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  1. Dropped is the word. Like a giant turd being curled off from the arsehole of the universe.
  2. It's a pity he's dead and Corden isn't.
  3. Wait until i check my diary... No I'm still in this god forsaken dump of a country then. Sorry!
  4. Just skip the New Orleans "Vampires" one. Pricking your finger with a wee blood sugar needle then letting someone else "drink" the 2mls that comes out does not make you a fucking Vampire.
  5. The one where he managed to tolerate being in three films with Chris Tucker.
  6. See. That's where I'm at with Tangled. I haven't seen Frozen and tbh don't want to either.
  7. Maybe it's because it's about the seventeenth time I've seen it and I'm sick of kids TV and Movies in general. I still think it's a particularly vacuous piece of guff though.
  8. My two are watching this right now. It makes me want to punch kittens. The characters are irritating, the songs are guff and it seems to be about seven hours long. The horrible dude-bro prince character just told Tangled "You're waaaaay overthinking this" Why add the "waaaay" but to appeal to horrible Californian teenage girls. Get it fucked into the bin.
  9. I read the last few posts in the voice of Steven Toast and enjoyed them immensely.
  10. One of my all time favourite characters. "If you ever say that to me again... I'll put your head through the wall" He had his fun. That's all that matters.
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