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  1. Murdered Soul Suspect The Sinking City
  2. I picked up the switch version last week and was also worried about load times but not an issue and plays great either docked or handheld.
  3. Picked up special edition for ps4 pro tried a couple of races and for the money good so far. It's an older less polished dirt 5 or a newer rally fusion.
  4. I picked up a cheap mint series s off ebay last week to use in spare room with a 27" 1440 monitor and really impressed with it and it compares well with series X in the living room with only real issue being storage.
  5. Lots of splatoon but fifa was my son
  6. Played this on the N64 and then the Dream cast which was the better version. The second game came out on ps2 but I didn't think it was as good as first game. Off to download this now...
  7. Game have dispatched but i am away until Sunday
  8. Completed main game plus dlc on the 360 and looking forward to replaying it on series X One of the best limited editions with novel etc
  9. pre order is still in, dusted off wii u + games and its been sold to pay for it. picked up pro controller, deadly premonition 2, mario odyssey, mario kart but trying not to rebuy wii u games!. not had a switch before and looking forward to it but it will spend most of its time behind the tv
  10. Got one pre ordered from Game and think it's time to sell the wii u. I had pre ordered a switch at launch but cancelled as nothing new i wanted to play and got Botw for wii u but this time will go for it.
  11. bankies

    It Takes Two

    Been playing couch co op with my 11 year old son and no problems so far. We are on the wasp levels and enjoying it so far. Looks great on series X apart from occasional slowdown.
  12. Got my xbox headset from Game yesterday and seems pretty good so far. Does anyone have a link to a suitable case?
  13. I got an email last night saying it was on its way and checked website which confirmed. No tracking number
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