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  1. He comes across as a right prat during every scene he's in. I'm surprised they tolerated him. Especially Lennon and Harrison.
  2. I think Peter Jackson and his team have done an incredible job. I would like to see all the footage they had unedited. I would sit through and enjoy every single second.
  3. I'm loving this but I'm having to take my time with it. My wife and I lost our son Sean after only 36 hours on October 6th. He was born at 25 weeks. I've posted about it in the Mental Health thread before. I'm a huge Beatles fan. We called him Sean for Sean and John Lennon. They both have the same birthday as my wife. October 9th. We played Beautiful Boy (Darling Boy) at their funeral (We had lost Sean's twin in August.) It's all too raw. I'm glad everyone is enjoying the film and I'm glad Peter Jackson has made it. It's still amazing how The Beatles bring people together. As Ringo would say "Peace and Love!".
  4. Watching this it looks like exactly the opposite of him splitting the band. He's the catalyst for most of the material. He grinds away at stuff until it comes together (No pun intended). George brings some things and gets the piss ripped out of him by Lennon. Ringo looks increasingly pissed/hungover and Lennon himself has so far brought the square route of fuck all in (I'm only on the second episode.)
  5. She just decided to replay The Evil Within and finished it in a couple of days. She found the run button.
  6. Paul McCartney could get a tune out of a donkeys erect penis. I would still buy the five CD deluxe edition of the soundtrack with a poster of the donkeys dick.
  7. I'm just about finished the first episode. I'm at the same time sorry for McCartney and a bit annoyed by him. He seems to be shitting himself that The Beatles are falling apart. He's coming up with stuff while the other three look bored. I'm surprised that Lennon in particular seems to be less vocal than Harrison. It's clear George and him are ready to move on. Ringo is just doing boom-tish-boom-tish until they come up with something that he can get his teeth into. Although the bit where McCartney is basically coming up with Get Back on the spot, George and Ringo start to look interested, then John arrives and joins in is pure gold.
  8. That piece of broccoli in the middle looks delish!
  9. I'd like a Rage Racer remake/remaster. I fucking loved that game!
  10. Can't everyone just leave Star Wars alone please? It's suffered enough.
  11. "Learn to love it! Learn to live with it! Diamonds are forever! And so... is Ric Flair! Woo!"
  12. My wife completed The Evil Within without realising that it had a run button. It took her a long time.
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