over a decade ago (I just looked. 2003. Bloody hell I didn't think it was that long ago!). I bloody loved them. They also released a remastered Shogun Assassin 1+2.i think 2 was cobbled together from the second and third. Hard to believe that Shogun Assassin was one of original banned Video Nasties in the UK. The music was awesome too. You're in for a treat@ I need to buy that Criterion set now!
  12. Why use anything other than the classic poster/VHS cover of him stepping out of the car?
  13. I didn't have a PS4 when it was out. Bugger
  14. I bought the US Criterion set when it was released. I've only managed to watch a couple but they brought back very fond memories of those early 90s Friday night Channel 4 screenings.
  15. The covers of the new 4K Blurays of LOTR and The Hobbit Trilogies are horrendous.
  16. I had flogged both mine last year but caved and bought a Gears of War special edition one off Ebay so I could play OG Dark Souls 2. This one.
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