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  1. That’s me done, too. Alas, I did not take to it. Opinions, eh? This, however, I 100% agree with: The Star Wars flavour really is impeccable throughout. The rest, though? Yeesh. It just all felt so...dated. The planets felt hollow and somehow linear despite the traversal. Opening crates to just tick achievement boxes because there’s nothing worthwhile in them - cosmetics that barely register. The main problem, I think, is that the combat isn’t remotely tight enough for the game it wants to be, the same can be said about the movement, too - and the less said ab
  2. Yeah, I figured as much. I’ll keep an eye out. Thanks man.
  3. Sorry to interrupt. Been meaning to grab this for a while. Where was it/is it on sale?
  4. Does anything from the demo carry over into the full game? I don’t really Forza, apologies.
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