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  1. I love the dramatic shots of the players in the tunnel. They look like they're going to the fucking firing squad. Not going out to kick a ball about for a couple of hours while being payed thousands for it.
  2. I saw Dredd 3D at the pictures in 2012. I enjoyed it. And yes I did take my lovely wife with me.
  3. I saw Stallone's Judge Dredd at the pictures in 1995. I enjoyed it. And yes I did take my dinosaur with me.
  4. I read those tweets in his Dads "Space Oddity" voice. "Here I am, shitting in a tin can."
  5. For the real connoisseur experience you could borrow my E180 tape copied off a rental VHS It even has The Great Outdoors squeezed onto the rest of the tape for a John Candy marathon!
  6. Since House of the Dragon finished we decided to watch GOT again. We started from Season 2 because we know Season 1 off by heart. We've reached Season 8. Now when it was first on I thought it was alright. It was plainly obvious that they were just trying to get it finished. It was wonky as fuck but it was more GOT so we enjoyed it. It's an extremely strange season. It's so grim looking that it's practically black and white. The characters are all inexplicably wearing black. They look like a bunch of Darth Vader's at a funeral. The tone and look of the thing is such a shift from even the much derided Season 7. Watching that season again I felt it was a bit of a romp. The whole fast traveling and White Walker hunting was daft but it was rarely boring and still had some of the old GOT goodness. Season 8 is just strange. So many weird decisions. Characters saying things for the audiences benefit like they're in a fucking Marvel movie. Umpteen "Remember when we said this in Season 1" moments. Tyrion's blind devotion to the blond lunatic on the dragon. She takes the huff at anyone getting any attention other than her. The only people who see through her are Sansa and Arya. The others are all so cunt struck (Copyright Al Swearengen 2005) that they let her get away with her fuckery until it's too late. We're two episodes from the end. It's a bizarre season of television.
  7. Listening to the Five Live commentary is making me nostalgic for Stan Boardman. The gloating about "The Geeermans" is quite sickening.
  8. Hearts of Stone is probably the best DLC ever made.
  9. They said Titanic was going to be a $200 million disaster. Look how it did. Cameron is a lunatic but never rule him out. I do hope that after Avatar he does Piranha III though.
  10. Wilko Johnson. Legendary former Dr Feelgood guitarist. He was given months to live years ago. He did well to get to 75. https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/entertainment-arts-63728503 He was also Ser Ilyn Payne in Game Of Thrones. Probably best remembered for his stony faced grimace and RIP
  11. I'm old enough to remember there being some sort of tie in between The Living Daylights and Trio biscuits at the time of it's release. I remember the adverts clearly. Then it being a big story in the papers that Licence To Kill was to be the first Bond film to get a 15 rating. I think they had to cut it to ribbons to avoid an 18 at the time.
  12. House of the Dragon too. Are the show makers so afraid to offend... well anyone that they can't have any funny bits? We're rewatching GOT and there are scenes that have been ball bouncingly funny.
  13. Until Deadpool 3 turns out to be shit or a flop. Then he'll be kicked out.
  14. Fuck And now Bill Treacher as well. Did he ever pay back that Christmas Club money?
  15. He's one of those lucky buggers that seems to get better looking the older he gets. Much like his Bond predecessor Sean Connery.
  16. Gone are the days when you could watch a show and understand it. Now you need tits on Youtube to explain it to you.
  17. I liked Q's exit in TWINE. It's especially poignant as he exited permanently just after the films release.
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