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  1. Got Open Range from Amazon.de for a tenner. I haven't seen it since release but remember it fondly. You can't beat a bit of Robert Duvall!
  2. We watched it few months ago. Bits hold up but there's some daft shit in it too. I saw it at the flick in '97. Visually it's aged fairly well. Apart from Sam Neill the acting hasn't though.
  3. It was first shown on AMC which only about three people can watch in the UK.
  4. I don't remember tbh. I thought they were alright. Certainly worth a punt if you've completed the main game and can get them cheap enough.
  5. What's crap about it? I played them ages ago but don't remember them being particularly bad.
  6. I just received The Hobbit and LOTR 4K sets from Amazon.de. £45 each compared to the UK versions at £75 is a no brainer. I can put up with the German language packaging for that kind of saving.
  7. Go Jetters give me a headache. As does the new Dangermouse. It's just background noise. Where as the likes of Love Monster can actually hold my attention. I've sat through umpteen episodes of Hey Duggee but could barely tell you what happens in any of them. It's just so boring.
  8. The books the series is based on are good too. My two love the one about the box of chocolates.
  9. I love Ridley Scott's Hannibal. It's a masterclass in sending both yourself and the character you made famous up. It also looks bloody lovely. "Okey doky!"
  10. I can't work out how to embed. Anyway my two girls are currently watching this on the iPlayer. The theme song is the biggest earworm ever. I can't get rid of it! It's so laid back and catchy. It's also one of the most inoffensive and quite frankly soothing childrens shows I've ever seen. It makes me think back to the likes of Pigeon Street and King Rollo. Narrated by Tamsin Greig. I'm becoming slightly obsessed by it. Help me! "Love Monster!"
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