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  1. Apple TV+ is a bit shit isn't it? It's all cheesy self knowing American "comedy". I feel soiled by even looking at it.
  2. I remember shelling out about 60 quid for Bare Knuckle 3 in the Solid Gold Games Centre in Ayr. I clearly had more money than sense as a 17 year old. I remember filing off the plastic bits in the Mega Drive cartridge slot to fit it in (Wahay!). Even back in 1994 when I got to Ash I was like "That's a bit on the fuckin' nose!". So I was not surprised at all when they replaced him in the Western version. Watching that Youtube vid brought it all back. It's hilarious but very cringey.
  3. I'm watching the Olympic skateboarding on BBC1. I'm losing the will to live. Being pissed as a cunt helps though.
  4. Old Stellan's having a particularly hard time there. There's no shame in self evacuation! Or so I'm told.
  5. Not if you're Jamesie Cotter. And don't call me Shirley.
  6. Press B to break Irn-Bru bottle and shove in face.
  7. GTA: London? Boring! GTA: Glasgow. Now yer talking!
  8. That looks the bollocks! I seriously wish I had bought this back in the day. I have the demo on my 360 but canny get the full thing
  9. You've a better PSN ID than I, dungavin!
  10. I don't get that. I'm using the same rechargable battery packs I used in my One X. These ones... https://amazon.co.uk/Controller-BEBONCOOL-Rechargeable-Accessory-Controllers/dp/B07F15CV12/ref=sr_1_4?crid=3H4ZUQDY4CFHX&dchild=1&keywords=xbox+rechargeable+battery&qid=1626416686&sprefix=xbox+rec%2Caps%2C269&sr=8-4
  11. They must have spent more on that trailer than they did on the last six seasons.
  12. Just make The Evil Within 3 please. That is all.
  13. The wife said at this point "Well Greilish spends most of his time on his back looking for fouls anyway".
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