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  1. Hanzo the Razor

    PlayStation Classic

    The in-laws bought us one for 50 quid a few months ago. Having heard that it was crap I tried to return it. PC World wouldn't take it back without the receipt. To be honest I'm glad they didn't now. Since modding it I've went on to buy a SNES mini to mod. I've went on to mod two Wii's and my WiiU (which I'm finding a bit more challenging than the Wii). I'm also planning to mod my PS3 slim when I get round to it. So an unwanted gift has lead me into a hobby that I really enjoy. My three year old also loves the N64, GCN and Wii games so that's a wee bonus.
  2. Hanzo the Razor

    Star Wars Clone Wars and Rebels

    You mean Baron Hemorrhoida?
  3. Hanzo the Razor

    Aladdin - Live Action

    Oh no he doesn't!!!
  4. Hanzo the Razor

    Final Fantasy VII (SEVEN)

    I noticed it did a wee update on the Switch last night. Good that they've sorted that out. The missus and I are loving it. Both of us played it to near completion before we met. She seems to remember more than I do though. I think I'm gettin bloody senile.
  5. Hanzo the Razor

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    This is superb. My only gripe is that Harry Hill and his pal keep reminding me of these two knuckleheads.
  6. Hanzo the Razor

    Turn your Wii-U into a fantastic emulation machine

    Good to know. Thanks!
  7. Hanzo the Razor

    Rian Johnson Star Wars trilogy (now cancelled)

    Lucas spent 10 years plus on the prequels. Look where that got him.
  8. Hanzo the Razor

    Turn your Wii-U into a fantastic emulation machine

    The wiiuexploit hack worked second time for me!
  9. Hanzo the Razor

    Turn your Wii-U into a fantastic emulation machine

    Do you have to remove/unlink your NNID or eShop login on the WiiU before starting to mod it? I don't want my Switch eShop or account being banned or messed up.
  10. Hanzo the Razor

    Chernobyl (HBO/Sky)

    Funnily enough we watched the last episode of Men Behaving Badly on Netflix before we watched this. When Martin Gary tells George and Anthea that their branch is being closed in two weeks they each kept replying "Well I don't see that happening." A few times during this episode we both said "Well I don't see that happening." When they were told to break out the "good" Geiger counters was my favourite part. I'm looking forward to the next one. Also I just love Jared Harris. Anyone who hasn't watched him in the first season of The Terror needs to rectify that immediately.
  11. Has Groot just been stung by a big Pandora bee?
  12. Did he shout "YEEEAH!!!" when he cuffed him? I think the director did Some Kind of Monster so that's the connection.
  13. Hanzo the Razor

    Official Star Wars Thread - May the force be with you

    Impressive... Most impressive. Although still not as good as the Luke/Vader fight in Empire.
  14. I'd like to see a Snark and a Grumpkin rule Westeros together.

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