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  1. Great stuff. Cheers!
  2. Ok cheers for that.
  3. I can't decide if I wish that I had this much spare time in my life or if I'm glad that I don't.
  4. Fume Knight, eh? What a cunt.
  5. Tell her she can't play Roblox. Easy.
  6. He made a lot of amazing music. The Thing is one of my favorites but the final duel with the watch in For A Few Dollars More is just an utterly spine tingling piece of music and film making.
  7. In Spartacus John Hannah just wiped his arse with the communal bog brush. Like a boss.
  8. Seriously? He had a grand total of two expressions. Confused and scared and scared and confused. I thought he was bloody awful.
  9. Finally took down the Rat Twat last night.
  10. I would rather shit a hedgehog than watch any more POTC, especially with Margot Robbie. What part of the Harley Quinn movie flopping so hard that it left a crater makes her a dead cert to revive a franchise that produced one mediocre film and hours and hours of self indulgent dross disguised as sequels?
  11. I eventually got there with The Pursuer but he's a nippy bugger. My wife's stuck at the Smelter Demon. He's a bugger as well.
  12. I played through the campaign on my One X a few months ago and it was fine. Maybe they've borked it with an update.
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