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  1. I got an email last night saying it was on its way and checked website which confirmed. No tracking number
  2. Did anyone get an expansion card delivered from ms store mine was showing delivery 11th has now gone back to pre ordered
  3. Its arrived UPS driver mentioned he had 97 to deliver Expansion card is still MIA
  4. Bearsden hopefully not on the same van
  5. UPS Out for Delivery11/10/2020 7:02 A.M.Glasgow, United Kingdom Out For Delivery
  6. 08:42 microsoft store dispatch email via ups its happening....
  7. I got an email from Microsoft yesterday saying they were having difficulty authorising my credit card payment changed it to debit card and it went through but its not dispatched yet.
  8. Microsoft order for X and expansion card both at preordered but expansion card says it being delivered on the 11th...
  9. Microsoft store stuck at review and place order...
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