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  1. I’ve also only seen the first two. Going to fix that now thanks to this
  2. It's very important that the economic integrity of the Disney corporation is protected on rllmuk
  3. More Bosch. Season 6 landed today.
  4. It’s not new. Used to be part of AVB’s job at Chelsea so frank should be aware it goes on at least.
  5. That trailer alone is better than 95% of Netflix’s original content.
  6. The original is fucking great (never seen any sequels though)
  7. It’s a film now - not a tv show anymore. (I think)
  8. The burgers in the Belgrave are great. My personal faves in Leeds. Cheaper than the more ummm 'creative' offerings in other places too.
  9. While he's explained his reasons it is something of a pity that the most insightful critic on the internet writes in all caps. He's bang on again though.
  10. There's a difference between buying existing talent and buying a 30 year who relies massively on pace with one good season under his belt. It's not like they're splashing out on Higuain. edit - there's also the style clash. Vardy needs space in behind to break into. Arsenal don't really do that. But styles can be changed. Couldn't see him ever being much use at the Emirates though.
  11. Exactly like that Fulham team in that example you quoted and his WBA team. Both wilted and were relegated after smelling panic on him.
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