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  1. When is he going away again? He's a twat.
  2. "It's gonna be great!" "It's gonna be great!"
  3. He was also Laxwana Troi's assistant Mr Homn in Star Trek.
  4. I wouldn't mind as I bloody love Sunshine! Even an HD remaster would wangle my dangle!
  5. I would give it about five to ten years before they announce X, XI and XII.
  6. MK9 Shao Khan is a complete arsehole but I still love the big sexist bastard!
  7. I don't belieeeve it, but... Make it so!
  8. I haven't watched any of it but my gut feeling is that this show is... not popular?
  9. I did like that in the last episode George Takei sneaked in an "Oh my!"
  10. "Joker has been a huge success! Let's fuck this one up as hard as we can!"
  11. It's been an entirely different experience from season one. Apart from the title there is nothing that ties them together. I fear that the makers may have reached too far too soon in their ambition. To the extent that I have my doubts as to whether this will stretch to a third season.
  12. I feel like I must be the only person in the world who has stuck with this until the end. It's hard going at times but the performances, recreation of the period and effective use of Japanese mythology and superstition make it worth staying with. The ending was also quite moving.
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