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  1. So what's Knives Out 3 going to be called? Maxwell's Silver Hammer?
  2. Well I think it's a bit Count Dooku (Bantha Poodoo).
  3. American Gothic Murder One Millennium Exploitica Eurotica Gamesmaster TV Offal John Peel's TV Hell The Sopranos - Season 1 Clive Barkers World Of Horror Moviedrome 500 Bus Stops The 1995 BBC2 Forbidden Weekend The Fear Of God (Mark Kermode Exorcist Doc) Bad Influence Byker Grove The list is endless...
  4. I'm just looking for a hook. Something that draws me in. Other than Stellan's character, there's nothing. I'll see it out but I'm baffled by the praise it's getting.
  5. I'm still struggling through this. It's dull. I don't get the love for it. Apart from Stellan and the bits with Mon Mothma I just don't care about any of them. Imperial Norman Bates and his over bearing mother in their Clockwork Orange flats are just dire. I get that it's meant to show the oppression of the Empire but it's just too grim. It's Star Wars with the fun stripped out. I'll persevere but only because I'm a Star Wars nut.
  6. At least his final score won't be The Rise Of Skywalker. What a turd of a film.
  7. My two young daughters caught some of Last Crusade on E4 a few months ago. The six year old laughed like a drain at some of Indy and his Dad's antics. I can't wait to properly watch them with them when they're older.
  8. He's retiring? Bloody hell What a legacy to leave though. The man's a genius.
  9. I saw them live in 2015. The MVP was Lindsey Buckingham but she was also bloody good. Seemed a lovely person too. Her version of Etta James "I'd Rather Go Blind" is well worth seeking out.
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