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  1. Hey everyone, I've had an increasing number of people approach me about purchasing prints of my paintings and drawings. Anyone on here sell prints of their work? How do you go about doing it? Any websites you can recommend. A lot of my paintings are larger than the average scanner so I'd imagine I have to take photos and edit them in photoshop? Any advice or guidance would be much appreciated! Cheers
  2. Doing a charity gaming event for the next 24 hours playing destiny 2. You can watch our live stream here https://youtu.be/C3nLozFmEp0 also streaming my game play on my twitch account Wykesie
  3. if it was £5 less it could have been the GAME elite trade in price? Its the new premium reward card system they have introduced. You get more value back on your trade ins and special discounts on bundles etc. Might have just been explained badly.
  4. I'm so so close!! They won't missed one right if I took my copy home early...
  5. So excited about tomorrow night! Will be popping down and picking up my copy I'm sure I won't need sleep for work on Wednesday haha
  6. Been working on this for the last week and finally finished it today. Been pushing myself with my painting and testing my skills
  7. I'll hop on this. My PS4 tag is littlewykesie. I'll be playing 24 hours straight next Saturday for a charity event for Macmillan cancer
  8. I'm doing a charity 24 hour gaming session playing Destiny 2 on 9th for Macmillan. Means I have to wait 3 days to play it but its going to be great fun and it will be for a good cause haha
  9. Doodled this at work today going to try and do a drawing everyday on my lunch break.
  10. I picked this up last week, wanted to see what all the fuss was about and everyone seemed to love it and there are so many people cosplaying the character in the community. I actually really enjoy it! It's a nice game to just pick up for a short while to pass the time. I must have lucked out with the team I was put with as I managed to bag player of the match 5 out of 6 times in my first go online. I seem pretty good with Reaper and he is soon becoming my favourite. Will try out Doomfist this weekend!
  11. Played the first mission last night and I really enjoyed it, I like that there is more character interactions within the game play and just feels a lot smoother than D1. Really liked the Hunters new super charge and that sniper riffle is amazing! Will give it a bit more time tonight I think
  12. Cheers guys, I will have another go tonight I think after I've tried the destiny 2 beta! I think its just timing my dodges right so I get the rush counter strike more. Also I'm a she haha
  13. Yeah that's what I meant! It's the boss battle I'm struggling with
  14. Yeah I've been to Gerudo Town have I missed something huge here?
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